• 10176034

    UVify wins Silver in the 2019 National AI Challenge

    One of three winners in the intelligent autonomous drone category from a total of 121 nationally recognized teams consisting of 617 developers. Read more

  • Global Warming is Real – Reduce Carbon Pollution and Earn Money ECO Fuel Max

    This week 100+ US cities have experienced temperatures over 100º Fare height. Weather conditions - Global Warming is affecting health concerns, breathing disorders and Cancers. The time to act is now.. Read more

  • HLN has successfully completed a diesel heater low temperature test at -45°C

    SHERIDAN, Wyo. - -- HLN has successfully completed an in-situ test of its air heaters and coolant heaters in an extreme temperature environment of -45°C, setting a new standard for diesel parking heaters. In the study, all air heaters of 2 kW, 4 kW.... Read more

  • 10175830

    Dbvisit Announces Latest Release of Oracle Standard Edition Disaster Recovery Tool

    AUCKLAND, New Zealand - -- Dbvisit today announced the release of their latest Disaster Recovery solution Dbvisit Standby Version 9.0.02. This release reflects the company's ongoing commitment to delivering a quality Disaster Recovery tool for Oracle.... Read more

  • Made in America! Calling for Municipalities to Reduce Greenhouse Gases – ECOFuelMax

    Proud to be a leading Pollution Solution and Maintenance reducing opportunity, 100% made in America (USA). Why do Municipalities refuse to reduce Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse Gases?. Read more

  • National Transportation acquires Destination Shuttle Systems of Los Angeles

    LAS VEGAS - -- National Transportation Inc, has acquired Destination Shuttle Systems in Los Angeles.  Destination Shuttle (DSS) has provided transportation for local hotels and flight crews to and from LAX airport.. Read more

  • 10175691

    CDI Global Sweden Negotiates Key e-Commerce Acquisition

    Seafire acquires e-commerce company Nordbutiker i Sverige AB. Read more

  • 10175671

    Updated DOT guidelines for drug testing clearinghouse

    GREEN BAY, Wis. - -- Owner-operators must designate a Consortium/TPA, like WDTC, for reporting. Read more

  • Made in America! ECOFuelMax Reduce REGEN Cycles – Save Fuel

    Proud to be a leading Pollution Solution and Maintenance reducing Company, 100% American.. Read more

  • Novadata delivers new Highways England devised Driver CPC Smart Motorways course

    COLCHESTER, England - -- Novadata has been named as one of the first UK transport training providers to deliver a new Smart Motorways Driver CPC course, devised and developed by Highways England. Says Managing Director Su Winch, "We were delighted to be... Read more

  • Why Uber doesn't Like RideBoom & Call It New Kid in Melbourne Market

    MELBOURNE, Australia - -- New rideshare app for a more secure travel option for women. RideBoom will expand the business outside Australia.. Read more