• 10203140

    Medicom Health Partners with Houston Hospital System to Help Patients Save on Prescription Costs

    Electronic Medical Record Add-On Automates the Delivery of Rx Discounts at Enterprise Scale. Read more

  • Sybron reduce Sales Order Processing time to 10 seconds with inSTREAM™

    MILTON KEYNES, U.K. - -- Sybron specialises in supplying cleaning materials, hygiene disposables and catering products in several key market sectors across the UK. Sybron's comprehensive product range and high level of service have enabled the business.... Read more

  • Digital Marketing Firm Introduces Commission-Based Programs For IT Companies

    POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - -- Paton Marketing (http://www.patonmarketing.com) , a leading digital marketing firm, has introduced an industry-wide Channel Partner Program that provides lucrative and steady, commission-based income for IT companies.. Read more

  • UrsaLeo Brings Advanced User Interfaces to Industry 4.0 with the UrsaLeo 3D Digital Twin

    Combining 3D models with live sensor data allows users to digitally visualize, monitor, and control equipment. Read more

  • 10202970

    Solutions for Airborne Coronavirus, Tuberculosis, Measles and Influenza

    COVID-19 transmission in healthcare settings requires swift intervention to protect patients, visitors and staff. AeroMed has decades of environmental infection control experience and has solution packages tailored to your specific needs. Our HEPA air pur. Read more

  • Miami-Dade County Value Adjustment Board (VAB) Selects Pioneer To Implement Axia™

    Pioneer Technology Group expands further in Florida as it welcomes Miami-Dade, Florida's largest County, as their 23rd Axia customer.. Read more

  • New Yorker Electronics Releases New Inductor for High-Reliability Applications

    Vishay Dale's New IHDF Edge-Wound Series of Low Profile, Through-Hole Ferrite Core Inductors Provides Low DCR for Increased Efficiency and Reduced Power Losses. Read more

  • Saelig Introduces RBD 9103 USB Graphing Picoammeter

    This programmable current logger can measure bipolar picoamps to milliamps, with unique features such as 5kV DC voltage isolation.. Read more

  • 10202725

    New Travel App OodyMate Empowers People to Eat Like a Local, with Locals

    Travelers will never again struggle to find authentic local eats with the release of OodyMate, an innovative new mobile application that allows travelers to eat like a local, with locals. OodyMate is also the world's first vegan and female friendly social. Read more

  • 10202668

    Fenway Group Announces Newest Client Partner

    Fenway Group is pleased to welcome Glen Cudmore as their newest client partner. Glen comes to Fenway Group from Bottle Rocket Studios, a Dallas-based digital experience consultancy. He is bringing over 20 years of experience in consultative sales to Fenwa. Read more

  • 10202641

    Patton Announces the Industry's Most Flexible High-Density FXS VoIP Gateway

    Boasting FXS lines that can reach six miles or more, the SmartNode SN4740 VoIP Gateway integrates up to 128 analog handsets with ALL-IP communications. SmartNode VoIP… More than Just Talk!. Read more