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    Technicolor's MPC Film Collaborated with Filmmakers of Disney's The Lion King to Bring Beloved Disney Characters Back to the Big Screen in a New Way

    LOS ANGELES & LONDON - -- Technicolor's MPC Film has teamed up once again with director Jon Favreau to push the boundaries of what entertainment can be – beyond what's ever been done before. The award-winning team behind the hugely successful The.... Read more

  • Technicolor's Marcin Godlewski Describes New Trends in Cable Services and CPE Technology

    "In many ways, there has never been a more exciting time for cable operators that have rolled out DOCSIS 3.1. The technology has come just in time, driven by a general need for speed...and specifically by the imperative to keep up with developments in the. Read more

  • Technicolor's Geert Matthys Discusses How NSPs Can Meet the Challenges of Providing Seamless Gigabit Wi-Fi Services to the Connected Home

    "NSPs are currently facing a challenge in providing a seamless customer experience. One of the key areas that NSPs must look at is ensuring that there is an ample radio path throughout the whole home." -- Geert Matthys, Technicolor. Read more

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    Technicolor's Georges Laplanche and Roberto Salermo Discuss Demand for Ultra-Broadband Access Technologies in Emerging Economies

    "NSPs in emerging markets are waking up to the benefits that these technologies can offer to enable new revenue generating services, while reducing costs to buttress their bottom line and competitive posture.". Read more