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    Technicolor Survey: Over Two-Thirds of Surveyed Network Service Providers Have Current and Future Plans to Invest More in DOCSIS 3.1 in 2019 vs 2018

    When asked to rank and prioritize the services that are driving demand for the capabilities that can be delivered by DOCSIS 3.1 technologies, 67 percent of respondents reported that Ultra High Definition (UHD) was a leading driver toward DOCSIS 3.1; gamin. Read more

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    Technicolor's Ashwani Saigal Describes How Cable Operators Leverage DOCSIS 3.1 to Optimize Networks and Infrastructure Investments

    "As a consequence of new innovative, value-added solutions that are being introduced in the market, we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for higher speeds and more bandwidth. DOCSIS 3.1, by the inherent nature of the improved technology, is much more e. Read more

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    Technicolor's Mercedes Pastor Explains How Smart Consumer Experience Strategies Are Driving Network Service Provider CPE Requirements

    "There are major opportunities to redefine the nature of home security, in-home health services, and other services that leverage the same infrastructure used to deliver video and other entertainment services offered by operators.". Read more

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    Technicolor's Eric Rutter Describes Key Trends in the Cable Environment in North America for 2018 And Beyond

    Throughout 2017 and 2018, the cable industry's major players have been rolling out new technologies and services across the entire ecosystem; and with new offerings like AR and VR just around the corner, the cable marketplace is heating up.. Read more

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    Technicolor's Marc Rachlin Explores How to Leverage Logistics Resources and Experience To Meet Growing Demand For Direct To Consumer Delivery

    Some of our B2B clients have fragmented their business by using delivery service providers specifically for direct-to-consumer delivery, but by providing those services along with B2B services we enable them to maximize inventory in one central location. . Read more

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    Sting TV, Cisco and Technicolor Executives Explore the Dynamics of OTT Video Streaming Services in the Israeli TV Market

    "We at Technicolor are certainly seeing the demand for more open systems accelerate. It allows consumers to indulge in the 'when they want it' mentality as they pick and choose their own content, accessible through using a cutting-edge user experience. Th. Read more

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    Oi's Evandro Bender Describes How Brazil is Optimizing Broadband Access and Managed Wi-Fi Services

    In partnering with Technicolor, Oi benefits from Technicolor's industry knowledge, experience and their current GPON-enabled gateways that take advantage of the latest developments in Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) technology.. Read more

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    VFX Editor Matt Carson on How Technicolor PULSE Brought Automation to "Stranger Things Season 2" Editing Process

    "Normally a VFX editor has to do a lot of media management: you're getting files, you're checking files, you're sending those files to vendors to make sure that they've got everything they need to go ahead and start working. With PULSE it was an easy proc. Read more

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    Technicolor's Kirk Barker Discusses High Dynamic Range's Transition from Trial and Field Tests in 2017 to Full Scale Production in 2018

    Technicolor's trial period proved a treasure trove of insight for how to create cost-effective, quality HDR productions, how to capture a director's intent and perspective, how to shade the cameras correctly and how to really get the most out of HDR. We'r. Read more

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    Technicolor's Christophe Cazes Discusses How Open Platforms Drive Roll Out of Streaming TV and Other Services in Australia and the Asia Pacific

    The "Foxtel Now" service in Australia, introduced in early November -- and built with Technicolor technology -- is designed to stream all TV content, including free-to-air, paid subscription services as well as internet, apps and games.. Read more

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    Philips' Joop Talstra Describes How Dynamic Metadata Adopted by the Blu-ray Disc Association Makes for Better HDR in Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs

    When TVs receive a video signal...that signal has come from a studio or from a broadcaster and is produced by someone sitting behind a monitor. That monitor is not the same as the TV you will have in your living room. This means that every TV in every liv. Read more

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    Technicolor's John Town Describes Ultra HD Blu-ray Support for The Latest High Dynamic Range Technology to Deliver Premium Home Viewing Experience

    Certain devices will support certain HDR technologies and different regions will prefer different HDR technologies.What Blu-ray offers is the ability to support the ones that are most important to consumers and that are most important to the device manufa. Read more

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    Cobalt Digital's Jesse Foster Discusses HDR's 2018 Outlook and Development Plans with Technicolor

    The goal for broadcasting in the foreseeable future is to deliver one stream for both SDR and HDR, and to deliver a great HDR experience. To that end, Cobalt is aggressively marketing its new integration with Technicolor's ITM, and participating in field . Read more

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    Technicolor's Alan Stein Discusses the Impact of SL-HDR1 as a Proposed ATSC Standard

    "With this pivotal step, broadcasters and equipment vendors have far more confidence in the maturity of SL-HDR1. They know that at this juncture, the amendment is stable and not going to change substantively. Vendors will implement SL-HDR1 with high confi. Read more

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    Sundance Institute's Kamal Sinclair on How Working with the Technicolor Experience Center Opens New Doors for Creatives in New Frontier Lab Program

    Artists in Residency Program for Immersive Media Launched to Push The Boundaries of Technology and Creativity.. Read more

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    Technicolor Experience Center's Marcie Jastrow Discusses Partnership with Sundance Institute's New Frontier Lab Programs to Accelerate Immersive Media

    The two organizations have teamed up to create an artist-in-residency program that pairs artists and technology experts from Technicolor to work together on immersive media projects that combine compelling and rich content with a variety of leading-edge t. Read more

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    Technicolor's Elaine Singleton on Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges with Advanced IT

    While EDI technologies continue to serve organizations' supply chain and logistics operations, they're increasingly outdated, expensive and complicated to maintain, and are too static to meet the complex and dynamic challenges of today.. Read more

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    Duffer Brothers and Technicolor Post Production Teams Create Magical Color and Sound in "Stranger Things"

    "In Season 1 the color changed over the course of several months as we were working on it. And the sound, our sound developed. We've all found kind of the voice of the show; it's that language that we've developed with Technicolor specifically.". Read more

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    Technicolor's Brady Woods Describes How Streaming Media is Driving Innovation Through Surging Volume of Content Production

    The trend is terrific news for the community of post-production and VFX artists and technologists that are now being tasked with bringing theatrical production values to series like Netflix's "Stranger Things," and "Narcos," as well as Amazon's "Mozart in. Read more

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    Technicolor Sound Team for Netflix's "Stranger Things" Describes Creation of "80s Soundscape" and Impact of Streaming on the Art of Audio

    As streaming service providers like Netflix continue to expand in popularity with hits like "Stranger Things," it is taking the creative production of TV and film through a dramatic transformation.. Read more

  • 10091603

    Technicolor Sound Team for Netflix's "Stranger Things" Describes Creation of "80s Soundscape" and Impact of Streaming on the Art of Audio

    As streaming service providers like Netflix continue to expand in popularity with hits like "Stranger Things," it is taking the creative production of TV and film through a dramatic transformation.. Read more