• 10159672

    EUHC4CA Poll: 67 Percent Of Californians Oppose The Individual Mandate

    Californians overwhelmingly rejected imposing penalties on those who don't have or can't afford health insurance, according to the latest EUHC4CA/Google Surveys poll. Only 14% supported such a mandate.. Read more

  • Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center Announces Impact Survey Results

    State's Manufacturers Retain $1.6 Billion in Sales, Produce $251 Million in New Sales. Read more

  • 10156969

    EUHC4CA Poll: 51 Percent Of Californians Support Elimination Of Private Health Insurance For Single Payer Healthcare

    In a recent poll, a majority of Californians said they'd dump private health insurance in favor of a Single Payer universal healthcare system, with only 28% opposed.. Read more

  • 10156603

    Market Research Industry Veteran, Tom Markert, Named COO of Persky

    Consumer Insights Firm Perksy Looks to Markert's Vast Domestic & International Experience During Rapid Growth Period. Read more

  • 10156306

    EUHC4CA Poll: 54% of Americans support tax increases for Single Payer healthcare

    In a recent poll, 54% of Americans and 33 states said "Yes" when asked if they were willing to pay taxes for single payer universal healthcare.. Read more