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    Feel 24 percent better in ten minutes with Virtual Reality

    Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Stockholm University have started a clinical trial to test Calm Place - a Virtual Reality relaxation app created by Mimerse. Outside of the hospital setting, Calm Place is also now available for Oculus Go and Samsung Ge. Read more

  • Heartbreak Clinic Launches New Online Support Group Helping Women Recover From Stress And Anxiety

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Dec. 21, 2018 - -- La'Toya Hart, Creator of the Heartbreak Clinic, is proud to announce today the official launch of the Heartbreak Clinic Online Support For Stress & Anxiety Facebook group, which is an extension of the eponymous.... Read more

  • MindCheck gives everyone free and private online assessment for stress, anxiety and depression

    Dec. 17, 2018 - -- Depression, anxiety and stress have reached global epidemic proportions. According to the World Health Organisation, 300 million people of all ages currently suffer from depression. That is equivalent to about the same amount of.... Read more

  • Circus Arts Workouts Can Manage Your Stress This Holiday Season

    Have you ever thought that you'd like to explore your inner P!nk through aerial acrobatics or the circus arts? If your answer is yes, and you live in Fairfield County, CT than Yoga Lily Studio is the place to discover your strength and manage your stress . Read more

  • Tessa Stowe, Happiness PathFinder, Reveals The Roadmap to Happiness on 180 Nutrition Podcast

    Happiness Pathfinder, Tessa Stowe, was the featured guest on 180 Nutrition Podcast with host Stuart Cooke talking about The Roadmap to Happiness. Read more

  • Stress Awareness Week Recognized By Leaders In Caffeine Research

    MANHATTAN, N.Y. - Nov. 7, 2018 - -- Today is International Stress Awareness Day and the newest product in the coffee world is recognizing the role of caffeine and how to manage its impact on stress and productivity.. Read more

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    5 Essential Tips to Overcoming Holiday Stress; The Natural Way

    YouVeda is the first Ayurvedic company to offer supplements, daily yoga practice, guided meditation, tri-doshic recipes (recipes for every body type), and a natural health resource center for their customers.. Read more

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    Crested Butte Resident, Eric Eaton's Book, The Thrival Guide, Nominated for Global Award

    Eaton up against hundreds of authors worldwide for prestigious award. Read more

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    Exercise is Crucial to Mental Health

    While exercise is first thought of as supporting the health of our bodies, research shows it offers as much if not more benefit to our mental health and well being.. Read more

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    POSITIVITY - A Game of Transformation

    Which would you rather have a positive: beautiful life or a negative, stressful life?. Read more

  • The best free-sourching platform on Adaptogen Plants in online

    Adaptogen plants is designed as a free-sourcing platform dedicated to "healthy-food lovers" and "biohackers" motivated to deepen understanding and knowledge of the topic of adaptogen plants.. Read more