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    A STRATEGY TO WIN BACK THE WHITE HOUSE - - The Cost Per Click: Below 2 Cents. The Click-Through Rate: Above 35%. The Test Marketing: 150+ Facebook Ads

    Two grandparents were worried about the state of the country they would leave to their descendants. They developed a social media strategy to reverse the erosion of American values. 2018 test marketing responses exceeded every expectation. 2019 results fr. Read more

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    Top Digital Cities for Digital Marketers in America

    With laptop in hand and no strings attached, what American Cities are Digital Marketers heading to?. Read more

  • Social Media Strategies Summit

    Let your social media work smarter...not harder! This conference brings you top-notch social media guru's ready to give you applicable tips, tricks and tactics to help your social media strategy excel!. Read more

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    Hacker hijacks page for grievers, traumatizes half a million followers

    "Grief the Unspoken" had over 550,000 followers until it was hacked, Facebook ignores pleas for help. Read more

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    Free eBook Titled "Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing" Brought to You By Marketing Expert Ask Sharifah

    LONG BEACH, Calif. - -- It pays to sharpen your skills. "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." – Benjamin Franklin.. Read more

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    Respect Da Grind Signs Major Distribution Deal With FMG/The Orchard/Sony

    The newest wave in the entertainment business. We are and always will be the trendsetters.. Read more

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    Attract, Engage, Promote & Retain Your Customers!

    Get more eyeballs on your products & services from customers who are ready to buy!. Read more