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    SOAR Performance Group and TheFork Earn Brandon Hall Award for Best Sales Leadership Development Program

    SOAR Performance Group is honored to win a Brandon Hall award for the LevelUp! Sales Leadership Development Program in partnership with TheFork. Read more

  • How Professional Cleaning Helps Fight COVID-19

    YORK REGION, Ontario - -- With so many people stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense that more attention is paid to cleanliness. Social distancing is recommended and even legally enforced in many places to help prevent the spread of.... Read more

  • Items in Your Home That You Should Not Forget to Clean

    YORK REGION, Ontario - -- Cleaning your home creates a feeling of accomplishment once the job is properly done. However, to do so, it takes a massive amount of work. Since there are so many things to clean, it's also common for a few key items to be.... Read more

  • Hillside Terrace Allowed Visitation for Residents and Their Families

    Hillside Terrace is allowed to schedule visitation for residents and their families with limited times and availability.. Read more

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    CEO Coaching International Provides Clients Value through Powerful Weekly Virtual Networking Events on Zoom

    MIAMI - -- CEO Coaching International, the leading firm for coaching growth-focused CEOs and entrepreneurs globally, is proud to share that its clients have been given the opportunity to connect every week during the COVID-19 pandemic via a virtual.... Read more

  • 10230806

    Patton Announces the World's Smallest, Lowest-Cost eSBC for SoHo and SME

    Right-priced for SoHos and SMEs, and providing 4 to 30 concurrent SIP sessions, the SmartNode SN500 from Patton comes with the Patton Cloud edge-orchestration service. Read more

  • Safe home: Clean and Sanitize Your Air Ducts with Dustless Duct

    Professional air duct cleaning and sanitizing services in the DC area.. Read more

  • PEL Labs Passes Re-Accreditation Process Through NVLAP

    PEL Labs passes biannual NVLAP re-accreditation in Ann Arbor.. Read more

  • The Importance of Post Renovation Cleaning

    YORK REGION, Ontario - -- Renovations are as stressful as they are exciting, but the end result is well worth any temporary inconvenience. The actual renovation work may take weeks or even months. However, even once the construction team has left, your.... Read more

  • 10230080

    Inspired Manifestation During Pandemic

    CHICAGO - -- "The whole world is a little upside down at the moment. The way we have always done things has collapsed, and that's good news in some ways and frightening in other ways," says Dr. Linda Howe. "Let's talk about Manifesting in the world the.... Read more

  • 10230042

    Armstrong Cleaning Offering FREE Disinfecting During Pandemic 2020

    SARASOTA, Fla. - -- Armstrong Cleaning and Disinfecting Services is proud to announce that they will be offering one free full disinfecting treatment for their clients for the duration of the pandemic during 2020. The free disinfecting treatment.... Read more