• Special report: Militarisation of police: A Design For Martial Law?

    Tanks, and assault rifles are just the most obvious aspects. The increasingly militarised approach to policing runs far deeper.. Read more

  • Top Benefits of Home Security!

    THORNHILL, Ontario - -- There have been incredible advancements for modern home security systems in recent years. Having a security system will help to protect loved ones, your property, and the valuables within it at all times. We are going to talk.... Read more

  • How to Prevent Your Security Cameras From Being Hacked

    THORNHILL, Ontario - -- As time goes by and tech gets more and more advanced with each passing day, the chances for hackers to take over this technology and breach into its precious data becomes more and more common place. You've likely seen it with.... Read more

  • Embarc Collective & ReliaQuest Host Florida's Premiere Women Investor Program - Glaring Gap Summit

    TAMPA, Fla. - -- Embarc Collective, Florida's fastest-growing startup hub helping founders build bold, scalable, thriving companies, today announced a partnership with ReliaQuest, a force multiplier of security operations. Together, they'll partner on.... Read more

  • 10348008

    Solutions Granted Inc. Named to MSSP Alert's Top 250 MSSPs List for 2022

    Sixth-Annual List & Research Identifies Leading Managed Security Service Providers Worldwide. Read more

  • 10347204

    Wohler expands sales team with new hire in the Middle East

    DUBAI, UAE - -- Wohler Technologies, a leading manufacturer of video, audio, and data monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce that Mohamed Hammad has joined as a Regional Sales Manager representing Wohler across the Middle East region, effective.... Read more

  • NYC-Based Founder of DragonFly Ventures Wins CloudAttack Hackathon

    "Within 4-minutes Matt located the cloaked cloud, accessed it, escalated his security privilege and neutralized defensive systems". Read more

  • XDR Alliance Welcomes New Member ReliaQuest

    Threat detection, investigation and response security leader unites with XDR Alliance members to transform security operations centers with an open XDR framework. Read more

  • Digital Watchdog® Launches Blackjack® Ai™ Servers

    The new All-in-One NVR and Analytics Appliances are Powered by DW Spectrum® and IVA™ Ai Server Software.. Read more

  • DW® Adds Industry Veteran as Distribution Channel Manager

    Keith Ebert accepts new role supporting internal sales team distributor relationships.. Read more

  • DW® Adds New Country Manager for Canada

    Security Industry Veteran Lorne Terry Accepts New Role with Video Surveillance Leader. Read more

  • CCTV & Security Cameras: Are They the Same?

    THORNHILL, Ontario - -- A lot of people tend to use CCTV and Security Cameras interchangeably. But this is inaccurate because they are two completely different. We are going to talk about the differences and how they work. CCTV (Closed Circuit.... Read more

  • 10346271

    September 12, 2022 Zero Dark Thirty Talks- A Day Late

    LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK - -- "Hollywood is making a movie about my baby", my father grabbed my head and kissed my forehead. Within that year he was killed by the evil doers embedded in our Nation right now. At 42 years old a movie was being made.... Read more

  • Nuspire Launches Enhanced Partner Program to Expand Availability of Managed Cybersecurity Services

    Channel veterans Heather Bell and Nancy Warehime to helm the program, which includes MDR and EDR in its services lineup. Read more

  • 10345482

    Aquia Inc. Names Glen Day as Newest Member of Advisory Board

    The CEO of NVISIONx, former Ernst & Young Cybersecurity and Privacy Partner, and Los Angeles County's first Chief Privacy Officer brings over 25 years of innovative cybersecurity industry and management experience to his advisory role at Aquia. Read more

  • 10345381

    Pikmykid Releases New Features to Make School Safety More Intuitive for Staff and Families

    The leading school safety and dismissal platform adds new features to help schools and districts have their safest school year yet.. Read more

  • 10345203

    Aquia Inc. Names Maria Roat as Third Member of Advisory Board

    The former United States Deputy Federal Chief Information Officer and retired U.S. Navy Information Systems Technician brings four decades of leadership experience to the Board. Read more

  • Keep Your Family Safe with These Home Security Tips

    THORNHILL, Ontario - -- An alarm system can give you fundamental security for your house. But there are also other things you can do in order to protect your house from burglars. These are a few smaller things you can do that will help to deter.... Read more

  • 10344472

    Aquia Inc. Wins Subcontract from Coforma to Develop Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Complaint Submission Portal

    The veteran-owned small business will bring DevSecOps expertise to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services CMS. Read more

  • 10344374

    Youth Gun Safety Incorporated, A Responsible Way to Keep our Children Safe

    Youth Gun Safety Incorporated, A Non-Profit Dedicated To Teaching Our Youth And Parents About Firearm Safety Awareness In Order For Each Child To Live A Long And Healthy Life. Safe Storage & External Safety Locks are Key! Donate Today To Help Us Save Our . Read more

  • 10344163

    Wohler release new software updates for their iVAM1-1 at IBC

    SAN FRANCISCO - -- Wohler Technologies announces two new features to their highly economical, and popular market leading iVAM1-1 AV Monitor. First, with the introduction of an optional 'Monitoring Presets' to their iVAM1-1, Wohler has enhanced the.... Read more