• 10408047

    Tone Commander Launches DOD-Certified, Push-to-Talk, Secure SIP Phones

    Tone Commander's new SIP Phones offer Push-to-Talk (PTT) capability on AS-SIP, APL Listed and TSG-6 Certified End Instruments. Read more

  • 10407882

    Ongoing Digitization of UK Legal Sector Elevates Exposure to Cyber Risks -- Nic Miller, Counter-Ransomware (C-RW)

    NEW YORK - -- The threat landscape in which law firms across the United Kingdom operate is worsening in frequency and intensity, challenging leaders in the sector to reassess how to better mitigate risks and protect the interests of clients and other.... Read more

  • 10407626

    Cryptsoft licenses KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) to xFusion Digital Technologies for use in Baseboard Management Controllers

    BRISBANE, Australia - -- Cryptsoft has reinforced and extended their position as the preferred supplier of KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) technologies into major storage vendors, by licensing their KMIP C Client technology to xFusion.... Read more

  • 10407162

    Othrys Ltd UK's C-RW™ Solution Receives Cysurance Certification Warranty to Address Ransomware Threats in Great Britain and Europe

    NEW YORK - -- Today, it was announced that the Counter-Ransomware (C-RW™) solution from Othrys Ltd -- an ethical security consultancy based in the United Kingdom -- is now covered by the Cysurance Certification Warranty program. Cysurance-certified.... Read more

  • eLiberare and SightSpan Announce Joint Initiative to Prevent Human Trafficking

    MOORESVILLE, N.C. - -- eLiberare, a leading Romanian civil society organization dedicated to preventing human trafficking, and SightSpan, a leader in financial crime and compliance solutions, are joining forces to provide businesses with solutions to.... Read more

  • Duffy Compliance Services Launches New Red Flag Rule Course

    NEW MARKET, Md. - -- Duffy Compliance is pleased to introduce its latest Red Flags Rule training program, which equips financial institutions with the knowledge and skills to effectively comply with the FTC's FACT Act and safeguard customer data. In.... Read more

  • Commercial Security Night Vision Cameras

    TORONTO - -- Having the right security for commercial buildings is important. But one security feature that is often overlooked is night vision security cameras. We want to talk about night vision cameras and what their role is for commercial properties... Read more

  • 10405395

    Let's Talk Series: The White Power Movement: Its History, Threat and What You Can Do About It

    Speaker: Julie Farnam, National Security & Intelligence Expert, Author of "Domestic Darkness". Read more

  • 10404932

    Troy Williams: Charting New Frontiers in AI Research for a Secure and Ethical Digital Future

    Leading AI expert Troy Williams pioneers groundbreaking research in cybersecurity and ethical AI, driving innovations for a safer, more responsible digital world.. Read more

  • Access Control Security Expands Services to Five States

    ACS now provides security services in California, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Texas and Washington, D.C.. Read more

  • Coming Up On Fox Business Network Chief Gene Saunders Founder of Project Lifesaver International

    This life changing organization has helped bring thousands of loved ones home with advanced locating techniques. Chief Gene Saunders is scheduled to appear on Fox Business January 27, 2024 at 4:30 pm EST.. Read more

  • Proven Expertise: Smart Vision Plus Toronto Security Solutions

    TORONTO - -- Upgrade your home security with Smart Vision Plus, your trusted partner in advanced security solutions in Toronto. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the words of our satisfied customers, exemplified by this recent review.... Read more

  • The Smart Security Solutions of Smart Vision Plus

    TORONTO - -- Enhance your home security with the help of our team at Smart Vision Plus. While security solutions can't guarantee 100% safety, they act as powerful deterrents against various home crimes. Burglars are less likely to target homes equipped.... Read more

  • Smart Vision Plus: Safeguarding Homes & Businesses

    TORONTO - -- At Smart Vision Plus, we take pride in being your go-to destination for cutting-edge home and office security services in Thornhill and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our commitment is to provide unparalleled security solutions through.... Read more

  • SecureSphere Connect: Revolutionizing Private Security

    Introducing SecureSphere Connect: A New Dawn in Private Security Industry. Read more

  • Gormac Polygraph School, It's History and Legacy

    Gormac Polygraph School held a distinctive position as one of only four polygraph schools in the US. Its counterparts included Backster School of Lie Detection in New York, Reid School of Polygraph in Chicago, and Army School in South Carolina.. Read more

  • Smart Vision Plus: Your Trusted Partner in Security Solutions

    TORONTO - -- Staying ahead of burglars and intruders means hiring a team that understands the rapid advancements in security technology and knows the right techniques to implement them. Our team at Smart Vision Plus stands out as a leading security.... Read more

  • 10403383

    State and local Government Agencies -- Along with Education -- Must Reevaluate Cyber Risk Strategies to Remain Eligible for Cyber Insurance

    NEW YORK - -- The demonstrated inability of state and local government agencies -- as well as educational institutions -- (SLED) to effectively manage cyber risk in today's worsening threat landscape has prompted many major insurance carriers to charge.... Read more

  • 10403131

    Award-Winning Marvel & DC Writer's New Comicbook Tells Heroic Lives of Police

    Overwhelmed By Police Support for Graphic Novel 'Thin Blue Line,' Eisner Winner Donates Thousands to Law Enforcement Charities and Announces New Print of Police Comic. Read more

  • The Advantages of GeoFence Technology

    TORONTO - -- GeoFence tech is the absolute best in revolutionary security technology designed for your home. It could be the perfect solution for you. Now, you might be wondering that this technology is and how exactly it works. You might be hearing.... Read more

  • Blue Raven Inc. Launches Protection Services Specially Designed for Families

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. - -- Blue Raven Inc., a leading security company, presents its newest product, Protection Services for Families, created to offer unparalleled safety to HNW and public families. Understanding the importance of family security in today's.... Read more