• 10277555

    Inropa leverages Microsoft ToF technology and AI for on-the-fly programming of painting robots

    Today Inropa announced that they have joined the Microsoft Azure Depth Platform program. The collaboration will help Inropa to continue and evolve their intelligent robot painting solution with Microsoft Time of Flight (ToF) technology platform and Azure . Read more

  • 10276523

    Permian Museum Adds 20 more Speculative Evolution Fossils

    SEDONA, Ariz. - -- PermianMuseum.com / .org announced the addition of 20 more fossils to its Speculative Evolution section. Speculative Evolution is defined by Wikipedia as a genre of speculative fiction focused on hypothetical scenarios in the.... Read more

  • Faster holographic imaging using recurrent neural networks

    LOS ANGELES - -- Digital holographic imaging is a commonly used microscopy technique in biomedical imaging that reveals rich optical information of the sample, which could be used, for example, to detect pathological abnormalities in tissue slides.... Read more

  • 10275898

    WiseTribe Awarded $50,000 Grant From Impact 100 Men of Palm Beach County

    Delray Beach-Based Nonprofit Will Use Funds to Build Outdoor Learning Lab STEM at SouthTech Preparatory Academy in Boynton Beach. Read more

  • Rare scientific manuscript penned by Sir Isaac Newton brings $118,750 in University Archives auction

    The manuscript, with mathematical notes and calculations relating to Book III of Newton's seminal scientific work Principia, was the top lot of the 409-lot sale that grossed $678,043. Also featured were three lots pertaining to Albert Einstein.. Read more

  • 10275234

    SafeBreakĀ® Vascular Cleared by FDA

    Lineus Medical Creates New Class of Medical Device Intended to Reduce Complications in Peripheral IV Lines. Read more

  • 10274905

    Arizona Technology Council Applauds Proposed Arizona Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

    Proposal Contains Council's Key Priorities to Maintain Arizona's Global Competitiveness. Read more

  • 10274733

    Institute honors industrial engineers, features Apple's CEO Tim Cook at Q&A forum

    NORCROSS, Ga. - -- The honors and awards presented during the virtual Annual Conference & Expo May 22-25 by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) celebrated the accomplishments of key figures who have made a lasting mark on the.... Read more

  • 10274313

    SomnoMed Kicks Off Industry-Wide Initiative To Treat "More OSA Patients More Successfully"

    22 million people in the United States with OSA remain untreated, despite 40 years of clinical efforts. SomnoMed brings together industry experts to change that.. Read more

  • Addgene Receives NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant to Create Open-Access Recombinant Antibody Resource

    WATERTOWN, Mass. - -- Addgene, the nonprofit plasmid repository, has been awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a recombinant antibody resource. The grant will be funded by the NIH's Brain Research through Advancing.... Read more

  • 10273710

    ISAPP Releases Postbiotic Definition Which Confirms the Integrity of Stratum Nutrition's Ingredient, LBiomeā„¢

    CARTHAGE, Mo. - -- The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) has recently published a consensus paper, including this definition of a postbiotic: "a preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components.... Read more

  • 10272563

    AKCP Monitors The UK Atomic Energy Authority JET facility

    AKCP, the world's oldest and largest supplier of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions, has supplied a monitoring system for the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) at their Culham Science Centre HQ in Oxfordshire. UKAEA are world leaders in develo. Read more

  • Qualis Corp Expands its Presence in Florida with National Center for Simulation (NCS) partners

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - -- Qualis Corporation, a technology and engineering services firm with long-standing ties to the Florida Department of Defense community and Team Orlando, announced it is expanding its presence in Central Florida though a partnership.... Read more

  • Addgene Announces Departure of Executive Director

    WATERTOWN, Mass. - -- Addgene, the global nonprofit biorepository that facilitates sharing of life science reagents, today announced the departure of Joanne Kamens, Ph.D., Addgene's Executive Director. "Over her 10 years of excellent service, Joanne has... Read more

  • 10270332

    New Non-Invasive Keloid Treatment using Rhenium-188 now available in South Africa

    Province of Gauteng South Africa is first to offer an innovative single session keloid treatment without need of surgery. Read more

  • The iGEM Foundation is presenting its brand new Design League

    The iGEM Design League is a new international synthetic biology competition starting this year with a pilot program in Latin America. Read more

  • 10269417

    Mouse Biospecimen Management at University of California (Davis)

    PUNE, India - -- The Mouse Biology Program (MBP) of the University of California, Davis (UCD) is the largest academic program in the world. MBP is a member of the NIH-funded Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Centers (MMRRC). The network collects and.... Read more

  • County Health Officials' Statement On Re-opening Public Schools During Pandemic


  • 10268749

    First Signal Arrives on Amazon Worldwide

    Set in the year 2014 when Air Force Space Command receives a signal from an alien satellite in Earth orbit, the award-winning sci-fi film First Signal arrives on Amazon worldwide in 68 countries.. Read more

  • 10268431

    In Celebration of Earth Day, The Black Doll Affair Introduces its Paper Doll Line and Announces a Partnership with a Mermaid!

    ATLANTA - -- After 14 years of delivering over 1 million plastic dolls into little brown hands around the country and ultimately into poor Black communities, landfills and oceans around the world, The Black Dolls, members of The Black Doll Affair (TBDA.... Read more

  • 10268238

    Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Launches Journal

    Dystonia Offers Gold Open Access with Publishing Partner, Frontiers. Read more