• Anniversary of Planet Pluto Discovery Day Celebrated by Author's Space Books for Kids

    February 18th marks the 93rd anniversary of the discovery of dwarf planet Pluto. K.J. Field's children's space books spotlight how little Pluto captured our hearts from the very beginning.. Read more

  • 10366121

    IISE announces leadership election results

    NORCROSS, Ga. - -- Don Greene, chief executive officer of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), announced election results for the association's new officers, noting that for the first time in the Institute's 75-year history, all.... Read more

  • 10366024

    Calvetta Phair, CEO of America's Workforce Solution, LLC, Charitable Partner - 'The On It Foundation' Qualify to Distribute Google Career Certificates

    America's Workforce Solution, LLC (AWS) Charitable Partner – The On It Foundation, a National 501(c)(3) Non-Profit has received a Grow with Google Partner Grant to distribute Google Career Certificate Scholarships from the Coursera Academy in Data Analyti. Read more

  • Meditation Doesn't Help Just the Mind, But the Body Too

    Long considered "soft" science, practices like meditation are now being shown by "hard" science to produce measurable improvements in biological function.. Read more

  • Repeating Studies Validates Effective Mental Health Treatment

    There is a "replication crisis" in science. In the endeavor to substantiate theories and treatments, research scientists other than those who conducted the original research must be able to show similar results.. Read more

  • Engine Prelubrication Systems Saves Money on both large and small engines

    HOOFDDORP, Netherlands - -- Engine prelubrication systems on larger engines protect bearings before each engine start. Some engine suppliers list prelube systems as required equipment for certain engines as any large engine will benefit from the.... Read more

  • Kesslr© Aims to Bring Space Down to Earth

    Cosmic retailer, Kesslr©, announces its release of their all-aluminum line of decor showcasing our solar system and beyond.. Read more

  • 10362717

    Beneficience.com Legacy PR Announces Dr. Burd Renowned Diabetes Scientist, Biochemist-entrepreneur and Dexcom Founder, client

    Dr. Burd is a renowned diabetes scientist and biochemist and Founder of Dexcom, the worldwide leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems. Get to know him and what good he is doing in the world, and for whom his life work benefits.. Read more

  • Diffractive Optical Processor Computes Hundreds of Linear Transformations in Parallel

    LOS ANGELES - -- Computing using light can potentially reduce latency and power consumption, benefiting from the parallelism that optical systems have. For example, a single optical processor can execute many distinct computational tasks simultaneously.... Read more

  • 10361501

    ParaPod Festival Honors Award-winning Journalist and Documentarian Linda Moulton Howe with the 2023 Media Legend Award

    Emmy and Peabody Award-winner Linda Moulton Howe will be presented with this year's Media Legend Award at the ParaPod Awards held on Saturday, April 1, 2023, in Valencia, CA.. Read more

  • 10361325

    New Book, "Leading Diversity for Competitive Advantage" Elaborates a Comprehensive, Evidence-based Path to Successful DEI Practice

    Diversity Strategist Peter Linkow Demonstrates How to Turn the Quest for Institutional Equity and Justice into a Competitive Advantage. Read more

  • 10361226

    Follow U.S. Conservation History Down A New Path

    COMING FULL CIRCLE—A Sweeping Saga of Conservation Stewardship Across America is a groundbreaking text for our times.. Read more

  • 10360330

    South African skin cancer patients undergo first treatments with OncoBeta's Rhenium-SCT as part of the EPIC-Skin study

    PRETORIA, South Africa - -- OncoBeta® GmbH today announced the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, is participating in the global phase IV EPIC-Skin Study (Efficacy of Personalised Irradiation with Rhenium-SCT – for the treatment.... Read more

  • 10360227

    Brian Peterson and the Government Marketplace team assisted STONEWALL ANALYTICS with obtaining a GSA MAS contract #47QRAA23D000S

    Stonewall Analytics was recently awarded a GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract #47QRAA23D000S with the assistance of Brian Peterson and the Government Marketplace LLC team.. Read more

  • 10360010

    3rd World: A Cyberpunk Tale - Stay Frosty Publishes First Science Fiction Novel in Wake of New Avatar Movie

    3rd World: A Cyberpunk Tale Science Fiction Novel by Derek W Frost has been published by Stay Frosty Enterprises, an online retailer of military, police and fire gifts and products, on Amazon, Kindle, and soon on Audible, Barnes and Nobles.. Read more

  • 10359284

    Accepting Nominations for $10,000 Mensa Foundation Prize for Creativity and Intelligence

    Biennial prize rewards breakthroughs in the studies of intelligence and creativity. Read more

  • 10359182

    American University of Antigua College of Medicine Remembers Alvin Eden, MD, Clinical Co-Chair, Pediatrics

    MANHATTAN, N.Y. - -- Alvin Noam Eden, M.D. passed away peacefully at home on 12/9/22. Dr. Eden was born in 1926 and raised in Brooklyn throughout his childhood and adolescent years. He obtained his Bachelor's degree from Columbia College (1948), and.... Read more

  • Large Improvements in Mental Health with New Meditation Method, Study Shows

    Meditation can produce large and rapid drops in anxiety, depression, and other psychological symptoms, according to a new study.. Read more

  • AI-designed structured material creates super-resolution images using a low-resolution display

    LOS ANGELES - -- One of the promising technologies being developed for next-generation augmented/virtual reality systems is holographic image displays that emulate the 3D optical waves representing the objects within a scene. This technology empowers.... Read more

  • SPECTRAFORCE® Included on SIA's "Largest Life Sciences Staffing Firms in the US" 2022 List

    RALEIGH, N.C. - -- SPECTRAFORCE® is proud to announce that on August 30, 2022, it was listed as on SIA's (Staffing Industry Analysts') "Largest Life Sciences Staffing Firms in the US" 2022 Report. "Largest Life Sciences Staffing Firms in the US" is an.... Read more

  • 10356831

    Unreasonable Kids College is a Norfolk Police mini-grant recipient

    Working toward eliminating the stereotypes of young, Black men through #NORFOLK20STRONG. Read more