• 10295788

    Tesla Medbed and Med Bed Technology Now Being Offered to the Public

    Med beds and Tesla "medbed" technology is being described as the wave of the future for homes and people around the world. New technology that includes Tesla, scaler, FAR infrared, EMF shielding, Telomore Biohealth and proven life force energy is being pu. Read more

  • 10295413

    Nutrition Industry Executive Awarded the NIE 2021 Award for the Condition Specific Category to Stratum Nutrition's Ingredient LBiome™ 

    CARTHAGE, Mo. - -- Stratum Nutrition®, (a business of ESM Technologies), and Adare Biome™, (a division of Adare Pharma Solutions) are pleased to announce LBiome™ has been awarded the NIE 2021 Award for their Condition Specific Category. LBiome is a.... Read more

  • Knology Receives NSF Grant to Explore How People Move towards STEM-informed Action

    Known for Untangling Complex Social Issues, Knology Strives to Uncover Motivators Behind Decision-Making. Read more

  • 10294506

    Xen by Neuvana: First-of-its-kind Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device Now Available to Canadians

    U.S.-Based Wellness Tech Company Neuvana Expands its Footprint, Marking the First Step in the Company's International Launch Plans. Read more

  • 10294374

    The Citizen Science Lab Receives $300,000 Grant from the Eden Hall Foundation for SeaPerch Program

    Funding will aid in transportation costs and allow nonprofit to expand program to a wider demographic.. Read more

  • Picard Investment Group Announces Successful Testing Of New Organic Medicinal Product For Shingles and Herpes Simplex Viruses

    Using botany to help mitigate the replication of shingles and herpes viruses. Read more

  • Light computes any desired linear transform without a digital processor

    LOS ANGELES - -- Different forms of linear transformations, such as the Fourier transform, are widely employed in processing of information in various applications. These transformations are generally implemented in the digital domain using electronic.... Read more

  • mesur.io Announces Successful Seed-2 Investment Round

    The machine learning and artificial intelligence company raises additional $900k in funding. Read more

  • Enciircle's Optiix brand launches all-new TruChrom Explorer Illuminator

    Lighting device brings color enhancement to any viewing situation by increasing saturation and hue. Read more

  • Conservancy of Southwest Florida resumes field trip program for area seventh graders

    Partnership allows more students to participate and adds 'on the water' research. Read more

  • 10291224

    OncoBeta initiates international EPIC-Skin study with Rhenium-SCT® for the treatment of Skin Cancer

    The multi-centre prospective study will evaluate the efficacy of the Rhenium-SCT® in non-melanoma skin cancer patients. Read more

  • 10290862

    Natural Perfumery: A Complete Shift Towards Nature and a New Education for Perfumers

    Françoise Rapp, founder of L'Institut Français d'Aromathérapie et de Parfumerie Naturelle and Creezy Courtoy, founder of The Natural Perfumery Teacher's Academy are joining force to share their knowledge and teach the future teachers in Natural Perfumery.. Read more

  • 10289899

    Lineus Medical Completes $3M Series B Funding Round

    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - -- Medical device company Lineus Medical announces the completion of a $1.75M Series B Tranche 2 funding round. The first tranche of $1.25M was completed in March of 2020, for a total Series B funding round of $3M. Lineus Medical.... Read more

  • South Florida Doctors Did NOT Walk Out in Protest

    Palm Beach Gardens doctors did NOT walk out in protest and had one simple message for the community — please get vaccinated and wear a mask.. Read more

  • AXT Adds NenoVision's in situ AFM to Its Comprehensive Microscopy Portfolio

    WARRIEWOOD, Australia - -- AXT have a strong commitment to the microscopy community and are always looking out for new and innovative products that can enhance microscopy research and workflows. The recent addition of NenoVision's in situ AFM for SEMs.... Read more

  • 10288419

    The Citizen Science Lab Receives $250,000 Grant from Richard King Mellon Foundation

    Grant is instrumental in creating new Hill District STEM laboratory for underserved communities in Pittsburgh. Read more

  • $1.1 Million Dollars in Scholarships, Awarded by the DSU Heritage Foundation, Second Time in Dickinson State University History

    DICKINSON, N.D. - -- Dickinson State University students have been awarded $1.1 million dollars in scholarships by the DSU Heritage Foundation for the 2021-22 upcoming school year. Awards include merit-based, need-based, academic, leadership, athletic.... Read more

  • AXT Bring UpNano's Unique Bioprinters and Microfabrication Systems to Australia and New Zealand

    WARRIEWOOD, Australia - -- AXT has furthered its commitment to the bioprinting and microfabrication communities by adding the unique UpNano portfolio of products to their range. Austrian-based UpNano develop and manufacture 3D printing systems that.... Read more

  • AstroGrav 4.4 Released for Windows and Mac

    AstroGrav adds many new features and improvements to its precision solar system simulator. Read more

  • 10286162

    Mensa Foundation Honors Danielle Posthuma for Research Identifying Genes Correlated with Intelligence

    Geneticist at VU University Amsterdam awarded $10,000 Mensa Foundation Prize. Read more

  • Former US Senator's stepdaughter caught up in NASA first contact incident cover up

    In an exclusive interview with ZWT Jameson the step daughter of a former US senator has exposed a potential First Contact event linked to NASA's Mars rover Opportunity.. Read more