• Virtual staining of unlabeled autopsy tissue using AI

    LOS ANGELES - -- Autopsy has a central role in shedding light on diseases, helping to uncover the cause of death. Tissue samples from various organs are sampled, stained, and examined under a light microscope to evaluate their histological.... Read more

  • 10407568

    More Violent Acts Prompt Need for Laws Documenting Psychiatric Drug Links

    CCHR, a mental health industry watchdog, which has documented over 1,000 cases of potential psychiatric-drug-induced acts of violence since the 1980s, reinforces the need for mandated toxicology tests in violent crimes.. Read more

  • 10406375

    2024 B2B marketing trends in the health, food, technology, and sustainability industries

    From marketers, for marketers: 2024 B2B Insights on AI, budget allocation, and content strategies in Health, Food, Tech, and Sustainability. Read more

  • 10406066

    CCHR Advocates for Ban on Electroshock Amid Concerns Raised by International Survey

    Subjecting 100,000 Americans, including children, to electroshock (ECT) constitutes torture, given the risks associated with it, CCHR says.. Read more

  • Image denoising using a diffractive material

    LOS ANGELES - -- While image denoising algorithms have undergone extensive research and advancements in the past decades, classical denoising techniques often necessitate numerous iterations for their inference, making them less suitable for real-time.... Read more

  • 10405562

    National Academies of Sciences Meeting Highlights Need for Effective Cannabis Prevention Programs

    WASHINGTON - -- The National Academies of Sciences convened a meeting of leading scientists and community leaders to discuss the implications of changes in cannabis policy. In view of the health risks posed by cannabis combined with increased.... Read more

  • AXT Add Innovative In Situ Microscopy Solutions from NewTec Scientific

    AXT have added NewTec Scientific's product lines to their portfolio to help satisfy a growing demand from Australian researchers. Their innovative in situ testing platforms will help them accelerate their research projects.. Read more

  • 10405274

    CCHR Warns of ADHD Drug Risks as WHO Denies Essential Status for Stimulant

    Mental health industry watchdog discloses that 3.3 million U.S. children are given psychiatric drugs despite WHO disapproving of these for children younger than 12. Read more

  • 10404975

    The Seven Benchmarks of the 21st Century--Will We Collectively Prepare?

    Both Republican and Democratic parties have led us to the cliff's edge. When will voters demand a plan for tackling Global Warming and our other crises and for splitting the atom of Human Potential?. Read more

  • 10404955

    "Sex On the Wrong Brain" Book and Site Blame Global Spike in Extremism and Authoritarianism on Misguided Reproductive Energy Amplified by COVID

    The provocative theory presented in the book "Sex On the Wrong Brain" as well as website and screenplay of the same name suggests that recent worldwide spikes in sexism, racism, and authoritarianism blamed on COVID shutdowns and isolation were fueled by m. Read more

  • IEEE Milwaukee Section Public Library Grant

    WAUWATOSA, Wis. - -- Wauwatosa, WI - December 11, 2023 - The Milwaukee section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) presented their 2023 "Science Kits For Public Libraries" (SKPL) grant to the Wauwatosa Public Library. The.... Read more

  • Tonight on The 'X' Zone: Matthew Alper (The God Part) and Kevin Killen (The Paranormal)

    Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, join Canadian broadcaster and media personality, Rob McConnell tonight at 10 PM Eastern as he investigates the world of the paranormal and science of parapsychology in The 'X' Zone, on Classic 1220 (CFAJ). Read more

  • Complex-valued Linear Transformations using Spatially Incoherent Diffractive Optical Networks

    LOS ANGELES - -- The bulk of the computing in state-of-the-art neural networks comprises linear operations, e.g., matrix-vector multiplications and convolutions. Linear operations can also play an important role in cryptography. While dedicated.... Read more

  • New method for addressing the reliability challenges of neural networks in inverse imaging problems

    LOS ANGELES - -- Uncertainty estimation is critical to improving the reliability of deep neural networks. A research team led by Aydogan Ozcan at the University of California, Los Angeles, has introduced an uncertainty quantification method that uses.... Read more

  • Terahertz Imaging System Capable of Capturing Real-Time, 3D Multi-Spectral Images for the First Time

    LOS ANGELES - -- Terahertz waves can penetrate opaque materials and provide unique spectral signatures of various chemicals, but their adoption for real-world applications has been limited by the slow speed, large size, high cost and complexity of.... Read more

  • HFES Honors Pioneers in Human Factors and Ergonomics

    The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Will Pay Tribute to The Contributions of Late Profession Pioneers Raja Parasuraman, Jens Rasmussen, John Senders and Joel Warm, As Well As Other Field Trailblazers in This Year's Titans of HF/E Symposium. Read more

  • 10403828

    CCHR Calls for Ceasing Psychedelic Drug Trials on Military and Veterans

    Mental health industry watchdog calls for an end to federal funding for psychedelic drug research on active-duty service members and veterans, likening it to the risky covert hallucinogenic experiments of 70 years ago.. Read more

  • 10403439

    eRacks Systems Unveils Cutting-Edge NAS100 Server, Featuring a Remarkable 102 Hotswap Drives and Raw Storage Capacity of Over 2.4 Petabytes

    eRacks Systems Today announces it's latest flagship server, the eRacks/NAS100 - a 102-bay 4U Rackmount Server (NAS, or Network-Attached Storage), Featuring an astounding 102 Hot-swap Drive capacity, and total Raw Storage capacity of Over 2.4 Petabytes. Th. Read more

  • ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship: Call for Submissions Open

    The fellowship aims to advance the field of electrochemical and solid state science and technology by helping to address challenges regarding environmental and energy issues.. Read more

  • Seize the Opportunity to Apply for The Electrochemical Society Fellowships

    Talented undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc individuals who are eager to make a mark in the field of electrochemistry and solid state science are encouraged to submit applications.. Read more

  • 10402377

    Study Finds 141% Increase in Psychotropic Drug Restraints of Children

    CCHR says the latest study showing chemical drug restraints of hospitalized children reveals a culture of coercive psychiatric practices that should be banned and prosecuted. Read more