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    Leaders share experiences with industrial engineering institute on its 75th anniversary

    NORCROSS, Ga. - -- Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023, marks the official 75th anniversary of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE). Incorporated on this date in 1948 as the American Institute of Industrial Engineers, the seeds for the new.... Read more

  • National Brain Tumor Society to Launch Campaigns Elevating the Necessity of Clinical Trials and Biomarker Testing Access

    Joint initiatives aim to help patients and families navigate the era of precision medicine in cancer care. Read more

  • Diffractive optical network enables multispectral quantitative phase imaging in a snapshot

    LOS ANGELES - -- Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) is a label-free imaging technique that leverages the optical path length information in transparent samples to evaluate their refractive index distribution and thickness variations. Multispectral QPI.... Read more

  • Universal transformations of spatially varying polarization fields

    LOS ANGELES - -- Polarization describes the orientation of oscillations in a light wave, and it plays an essential role in various optical applications — from enhancing visibility in sunglasses and camera lenses to facilitating advanced optical.... Read more

  • 10388598

    Worlds largest wind farm begins construction in the UK

    The world's largest offshore wind farm has recently begun construction off the coast of England pushing sentiment toward renewable stocks and companies.. Read more

  • The Ohio State University to Offer an Online, Asynchronous Corrosion Short Course Fall 2023

    Gamry Instruments is proud to sponsor an online Corrosion Short Course to be presented by The Ohio State University. The course is scheduled for October 16, 2023 - November 17, 2023. Registration is now open.. Read more

  • Amerigo Scientific Introduces Water Purification Systems for Life Science Research

    NEW YORK - -- Amerigo Scientific, a distribution company focused on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science communities, recently collaborated with RephiLe to expand access to a series of water purification systems.... Read more

  • 10387931

    August Deadline Approaching for the 2023 Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge

    A market-driven showcase connecting clean technologies to global oil and gas organizations.. Read more

  • 10387806

    Orbex Awarded "Best CFD Broker Asia" at the Mumbai Money Expo 2023

    AMMAN, Jordan - -- Orbex, a leading online forex and CFD broker, was recognized with the prestigious "Best CFD Broker Asia" award at the Mumbai Money Expo 2023, the largest financial event in India. As one of the event's Diamond sponsors, Orbex was also... Read more

  • Universal Linear Processing of Spatially Incoherent Light Through Diffractive Optical Networks

    LOS ANGELES - -- Information processing with light is a topic of ever-increasing interest among optics and photonics researchers. Apart from the quest for an energy-efficient and fast alternative to electronic computing for future computing needs, this.... Read more

  • 10387305

    HDL Therapeutics to Go Public in Merger with Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp

    $480 million Business Combination to Accelerate the Commercialization of an Innovative FDA-Approved Cardiovascular Disease Treatment. Read more

  • 10387179

    Pet Professional Guild Launches Pet Training Science Alliance

    New Program Will Support Science to Advance the Pet Training Industry. Read more

  • 10386843

    Five clinical trials impacting blood cancers approved for funding

    Cures Within Reach partnered with Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships, Leukemia Research Foundation and individual donors to fund these pivotal trials. Read more

  • The Data Economics Company and Gordian Knot Strategies Highlight Deployment of Enkrateia for The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market

    Enkrateia's Lydion-powered data network facilitates the Integrity Council's Core Carbon Principles and Assessment Platform for the voluntary carbon market. Read more

  • Second Fusion Test Successful - Time to Consider Cosmic Nudging

    Two Ways in Which Nuclear Fusion Could Help Reverse Global Warming. Read more

  • 10386197

    Huntsville's Tec-Masters Launches MaRVIn, Revolutionizing Microgravity Research on the International Space Station

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - -- Tec-Masters, Inc. (TMI), a Huntsville-based company with over 30 years of experience in the NASA and Department of Defense industries, has marked a significant milestone as its Microgravity Research for Versatile Investigations.... Read more

  • Nova Graphene Wins Innovation Grant for Green 3D-Printed Concrete

    HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - -- Nova Graphene, a pioneering force in the advanced materials sector, is delighted to announce the award of a Productivity & Innovation grant from Invest Nova Scotia. This funding will catalyze a collaboration with Dalhousie.... Read more

  • Diffractive networks enable quantitative phase imaging (QPI) through random diffusers

    LOS ANGELES - -- For decades, imaging weakly scattering phase objects, such as cells, has been an active area of research across various fields, including biomedical sciences. One common approach uses chemical stains or fluorescent tags to bring image.... Read more

  • Government Lab Enterprises, LLC Introduces Humidity Chambers for Laboratories

    MEDINA, Ohio - -- Government Lab Enterprises, LLC (GLE), a leading provider of innovative laboratory equipment, is proud to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art humidity chambers. GLE has introduced these humidity chambers to meet the evolving.... Read more

  • 10384292

    VIDEO: DNA Upgrades, Reclaiming your Health, God Technology, Life Changing Liquid Light Supplement

    "the single greatest health science breakthrough of our lifetime" This miraculous and profound breakthrough technology is liquid life force (the molecules of life) in a bottle and is the only technology like it in the world. The results and success storie. Read more

  • 10384116

    Expert Opinions on Dry Eye Treatment Innovations

    CRANBURY, N.J. - -- IVIEW Therapeutics Inc. a clinical stage biotechnology company focusing on developing innovative ophthalmic therapeutics, organized a panel of dry eye experts and clinicians to gain key insights on dry eye treatment innovations. The.... Read more