• 10193327

    Zbones Discovers Additional Eardrums In Humans!

    ST. LOUIS - -- zBones, maker of the popular wireless, Bluetooth, "bone conduction" headphones that allow the user to listen in clear stereo to their preferred audio entertainment while maintaining environmental awareness, has discovered that humans.... Read more

  • 10192740

    First Choice Neurology BAN2401 Study to Assess New Alzheimer's Treatment

    First Choice Neurology is participating in an FDA-approved Phase III clinical trial to determine the benefit of BAN2401 for Alzheimer's disease.. Read more

  • 10192543

    Sage-N Research Introduces First AI Data System for Biopharmaceutical Proteomics

    MILPITAS, Calif. - -- Sage-N Research, Inc., a deep tech and services company, introduces the world's first professional AI-enabled deep data platform for clinical proteomics. Proteomics can save significant time and money in clinical trials and.... Read more

  • 10192467

    Large Independent Multi-Center Clinical Trial with Stratum Nutrition's NEM® Confirms Results in 7 Days

    CARTHAGE, Mo. - -- Stratum Nutrition®, the Global Leader of eggshell and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients, and President, Micah Osborne, announce, "NEM® has become an internationally recognized joint health ingredient as supported in a large.... Read more

  • 10192318

    Teleios Research Evaluates Young Christians' Beliefs About Lordship Salvation

    CHARLESTON, S.C. - -- Lordship salvation has become a popular notion in the past few years that although salvation is by grace one must demonstrate that Jesus is Lord to keep eternal life. The exact term is not used in scripture, but the question has.... Read more

  • 10192102

    New data analytics major at Thiel College to open doors for students into growing field

    Thiel College is accepting applications for its new data analytics major.. Read more

  • 10191158

    New Theory on the Physics of Consciousness Says: It's the Magnets in the Brain

    What does it feel like to be a magnetic field, coming from millions of magnets? It feels like awareness. That's how a new theory explains the physics of consciousness.. Read more

  • Information Security Forum Examines Risks of Cloud Services in Latest Report

    NEW YORK - -- According to the Information Security Forum (ISF), trusted resource for executives and board members on cyber security and risk management, the growth of cloud computing has become ever more apparent, as organizations are drawn to the.... Read more

  • 10190386

    WestWin Farms Newest Aquisition for Owner Bryan Hawk

    Will stand two stakes winning stallions Code West & Pass The Buck in 2020.. Read more

  • Social Media Analytics for International Marketers

    Prime Target's webinars are inspired by their clients' stories and designed to bring useful insights on internationalization.. Read more

  • Copper Hospital Bed Study Shows 90% Reduction on HAI Bacteria Counts

    A new published report from Science Daily shows a 90%+ reduction of bacteria levels from copper rail hospital beds. The copper kills all forms of bacteria and viruses within hours thus reducing "hospital acquired illnesses" "HAI's" by over 90%.. Read more