• 10172780

    The IPPF Receives Grant from Sy Syms Foundation to Accelerate Diagnosis Times of Rare Diseases

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. - -- The Sy Syms Foundation has awarded a $100,000 grant to the International Pemphigus & Pemphigoid Foundation (IPPF) in support of the IPPF's Biopsies Save Live Campaign. This will be the seventh consecutive year the Sy Syms.... Read more

  • 10172293

    Dr. Mark L. Shatsky Joins The Emory Neurophysiologic Institute (EM-NPI) - www.emoryinstitute.org

    Hamlin Emory, M.D. a recognized pioneer and specialist in applying EEG & QEEG data to the treatment of each patient announces the addition of Mark L. Shatsky D.O. to the Emory Neurophysiologic Institute (EM-NPI). Dr. Shatsky is a board certified family ph. Read more

  • 10172038

    USC Educator Honored by Mensa for Artificial Intelligence System Combating Human Trafficking

    Dual Mensa Foundation awards recognize impact on law enforcement efforts. Read more

  • Information Security Forum Expands Global Consultancy Services

    Award-Winning Consultancy Services Provide Tailored, Pragmatic Support, Translating Technical Insight into Clear Business-Focused Guidance. Read more

  • 10171991

    Lantek and BCAM collaborate to revolutionize part nesting calculation for sheet metal cutting

    CINCINNATI - -- Lantek, a multi-national pioneer in the digital transformation of the sheet metal and metal industry, has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM).. Read more

  • New Study Reveals Top Sales Leadership Challenges and Priorities

    - Over 420 sales leaders disclose top obstacles and primary focus in next 12 months; 52% ranked recruiting and hiring as biggest hurdle, 70% say primary focus is on improving sellers' ability to communicate value -. Read more

  • 10171648

    MappBio Announces Contract with BARDA for MBP091 as a pan-Marburg Medical Countermeasure

    SAN DIEGO - -- Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Inc. (MappBio), announced today that it has been awarded an advanced research and development contract for $16.5 million with options for an additional $30.0 million by the Biomedical Advanced Research and.... Read more

  • Forces War Records New Website Feature – We've made it easier to find the records you've been

    Forces War Records are excited to announce that they have now launched a powerful new update to their records page, which could mean brand new insight for you and an industry first in genealogy website research.. Read more

  • 10171095

    Bob Gebelein Challenges Academic Leaders to Help Restore Academic Freedom

    DURHAM, N.C. - -- In a move reminiscent of Martin Luther nailing his theses to the door of the church, author Bob Gebelein has mailed copies of his book DIRTY SCIENCE to the presidents and chancellors of 137 top-ranked colleges and universities in the.... Read more

  • Seeking Near-Death Experiencers For New Study And Survey

    Near-Death Experiencers Who Have Received Visions of the Future. Read more

  • 10171013

    Perfect.is launches a new dating search engine

    Perfect.is cuts down the required time to find the best dating sites/apps from over 50 000 sites and apps. Read more