• Shuvu Banim Announces Israeli Rabbi Eliyahu Merav Video Statement of Support for Rabbi Berland

    Bridge between the Israeli political and Haredi rabbinical realm - Rabbi Eliyahu Merav issues video statement following Israel Beit Din ruling. Read more

  • Humanist activist and family threatened by Pakistan: Canadian government asked to intervene

    TORONTO - -- Humanist Canada continues to join a growing chorus of denunciation of the Government of Pakistan in its treatment of human rights campaigner Gulalai Ismail, including Humanists International and other human rights groups. Denunciation.... Read more

  • Christian Beliefs Concerning Salvation

    CHARLESTON, S.C. - -- Teleios Research surveyed Christians to determine their beliefs about salvation. Of the 201 participants the majority were: female (55%), <35 years old (64%), from the United States (75%), and evangelical (73%). We received.... Read more

  • Author Announces the Release of Satirical Rendition of the Entire Holy Bible

    EUGENE, Ore. - -- Ward Ricker has released a new book: Holy Hustle! A Bible Parody: Containing all 66 books of the Old and the New Hustles.  It is a complete satirical rewrite of the entire Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments.  It presents... Read more

  • Illuminate brightens local community of Clinton, NC

    FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - -- Who we are.. Read more

  • God's Religious Corner: Exclusive Spiritual Products for Extra Inspiration

    Featuring a large selection of spiritual products, God's Religious Corner is the online destination for anyone seeking religious and holy products that will inspire them. Make sure your spirit is open with the products at God's Religious Corner!. Read more

  • Want a Peaceful Life? 'Pray More' says Golden Prayer Author Edward Weiss

    SAN DIEGO - -- Everyone wants peace says Golden Prayer author Edward Weiss, but not everyone wants to do what's necessary to attain it. For Weiss, that means loving God more than the world. A simple proposition, but one many find extremely difficult to.... Read more

  • 10174716

    Author And Child Abuse Victim Pens Hard-Hitting, Graphic Book On His Rape And Sexual Abuse As A 6-Year-Old Boy

    Vernon Ennels Jr. Aims To Inspire Other Child Sexual Abuse Victims To Come Forward. Read more

  • 10174416

    Dr. NYC Is Back for More With I Forgive Me Part 2

    The Ladies Put a Demand in the Air for Part 2 of the I Forgive Me Women's Symposium and Dr. NYC Delivered!. Read more

  • 10174303

    Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce the release in paperback and e-book formats of Experiencing God's Love in a Broken World

    Here is a great resource for Christians who want to go deeper … for believers who long for greater intimacy with their Creator." —Nick Harrison, author of Magnificent Prayer, His Victorious Indwelling, and Power in the Promises.. Read more

  • Using Greek To Enhance Personal Bible Study

    CHARLESTON, S.C. - -- The Bible represents the source of spiritual truth for the Christian faith. The original language of the New Testament is Greek and subsequently was translated directly to English from early texts. Therefore, analyzing the original... Read more