• Scholastic Publishing: The Power of Positivity

    How does positive thinking actually affect our day-to-day lives?. Read more

  • A nonagenarian is an icon in my world

    I don´t like work, no man does, but I like what is in work; the chance to find yourself, not for others, but what no other man can ever know." Joseph Conrad 1857-1924. Read more

  • Alleged Mafioso hitman and Brighton Author anticipates prison release

    According to the FBI and New York's Organized Crime Task Force, Paul "Doc" Gaccione, is a leading member of the Mafia.. Read more

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  • Scholastic Publishing Celebrating 41 Years

    DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - -- After over 41 years of business we are celebrating the continued success of the company as we continue to provide unparalleled serviced and products to our nation's educational community. Although this time-proven hasn't changed.... Read more

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    New Thought Scholar Reveals the "Secret" of Think and Grow Rich

    NEW YORK - -- Legendary success writer Napoleon Hill promises that there is a secret encoded in his classic Think and Grow Rich. Hill writes that the secret appears hundreds of times in his 1937 book—but is never directly stated.. Read more

  • 10175664

    MECA Solutions' corrugating adhesive rolls help optimize glue use

    GREEN BAY, Wis. - -- High-quality anilox rolls hold tighter tolerances and reduce waste. Read more

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  • 10175268

    Susan Wingate, Author of STORM SEASON receives coveted Book Excellence Award

    Susan Wingate's psychological thriller, Storm Season gives women the courage they need to carry on.. Read more

  • 10175007

    Kentucky Author Tiffany Reisz Nominated for National Award

    "Blazingly erotic." -- Publishers Weekly on PICTURE PERFECT COWBOY, Now in Paperback from 8th Circle Press. Read more