• AirTies' Philippe Alcaras and Technicolor's Gary Gutknecht Discuss the Growing Importance of Smart Wi-Fi to Network Service Provider Community

    "Technicolor and AirTies have a long history working together on the constantly changing challenges associated with improving Wi-Fi experiences, and the two recently have joined forces -- through Technicolor's HERO Partnership Program -- to further integr. Read more

  • Technicolor Showcases Wide Range of Open Connected Home Innovations and Partnerships at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

    Technicolor to Unveil Latest Developments in Wi-Fi Technology, Secure Open Customer Premises Equipment, Hybrid LTE, and High-end Video Solutions as well as Value-Added Innovations from Technicolor's Growing Hero Partnership Initiative.. Read more

  • Technicolor's Rajat Ghai Explains How Citizens Broadband Radio Service Can Be Leveraged for LIMA by Network Service Providers

    "NSPs are in a position to use the CBRS band to -- in effect -- deploy their own LTE network without making significant investments for licensed spectrum acquisition." --Rajat Ghai, Technicolor. Read more

  • Technicolor's Gary Gutknecht Describes How NSPs can Navigate Technologies, Standards and Frameworks to Deploy Managed IoT Services

    "The keys to success revolve around developing an end-to-end perspective on IoT network layers so that an effective comparison of different IoT technologies in each layer can take place. In this context, it is important to maintain a strong focus on use c. Read more

  • Technicolor's Jos Delbar Reveals the Four Capabilities Critical to Achieving Seamless 4K OTT Content Delivery over Wi-Fi

    "All services delivered within the home, video and non-video, need to blend seamlessly without the consumer being forced to choose one service over another." -- Jos Delbar, Technicolor. Read more

  • Technicolor's Geert Matthys Explores Global Ultra Broadband Trends and Emerging Opportunities for Network Service Providers

    "In the next few months and years, we believe that gateways are going to be more service oriented. We believe that access technology is going to be less and less of a differentiating factor. The differentiator will be the services that are brought on top.. Read more

  • Windstream and Vitria Executives Discuss the Future of Network Service Providers in Serving the Connected Lives of Consumers at Home and at Work

    Network services provider (NSP) Windstream is working with analytics platform provider Vitria to leverage innovative technologies to drive change, generate value and support emerging consumer demands in a secure and cost-effective manner.. Read more

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    CUJO AI's Einaras von Gravrock Describes Bringing a Multi-solution, AI-driven Software and Security Platform to NSPs Via Technicolor's HERO Program

    "There is one common touchpoint for all devices at risk: they connect to the Internet through the gateway that the NSP provides. CUJO AI is leveraging its advanced AI software platform to help NSPs protect their subscribers. We have productized machine le. Read more

  • 10149038

    Broadpeak CEO Jacques Le Mancq Reveals How Multicast ABR Creates New Opportunities for Network Service Providers Through Technicolor's HERO Program

    "Live Multiscreen ABR is becoming as important as the broadcast -- we cannot shut it down, it needs to always be there. It is a big challenge and we are very excited to be able to provide the tools for this next generation video streaming infrastructure.". Read more

  • 10148750

    Technicolor's Gary Gutknecht Discusses How New HERO Partner Program Accelerates Flow of Innovation to Network Service Providers

    The Technicolor HERO Program is designed to identify developers of innovation that can be leveraged by NSPs to offer new profitable services that generate top line growth, while offering opportunities to harness technologies that streamline network operat. Read more

  • 10142158

    Technicolor's Brian Jentz Explains How High-End CPE Can Help NSPs Gain a Competitive Edge and Drive Margins as Consumption Models Evolve

    "While offering a new generation of premium CPE is a powerful differentiator for NSPs, it can be prohibitively expensive if the strategy is not carefully considered. This is why NSPs increasingly are tapping into the innovations that are emerging from nex. Read more