• 10329909

    Killer Cat Bengal Club launches public sale, turning nose at FUD

    MIAMI - -- Killer Cat Bengal Club has now confidently launched the public sale of their long-awaited project and turned their noses at downtrends in the NFT market and saying "No" to fear, uncertainty & doubt (FUD), instead they increased the crypto... Read more

  • 10329707

    Real Estate Blockchain Pioneer Closes the Loop On Enabling End-to-End Home Sales Online with Integrate Title & Escrow

    Propy's new title and escrow services expand offer-to-close transactions on one secure platform, removing complexity, hassle and time. Read more

  • The NFT Brewery @ Stanford Blockchain

    The NFT Brewery is now part of the Stanford Blockchain Accelerator cohort. Read more

  • 10328452

    Asia's First Decentralized NFT-Fi Platform SOLARR Raises $2M to Bring NFT Use Cases Mainstream

    SOLARR aims to accelerate utility NFT adoption, accessibility, and simplify NFT-commerce for businesses.. Read more

  • 10327958

    Best Play To Earn Game Using NFTs Or Crypto In 2022

    Starting now, Mecha Infinity will officially launch the guild partnership plan. Read more

  • 10326581

    Braincat launches Indiegogo Campaign that includes NFTs as perks

    Phil Ranta joins company as NFT advisor. Perks Packed with Value.. Read more

  • 10326096

    Inspired by Seinfeld Episode, "The Contest," Commit Club Launches on Ethereum - Creators Hope for a Big Release

    Commit Club lets you commit to challenges by staking Ether and getting Ether when others fail. Read more

  • 10325387

    Mecha Infinity: The Most Anticipated Blockchain Game In The Second Half Of 2022

    MAKATI, Philippines - -- Mecha Infinity is an open digital universe for Mechas. While focusing on improving playability, the core team also considers the game experience of various types of players. In Mecha Infinity, earnings from daily adventures and.... Read more

  • Killer Cat Bengal Club: The NFT brand bringing luxury to the Polygon blockchain

    MIAMI - -- In this early and evolving Web3 NFT scene, blockchains are still segregated. It's been the pervasive assumption that the bigger NFT projects would mint on the Ethereum blockchain, known for having projects with roadmaps offering huge.... Read more

  • 10325261

    A Failing Grade in Green: Blockchain Considerations for a Sustainable Planet

    Running a fully deployed Żetonium node consumes less energy than a 60W light bulb, and executing one transaction produces less carbon than sending a single email.. Read more

  • 10325135

    Today! The Official Release Of Mecha Infinity Whitepaper

    Please visit our official website for more information about whitepaper. Read more

  • 10324753

    CrowdHero: Football Battle NFT game Pre-Sale happening now

    Get early on the boat and get your team up and running with the Pre-sale affordable price before it skyrockets!. Read more

  • 10324472

    MOBIUS launches their first Metaverse project-MetaToys. Let's see what benefits can Original NFT holders get

    -- Mobius Game is located in Singapore,with experienced members who have been deeply involved in the traditional game industry for many years. After months of development and breakthrough, the team takes their first step to Metaverse and launches their.... Read more

  • 10323878

    How can MetaToys innovate in the context of Metaverse projects exploding one after another?

    -- In 2022, the word "Metaverse" came into many people's vision, and the related words "Gamefi" and "NFT" also became the internet buzzwords this year. Major IPs, brands, and celebrities have entered the Metaverse one after another, many interesting.... Read more

  • 10323385

    Award-winning advertising producer Tian Liu Shares Her Career Working With A-List Celebrities To Founding Tigertail Pictures

    TAMPA, Fla. - -- Tian Liu, Founder of Tigertail Pictures https://www.linkedin.com/in/tianliutigertailpictures/ Tigertail Pictures officially opens a new office in Tampa, Florida. Launched in 2019, Tigertail Pictures is a full-service, celebrity.... Read more

  • 10323267

    NFT Collector buys all 63 National Parks NFTs

    LOS ANGELES - -- While many NFTs focus on JPEG profile pictures, one project has been doing things a little differently. National Parks NFT sold out their 4.8K collection in 7 minutes back in January as club membership for national park superfans. One.... Read more

  • Metaverse Fashion Collection Released By Men's Swimwear & Leather Jackets Brand

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - -- Metaverse Fashion Collection Released By Men's Swimwear & Leather Jackets Brand Maris Equi, (www.marisequi.com) maker of men's swimwear and leather jackets, is pleased to announce its partnership with the leading digital fashion.... Read more

  • 10323053

    OGLife Connects with Venture Capital firm Solar Eco Fund in this New Partnership to Build a Gaming Multiverse

    Original Gamer Life or OGLife announces partnership with Solar Eco Fund ahead of its upcoming launch and the release of its official whitepaper. Read more

  • 10322966

    MetaToys & popular game projects analog reference|Gamefi play & economic system comparison

    -- After MetaToys was made public for all crypto and non-crypto users, the team has gradually finished building the project as a whole as we get closer to the release date.This includes a variety of experiments and innovations in the direction of Gamefi... Read more

  • Haka Labs, Creators of Tribe Quokka, Announce Genesis Collection Sold Out In 56 Minutes

    Tribe Quokka's Genesis Collection of 8,000 NFTs which sold out in under 56 minutes on April 1, 2022, positioning the NFT collection for a launch valuation of over $1.5 million.. Read more

  • 10322515

    The innovation of economic system under Web3.0 | MetaToys NFT+Gamefi+Socialfi trinity

    TORTOLA, Virgin Islands, U.S. - -- Since the team announced series content related to the MetaToys project, many users have been asking questions about the economic system while concerning about the progress of the community development. Unlike.... Read more