• 10165453

    Hollywood Embraces Greek-Cypriot/Zambian Actress

    Amazingly Talented Maria Pazouros Racking Up Movie Deals in the Film Capitol of the World. Read more

  • 10165207

    Pro Wrestling Legends' Match to be Featured in Upcoming Movie

    Hall of Famers to Battle in Las Vegas – with a Hollywood Film Crew Shooting the Live Event. Read more

  • 10162706

    Elmer J. Howard Wins Award in Best Shorts Film Competition

    Elmer J. Howard wins his first award for his based-on-real-events short film 'Loving Martin' in U.S. film competition.. Read more

  • 10161277

    Filmstart von Iron Sky - The Coming Race

    Finnisches SciFi-Abenteuer mit Adolf Hitlers Dinosaurierarmee kommt in die Schweizer Kinos. Read more

  • Bald Man Band Feat. Dead City Collective Releases "Welcome to the Night" Music Video

    The new band debuts the track from their upcoming album Music for the Rest of Us. Read more

  • A Powerful New Documentary Takes A Unique Approach To Issues That Trouble The World We Live In Today

    Film Director, Kevin Douglas Wright, Completes His Documentary, 'I Learned It From You' and Schedules Showings For Broward County, Florida. Read more

  • Nick D' Castro and Melissa English Launch Joint Film Project "In a Time of Love and War"

    LOS ANGELES - Feb. 14, 2019 - -- Nick D' Castro and Melissa English are excited to announce the joint collaboration of "In a Time of Love and War." Production for this film is expected to be complete in 2022 with shooting starting in Europe in 2021.. Read more

  • NOON Makes Its NJ Premiere At the 2019 Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park

    Imagine living in a post-apocalyptic world where the sun is in the sky for seven days and then sets for another seven days of darkness. A world where practicing religion is outlawed and penalized by death.. Read more

  • Movies to Reveal Exploits of Real-Life Master Spy

    Tad Atkinson, production company VP, set to bring 50+ years of clandestine adventure to the screen. Read more