• 10208530

    Smartglasses Roadmap – the 20's: New report details $34B market. Smartglasses replace smart phones and smart watches by 2030

    Breakthrough report from ImmersivEdge Advisors describes the technologies and companies that will dominate the market, predicts when key capabilities will emerge, offers critical guidance for buyers, sellers and investors.. Read more

  • 10208436

    Symplast Announced as Platinum Vendor of the American Med Spa Association; to Present Educational Webinar on Telehealth to all Society Members

    Symplast continues its strategic alignment with aesthetic societies by partnering with the American Med Spa Association as a Platinum Vendor, Hot Topics presenter during all Boot Camp events, and Featured Presenter for an educational webinar to all member. Read more

  • 10207834

    What is old is (dot) new again

    PicPocket-Labs, Inc. secures .new domain names to offer geofencing, geofilter and drone-on-demand web-shortcuts for Enterprise, Government and Consumer applications.. Read more

  • 10207560

    Menufy Integrates Food Ordering with Google

    Menufy restaurant customers can now order food directly from Google. Read more

  • 10207251

    Releasing a Solution to Declare "Don't Upload Me" and Launching Products on Kickstarter

    A new barcode "XPAND Code" that links space and smartphones. It is a tool developed for space. The privacy solution "XPAND Declaration" that uses XPAND Codes has been released. At the same time, a corresponding T-shirt and app were released on Kickstarter. Read more

  • 10206822

    During COVID-19 Pandemic Cellular Experts Offer Support to Law Enforcement

    DALLAS - -- The COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way the law enforcement community looks at first responders and citizen safety health measures. Every tool they can leverage has become that much more important. Maps are an effective tool to keep public... Read more

  • 10206575

    Y the Wait CEO Says Join us to Prevent COVID-19 Crisis in the Hospitality Industry

    YtheWait waives-off its service-fee until 31st May 2020 or further if required. YtheWait prompts restaurant owners to start food delivery services free of cost by employing own delivery staff to save high margins. Use Y the Wait - all-in-one digital waite. Read more

  • 10206211

    PicPocket-Labs, Inc. to launch claims.app; hires key exec/developers; will demo platform/apps at dig-in conference in Austin, TX (May 27-29)

    PPL to develop Geofencing-as-a-Service and Drone-as-a-Service solutions to support content collection for virtual claims and underwriting; integrations planned with leading, cloud-based, Insurance-as-a-Platform players and major carriers. Read more

  • 10205790

    Introducing the MY SphereCard in the Time of the Coronavirus

    Real Estate Profinder, LLC launches the MY SphereCard. Behind the coronavirus, people worldwide are beginning to understand the importance of virtual technology as a way to do business and still stay safe. It does require people to take the initiative to . Read more

  • Fix iPhone 11 volume button parts

    MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - -- Now, starting with complete guide to fix your iPhone 11 volume buttons at home, we will tell you to step by step to fix your iPhone 11 volume button issue if it is not working. Sometimes, it happens that volume up and down.... Read more

  • 10204152

    VisTracks Announces Partnership with RouteTrax

    LISLE, Ill. - -- VisTracks, provider of the #1 Reseller branded FMCSA certified Hours of Service (HOS) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is pleased to announce a new partnership with RouteTrax to provide a new ELD solution to RouteTrax customers. To.... Read more