• Tech Blurbs: Shamoon Malware is Back, Google's CEO Gets Off Easy, Twitter's Bot Woes + more

    NEW YORK - Dec. 13, 2018 - -- Who else can we blame? We are told it was freelance actors, the Chinese government, the Russians, a rogue nation state hiring mercenaries, or any number of charlatan hackers operating 24/7 in either hemisphere. Whoever is.... Read more

  • Tech Blurbs: CyberLaundering Targets Students , TSA's New Cyber "Roadmap" is Legit Vague + more

    NEW YORK - Dec. 5, 2018 - -- The system is blinking red (again)... When Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says we are in a "pre-9/11 moment", and calls the viral spread of volatile malware a "pandemic" we should harken, or at least prick up.... Read more

  • 10149432

    Cloud Management Suite Launches Realtime Security

    New Product Redefines IT Security and Management with Live, Accurate and Actionable IT Information Delivered Realtime from the Cloud. Read more

  • Malware In Open Source, How China Recruits Spies and much more in Today's Blurb Blast

    NEW YORK - Nov. 1, 2018 - -- Did you know? Cybercrime is going nuclear, and threats are becoming more complex, more organised and more effective. One recent study found that 59% of data breaches were a result of a malicious or criminal attack. That's.... Read more

  • WASPA Updates Code to Reflect Malware Challenges

    WASPA's Code of Conduct has been updated to include malware and ransomware provisions for the first time.. Read more

  • Total Antivirus Defender FREE for Android v.2.4.4 is available on Google Play

    Some days ago a new version has been released, with new features and improvements and a better system to block annoying calls. This app allows Android users to check in a simple way if a virus (trojan, backdoor, and other malware) has owned a device. Read more

  • 10117906

    BitFence Launches Public Token Pre-Sale and Appoints Industry Experts to Advisory Team

    BitFence Cyber Security company launched their Public Token Pre-Sale with bonus tokens for early investors. BitFence's decentralized global threat intelligence platform is set to launch in Q3 this year.. Read more

  • CounterSnipe Systems releases its most powerful Version of IDS/IPS Software

    BOSTON - April 18, 2018 - -- CounterSnipe Systems releases its most powerful Version of IDS/IPS Software. Read more

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    Cloud Management Suite Releases IoT First Quarter 2018 Report

    New Report Discusses the Current State of IoT Devices and The Barriers to Vulnerability Protection. Read more

  • Encuentran malware que se oculta como trafico DNS para afectar a los sistemas pos

    La semana pasada, los investigadores en seguridad informática, Robert Neumann y Luke Somerville dijeron en una publicación que una nueva familia de malware, denominada UDPoS,. Read more

  • Radware Neutralizes Evasive Zero-Day Malware Threats With Cloud Malware Protection Service

    Newly Launched Cloud Security Service Helps Protect Against Data Breaches, Strengthens Organisations' Ability to Ensure Customer Privacy, and Improves Regulatory Compliance. Read more