• 10176597

    Few-Shot and Federated Learning Among Trending Topics Discussed at Top Chinese AI Conference Shibei·GMIS 2019

    SHANGHAI - -- The Shibei·GMIS 2019 Global Machine Intelligence Summit, a top-tier Chinese artificial intelligence conference, took place July 19 – 20 at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview. The AI summit was hosted by Synced, a leading information.... Read more

  • 10175015

    AppsChopper has Officially Added Building Smart Apps with AI, ML and others in Service Portfolio

    The demand of technology based application development services is surging with a fast pace; AppsChopper launches new services to contend it.. Read more

  • Translation Software Company Joins MSU-Funded Business Accelerator

    Acceptance signals investor interest in secure web-based translation management and includes pre-seed funding in conjunction with an intensive 10-week mentorship.. Read more

  • 10172005

    Lucd announces a global OEM agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Lucd's strong collaboration with HPE will Enable Accelerated Digital Transformation and Rapid Scaling of Enterprise AI as a Service.. Read more

  • Second Issue of Communications of the Blyth Institute Released

    TULSA, Okla. - -- The Blyth Institute is pleased to announce the second issue of our journal, Communications of the Blyth Institute.  This is an interdisciplinary journal of mathematics, science, and philosophy.  The newly released issue.... Read more

  • Apparrant strategize to diverse it's vertical with latest technologies guiding business

    Machine Learning, deep learning as well as other AI technologies are being increasingly adopted and incorporated in industries and organizations to reduce the workload of humans.. Read more

  • 10170248

    Addepto Launches Global R&D Center for Development of Breakthrough AI Solutions

    ASTORIA, N.Y. - -- Addepto has launched global R&D center - space that promotes innovative thinking and creating revolutionary innovations. Addepto is aiming to become a leader in Research and Development in the area of Artificial Intelligence and.... Read more

  • 10170069

    McFadden Group Launches Revolutionary Platform to Automate and Optimize Warehouse Funding for Mortgage Originators

    Independent Mortgage Originators can now use AI and Machine Learning to proactively manage their funding sources. Read more