• The Best of The Recorder's Survey Names Veritext First-place Provider in all Nominated Categories

    LIVINGSTON, N.J. - -- Veritext Legal Solutions (https://www.veritext.com/), the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions, today announces readers of The Recorder, California's leading legal publication and part of the Law.com family, have.... Read more

  • Canadian Work Experience - Capital Intl Immigration

    RICHMOND HILL, Ontario - -- People with a Canadian history of work and education are told that they are immigration applicants and have a temporary work visa in Canada for a year and can apply for permanent residence in Canada. Applicants who have.... Read more

  • Corso presented "Avoiding Legal Malpractice" at the FDLA's Liability Claims Conference

    FORT MYERS, Fla. - -- Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A. is pleased to announce that Florida Civil Trial Expert Michael Corso was a panelist at the Florida Defense Lawyer's Association's Liability Claims Conference in Orlando on June.... Read more

  • Law firms need to put 'Agile' on their strategic agenda

    A new Special Report by Chris Bull, The Agile Law Firm, explains every step in the process. Read more

  • Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Lynne Torgerson successfully avoids criminal sexual conduct charges

    MINNEAPOLIS - -- Ms. Torgerson's client was being investigated for criminal sexual conduct out of the City of Minnetonka, County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota. Her client was a 72 year old man, a widow, with no criminal history. He also had had a.... Read more

  • Please sign the petition today!

    Why do they think they have the power to destroy innocent people? Judges, prosecutors, DA's, and departments of state government like California Department of Insurance need to be held accountable too!!. Read more

  • Judge Upholds Florida Unvaccinated-Protection Law - As Predicted

    Lines May Not Be Able to Bar Unvaccinated Passengers From Cruises. Read more

  • Obscure Doctrine and Poor Planning Save Obamacare

    Attorneys Often Pay Insufficient Attention to Legal Standing. Read more

  • 10278276

    Fennemore's Ann Morgan Sworn In As President of the State Bar of Nevada

    RENO, Nev. - -- Fennemore, a leading law firm in the American west, announced today that attorney Ann Morgan is the new President of the State Bar of Nevada. Morgan is a director in the firm's Reno office and serves as Fennemore's Chief Diversity.... Read more

  • 10278101

    New Book from Governance Solutions Offers Proven Formula for Successful Virtual Meetings

    Recent global events completely changed how we view and do business. Debra Brown and her team reveal how to profitably pivot from in-person to virtual meetings.. Read more

  • Certified Forensic Death Investigators (CFDI) Program for Criminal Defense Investigators

    Associates in Forensic Investigations releases the first board certification in Death and Serious Bodily Injury Investigations exclusively for Criminal Defense Investigators.. Read more

  • Special Report reveals how the people who run law firms think

    The People Who Run Law Firms: Lessons Learned from Law Firm Leaders, edited by Bill Knight OBE, shares insider secrets from managing and senior partners of international law firms. Read more

  • 10277781

    WDTC provides access to drug testing centers nationwide

    GREEN BAY, Wis. - -- Coast-to-coast network of collection sites is only a phone call away There must be a portion of Murphy's law that states drivers will find themselves in remote areas when a situation arises requiring a DOT drug test. Fortunately.... Read more

  • Judy K. Weinstein Elected Treasurer ACFA Board of Directors

    Attorney Weinstein Previously Served as Secretary of The Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys ("ACFA") Board of Directors. Read more

  • NYC Daycare Defense Lawyer Announces Dismissal of Charges Against Daycare

    ACS and the Health Department Dropped Charges in a Case of Child Abuse at Daycare for Firm Client. Read more

  • The Eichholz Law Firm Announces Recipient of 2021 Scholarship

    SAVANNAH, Ga. - -- The Eichholz Law Firm is thrilled to announce the recipient of its 2021 scholarship, Jackson Hogan. The firm has awarded $1,500 to Hogan to help him pursue his academic goals. Hogan recently graduated from The Habersham School with a.... Read more

  • 10277679

    Biden Administration called upon to address psychological torture imposed through unchecked U.S. legal system abuse by unethical court officers

    As part of Torture Awareness Month 2021, the Biden Administration is being asked by an organization of subject matter experts to help protect Americans literally persecuted, too often to the point of psychological torture, through deliberate violations of. Read more

  • New Orleans Disability Attorneys Connecting People in Need with Attorneys

    NEW ORLEANS - -- In Louisiana, approximately 58% of individuals who apply for social security disability benefits for the first time will be denied. Fortunately, with the help of an attorney, many of those initially denied will have a successful appeal.... Read more

  • Five Impacts of Judge Upholding Mandatory-Vaccine Policies

    On Higher Education, Public Accommodations, and Negligence Law Suits. Read more

  • Failure to Require Employee Vaccinations Could Constitute Negligence

    Liability for Failure to Take Reasonable Precautions Against Deadly Risk. Read more

  • Requiring Employee COVID Vaccinations is Legal - Federal Judge

    Doesn't Violate Federal or State Laws; Serves Valid Public Purpose. Read more