• Pleiades Games Announces Funding Campaign for First Game: Sea Shanties

    New board game company, Pleiades Games, announces that it plans to bring its first game to the market with an initial funding campaign.. Read more

  • Rate The News With Neozeno's New Mobile App, Launching On Kickstarter

    ANNAPOLIS, Md. - April 3, 2019 - -- NeoZeno is building a mobile app where YOU can rate news articles and pressure journalists to improve their standards. Today the team launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finish the last stages of.... Read more

  • 10159465

    NY Army Veteran Launches "Glamping" Nature Sanctuary Campaign

    Former Army Veteran and Green Beret, Christophe Marin has spent the past 15 years quietly conserving a unique slice of Central New York, one acre at a time. The founder of Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary in Taberg, NY and his family have planted tho. Read more

  • DRR USA Announces New Electric All-Terrain Vehicle; Can you hear it?

    The DRR Stealth Electric ATV is a silent, environmentally friendly, electric all-terrain vehicle.. Read more

  • 10157662

    New DC Energy Analyzer Charges Up on Kickstarter

    Jetperch LLC hopes to raise $68,800 to launch an affordable test instrument that helps engineers, developers, and makers create more energy efficient electronic products. Read more

  • 10157394

    Your Lore: The Custom Website Experience Changing How We Read

    For writers, there has never been a Kickstarter more important than Your Lore's effort to obtain $25,000 for its custom-built literary website.. Read more

  • NIGHT CAMP: Clothing Without Sizing Or Genders, Crowdfunded

    No Size Fits All. Why shop by gender or age? With NIGHT CAMP, a brand new crowdfunded venture, you use your own measurements.. Read more

  • Afterlife-Based Puzzle-Platformer Evergate Launches New Demo and Speedrunning #EvergateChallenge

    Successful Kickstarter indie game updates demo and challenges players to complete new demo for rewards. Read more

  • Puzzzle-Platformer Evergate Smashes Kickstarter Goal and Unleashes Stretch Goals

    Afterlife-based indie announces stretch goals after hitting $25,000 Kickstarter goal. Read more

  • Beautiful Indie Game Evergate Launches New Demo Today After Eclipsing 91% Of Kickstarter Goal

    Experience the expansive realm of Gods and spirits in the free Evergate demo!
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