• Basic Techniques for Accurate Resistance Measurement

    CLEVELAND - -- Reduce Measurement Errors in your Application At CAS DataLoggers we often receive calls from users working in resistance measurement applications, for example using string pots to measure displacement, measuring thermistors or RTDs for.... Read more

  • 10265800

    Fiber-shield Industries Inc. Marks 42nd Anniversary And Announces Corporate Rebranding

    YAPHANK, N.Y. - -- Fiber-Shield Industries Inc., a leading supplier of specialty protection products and related materials, today celebrated its 42nd anniversary. In addition, the company announced its corporate rebranding, which underscores its pledge.... Read more

  • Marc Gallant Joins Canvass AI as VP of Partnerships

    TORONTO - -- Canvass Analytics Inc., ("Canvass AI"), a global leader in industrial AI software, today announced that Marc Gallant has joined Canvass AI as VP of Partnerships. Marc brings more than 30 years of industry experience and will be responsible.... Read more

  • 10265387

    Process skid fabrication simplifies installs for renewable and green energy applications

    DE PERE, Wis. - -- Robinson's comprehensive expertise leads skid package fabricators Process skid fabrication simplifies the installation for a variety of renewable and green energy applications. Clients and engineering firms have leveraged Robinson's.... Read more

  • TandD Releases Fix & WebStorage Service Update For T&D Graph Issue

    CLEVELAND - -- On March 10, 2021, Windows released an update that caused an issue in the T&D Graph software where the graph image is not visible when printing. As this Windows Update was not automatic, it is unknown how many T&D customers are.... Read more

  • 10264498

    KALERIS Launches Transport Analytics for Enterprise Rail Visibility

    Real-time analytics for industrial and finished goods shippers, service providers, and carriers. Read more

  • New Product Release: MDC-211-WF

    ICP DAS USA announces the release of the wireless Modbus data concentrator, MDC-211-WF.. Read more

  • Home » Resources » Monitoring Cattle Sperm Storage Temperature for Artificial Fertilization Monitori

    CLEVELAND - -- Cryopreservation of Sperm Ensured During Transport A farmer breeding cattle was using artificial insemination methods to ensure optimum fertility and herd quality while avoiding the cost of keeping or borrowing a stock bull. To guarantee.... Read more

  • Microban and Everbrite partner to offer new antimicrobial coating that fights corrosion and bacteria

    HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - -- Microban International and Everbrite have joined forces to develop CrobialCoat™, an innovative coating that combines Microban antimicrobial technology and Everbrite ProtectaClear® to provide invisible surface protection with.... Read more

  • 10263741

    Industry Insider: How Do We Get More Women in Technical Sales Roles?

    Pending virtual forum takes a hard look at this long-standing concern throughout various industries.. Read more

  • Simultaneous Monitoring of Reflow Soldering Temperature Data For Two Manufacturing Plants

    CLEVELAND - -- Intelligent Data Loggers Provide Distributed Monitoring A manufacturer of custom circuit boards operates solder reflow lines in two manufacturing plants located about a quarter of a mile apart. The plant manager of Plant #1 needed to.... Read more

  • 10262850

    Kaleris Announces Partnership with Rail Mobile Technology Specialist Buckeye Mountain

    Adds capabilities for mobile device procurement, service, and support for industrial and finished goods shippers. Read more

  • 10262823

    Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. launches Hyper silicone ink color

    Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces high opacity pad printing and screen printing silicone inks - The Hyper colors. An especially important color is 315HD Hyper yellow. Pad Printer operators are able to achieve 100% opacity with "one hit" printin. Read more

  • Vice President Mathew Abrahams International Operations/Chief India Supply Officer& Glenn Neasham

    BiOXO Solutions is committed to innovating products that will help us win the battle against the bio-wars we face.. Read more

  • CAS Reaches Over 600 COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring Kits Shipped!

    CLEVELAND - -- .Since the rollout of COVID-19 Pfizer and Moderna vaccines at the end of December 2020, CAS has been hard at work meeting the demand for vaccine temperature monitoring kits. This demand has only increased with the addition of the Janssen.... Read more

  • 10262385

    Argolytics upgrades Quality Control software with TRENDABLE™ for Data Collection Version 2.0 – online software for collecting quality inspection data

    One year after the initial release of TRENDABLE™ for Data Collection, Argolytics LLC, is excited to announce the latest version of its premier quality control and inspection tool – TRENDABLE for Data Collection version 2.0.. Read more

  • W.C. Rouse & Sons Becomes Newest Representative of Nationwide Boiler Inc

    GREENSBORO, N.C. - -- Nationwide Boiler Inc. announced today that W.C. Rouse & Son has joined the Nationwide network of representatives. Covering the territory of North and South Carolina, W.C. Rouse now has exclusive access to Nationwide Boiler's.... Read more

  • Custom Data Logging Protects Milk Production Process

    CLEVELAND - -- Milk Tanker Sanitation Made Easy to Ensure Food Quality Data retention and accountability are critical for many of the industries we serve. This is especially true for food-grade applications, such as the milk production process. Tanker.... Read more

  • ICP DAS USA Announces New Website Design

    The tech and marketing teams at ICP DAS USA are working harder than ever to bring customers a new and improved online experience. Read more

  • 10261306

    Kaleris Announces Merge of Best-In-Class Companies PINC, ShipXpress, and RailCarRX

    Creates Supply Chain Execution Platform for Industrial and Finished Goods for Shippers and Carriers. Read more

  • New TR4 Report iOS Mobile App for TandD TR-4 Data Loggers

    CLEVELAND - -- CAS is pleased to announce that T&D has released a new mobile app, TR4 Report, for the TR4 Series of temperature data loggers. The app was created to meet customer requests for a quick and simple way to generate reports on a Smart.... Read more