• 10209143

    Screening Eagle raises CHF 55 million to protect the built world

    Screening Eagle Technologies (SET), a cloud-based technology platform connecting sensors, software, and data for intelligent inspection of assets and infrastructure, is pleased to announce it has raised CHF 55 million in its first institutional round of e. Read more

  • 10209091

    230V in the vehicle made easy and powerful with an all-in-one inverter system

    Efficient power in commercial vehicles made easy with an LPS 2500W all-in-one inverter system for using 230V and 12V current. The new compact LPS 2500W by Clayton Power includes a built-in 1 kWh lithium battery.. Read more

  • 10208989

    Eat Locally - Businesses Supporting Local Restaurants

    WINSTED, Minn. - -- When times get hard, living in a small close-knit community can oftentimes have a huge advantage. In following in their late father Jerry Sterner's legacy for love and pride in his local community, the Stafford and Frank Sterner.... Read more

  • 10208809

    Advanced Fever-detection Technology to Protect Against COVID-19 Launched by National Life Safety / Security Provider

    The Fight Against COVID-19 Has a New Line of Defense With Thermal Imaging and Temperature Detection Technology Offered by BCI Integrated Solutions and Midwest Alarm.. Read more

  • 10208598

    Helping to Build Ventilators in the Coronavirus Pandemic

    ANAHEIM, Calif. - -- On a spring morning in March, Scott Rowden wakes up early and looks through the window. Thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic come into his mind. Scott reflects on how this situation has evolved from a distant virus in Wuhan.... Read more

  • 10208060

    Auxiliary power in commercial vehicles made easy with an LPS 2500W

    A traditional auxiliary power system in a commercial vehicle includes heavy lead batteries, inverter, charger and several relays. A new all-in-one power system from Clayton Power are powerful and has a built-in 1 kWh lithium battery. The new LPS auxiliary. Read more

  • 10208025

    Medical Equipment Shortages Create Critical Risk on COVID-19 Front Line

    Suppliers exist, but face challenges connecting with Hospitals in dire need of their products. Read more

  • 10207576

    Elevated Resources Announces Availability of ELEVATE LI+, Bundling a Set of Advanced Features to Support Light Industrial Environments

    Customer and partner collaboration drive unique platform features. Read more

  • Laser-View Technologies, Inc. and SIC, Inc. announce Representation Agreement

    Dimetix laser distance sensors, DIS sensors non-contact MEMs sensors, and Laser-View Technologies products and solutions are available through SIC, Inc.. Read more

  • ADwin Systems Add Simulink and Matlab Functionality

    CLEVELAND - -- ADwin real-time data acquisition and control systems provide industry-leading deterministic performance for critical applications in automation, dynamic test stands, end-of-line testing, and hardware in the loop (HIL) development. Now.... Read more

  • Statement from Cable Pipe and Leak Detection regarding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Outbreak

    EL CAJON, Calif. - -- We at Cable Pipe and Leak Detection services are monitoring the evolving concerns around the spread and containment of this virus. We will be fully staffed and ready to serve you. We want to provide a convenient and safe means of.... Read more