• New publication by Dr. Matt Bogard: Stress Management, Build a Better Life

    Stress greatly affects your health in a number of ways. This may include frequent headaches, difficulty sleeping and concentrating, fatigue, unusual mood swings, and an upset stomach. Physician Matthew Bogard shares his thoughts on this issue.. Read more

  • Reading Orthodontics Made More Affordable Thanks to Berks County Orthodontists

    Affordable braces in Reading are available from Exeter Orthodontics for only $3,995.. Read more

  • Price Vision Group, First in Indiana to Treat Neurotrophic Keratitis with new FDA-Approved Drug

    INDIANAPOLIS - Feb. 20, 2019 - -- Dr. Matthew Feng of Price Vision Group will be the first ophthalmologist in Indiana to use the new FDA-approved drug, Oxervate™ (cenegermin). The patient, Tina Hunter, has vision loss due to neurotrophic keratitis (NK.... Read more

  • 10157786

    Lynese Lawson, D.O., Medical Director of Proactive Wellness Centers, achieves IFM Certification for the Bredesen Reversing Cognitive Decline Program

    Dr. Lawson is now an approved ReCODE practitioner for the Bredesen Program and may be selected by patients that are experiencing or want to prevent Alzheimer's/Cognitive Decline by leveraging the most researched treatment paradigm for stopping and reversi. Read more

  • Minomic Signs Agreement with US Pathology Laboratory

    The agreement enables early access to the MiCheck® Prostate Cancer Test for US Clinicians & Patients. Read more

  • MFI Recovery Center Announces Spring Alumni Event

    All About the MFI Love Train; MFI Alumni Are Invited to Riverside Spring Event. Read more

  • New Year. New Goals. New Look at Michigan Fitness Foundation

    Through the lens of health equity, Michigan Fitness Foundation's new website highlights programs, events and services that support making healthier choices easier choices for all Michiganders.. Read more

  • 10157737

    Stemology® Releases Product with Advanced Stem Cell Technology Complex

    Moisture Complete with SRC-7™ is the latest Stemology® Product Release. Read more

  • Pines of Mount Lebanon names LifeStories Director

    Encouraging residents' engagement, activity a priority for Lahita. Read more

  • Teeth grinding treatment begins with proper diagnosis

    OSHKOSH, Wis. - Feb. 19, 2019 - -- RLJ Dental provides treatment to prevent, recover from teeth grinding. Read more

  • 10157700

    Bishop Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Promotes February as Heart Disease Awareness Month

    February is an important month to spread awareness for this life-threatening disease. Read more