• Chris Howell Addresses Health Disparities Among Black Communities During the 19th Annual AAHExpo

    Together, Chris Howell and the AAHExpo Will Bridge the Gap Between Knowledge and Access to Health for People of Color. Read more

  • 10165461

    ACPMP Research Foundation Funds Two $50,000 Research Grants

    Two grants bring total funding issued by ACPMP to $1,200,000 since 2009. Read more

  • Hbma Adopts Policy Framework For Unexpected Out-of-network Medical Bills

    Document Offers Solutions to Sticky Issue of "Surprise" Medical Bills. Read more

  • Colonial Courtyard at Bedford recognizes volunteers

    Senior living community says 'Thank You' to a 'special group'. Read more

  • 10165368

    Panic attack! If it's never happened to you then you may not understand

    Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to focus on Anxiety & Panic as it affects 1 in 4, and youth is the latest target. Out of desperation, comes inspiration.. Read more

  • 10165353

    The Sick-Kit Begins National Media and Public Awareness Campaign

    Product offers easy, affordable way to get pain relief, comfort items to cold, flu sufferers; versions for PMS, hangovers also available. Read more

  • Simple Steps to Control Your Child's Asthma – advice from pediatrician Kenneth Pomar Rebong, MD

    When your child is diagnosed with asthma, you want to help. Read the new article by pediatrician Kenneth Rebong, MD to understand what you can do.. Read more

  • 10165293

    Kroger Health Partners With FoodNiche To Drive Conversation On Healthier Future of Food

    NEW YORK - April 19, 2019 - -- Kroger Health, the health division of Kroger - America's largest grocer with 2,800 stores nationwide, is joining forces with Foodniche Inc, to promote thought-provoking conversations on a healthier food future. Now in its.... Read more

  • 10165292

    Milk Hall of Fame Announces USA and International 2020 Spokesmodel Video and Photographic Auditions Have Begun - in Your Own Language

    The Milk Hall of Fame announces the 2020 USA and International spokesmodel video and photo auditions have begun. Children all around the world are now asking their parents and caregivers; "More milk … pwease?" when requesting their favorite real dairy dri. Read more

  • Boulder Colorado's #1 Chiropractor Launches a Podcast

    Chiropractor: Dr, Knowles at Network Family Wellness Center Launches a Free Podcast to help people stay Happy, Healthy and Holistic!. Read more

  • 10165239

    Amino Acid Therapy May Offer a Safe Alternative for Parkinson's Like Symptoms

    The Amino Acids nutritional therapy protocol can have a significant positive effect for people experiencing Parkinson's like symptoms.. Read more