• Linda Bradley MD joins Wingwomen as Board Member

    Today they welcome a new board member, former AAGL president, and renowned Cleveland Clinic physician, Linda Bradley MD.. Read more

  • Noted Cancer Researcher V.K. Gadi to Keynote 2023 South Carolina Life Sciences Conferenc

    GREENVILLE, S.C. - -- Internationally recognized cancer researcher and career educator Dr. V.K. Gadi, MD, PhD will be live in Charleston to keynote the opening day of SCBIO 2023 - The Life Sciences Conference of South Carolina (https://web.cvent.com.... Read more

  • New Day Foundation Announces $150k Grant from Priority Health and the Total Health Care Foundation

    Program seeks to remove financial barriers to cancer care in Wayne County, Michigan. Read more

  • Plymouth Terrace Senior Living Provides Memory Care Activities to Keep Seniors Active & Engaged

    PLYMOUTH, Mich. - -- Do you or a neighbor routinely check in on your aging parent? Does your loved one require physical therapy? Is your aging parent able to continue living independently? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you decide if.... Read more

  • How to Make Choosing an Assisted Living Facility for Your Male Loved One Easier

    Hillside Terrace Senior Living helps families choose the right assisted living facility for their male loved one.. Read more

  • 10366023

    Health 2.0 Conference Is Back With Its Latest Edition To Review The Healthcare Disruptions

    This 3-day event is all set to address innovations while brainstorming efficient ideas and solutions to reform the healthcare sector.. Read more

  • Local Advocates Applaud New Legislation Expanding Rights For Lactating Parents To Pump At Work

    SAVANNAH, Ga. - -- (SAVANNAH, GA) Representatives of Healthy Savannah, YMCA of Coastal Georgia, Chatham County Health Department, and the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health at Georgia Southern University are applauding new legislation that expands.... Read more

  • Buy Percocet 10mg Online Overnight Delivery

    NEW YORK - -- If you are looking for a way to buy Percocet 10mg online, we have the answer for you. If you are looking for a way to buy Percocet 10mg online, we have the answer for you. We offer fast and secure delivery of Percocet 10mg to your door.... Read more

  • Orlando Caregiver's Questions Answered Workshop – Feb. 16 - Orlando, All Invited

    Over 135,000 family and professional caregivers have attended a Fearless Caregiver training. The 26th anniversary Fearless Caregiver Conference tour will come to Church of The Lakes - Feb. 16 - to educate and support Orlando Caregivers. Limited Compliment. Read more

  • KCG Drug Alcohol Solutions Provides Breath Alcohol Technician Training with Product Instruction

    Colorado-based KCG Drug Alcohol Solutions offers breath alcohol technician or BAT training with product education to professionals in organizations looking to train as breath alcohol technicians.. Read more

  • 10365679

    IntellaTriage Hires New Director of Clinical Operations

    Carla Winslett brings 25+ years of progressive leadership experience in the hospice, home health, and hospital industries to her new role at the nation's leading nurse-based triage solution.. Read more

  • Americans Now Want Cigarettes Banned - CDC

    Menthol Tobacco Products Are Particularly Objectionable - CDC Study. Read more

  • 10365673

    "Don't Let Lice Ruin Your Child's Day: Lice-Proof Your School"

    No parent wants their child to have to deal with lice. It's not just uncomfortable and itchy, but it can also be embarrassing for the child and disrupt their daily routine. Unfortunately, lice are a common problem in schools, and it can be tough to avoid . Read more

  • Take Part in ACI's National Think Tank on VA Women's Health System Modernization

    WASHINGTON - -- The American Conference Institute (ACI) will host health care providers from across the country, as well as military, government, and health IT innovators at the National Think Tank on VA Women's Health System Modernization this March.... Read more

  • 10365619

    Dental Tourism is on the Rise and This Dental Hygienist is Providing the Consultations

    Are GenZ and Millennials Living in Urban Areas Running to "Basement Dentists" to Save Money?. Read more

  • Nautilus Biotech Corporation Launches BUZZ™ Caffeinated Cough Drops

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - -- Nautilus Biotech Corporation, a leading biotechnology company, today announced the official launch of its innovative new product, BUZZ™ Caffeinated Cough Drops. These patent-pending cough drops are designed to provide quick.... Read more

  • 10365436

    The Anderson Periodontal Wellness Office Now Uses Zirconia Dental Implants to Restore Smiles!

    Breakthrough metal-free ceramic based zirconia dental implants are now being offered at the Anderson Periodontal Wellness office. Zirconia dental implants offer natural-looking, biocompatible alternatives to traditional titanium dental implants.. Read more

  • Affordable Braces and Invisalign Available at Local Reading Orthodontic Practice

    Exeter Orthodontics offers patients in Reading a solution for straighter teeth.. Read more

  • Orange Snap Corporation Launches BUZZ Caffeinated Orange Juice

    VALENCIA, Calif. - -- Orange Snap Corporation is excited to announce the launch of BUZZ caffeinated orange juice, made from the finest California Valencia oranges. BUZZ is the brainchild of inventor Richard H. Davis, who first created the caffeinated.... Read more

  • The Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Now Uses The iTero® Intraoral Scanner!

    Having the utmost clarity is necessary for the best dental implant procedures. That is why the Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants office now uses the iTero® Intraoral Scanner in Flower Mound, TX.. Read more

  • The Implants4All office Now uses The Intraoral Scanner For Fast Digital Impressions!

    When it comes to staying on top of the latest trends in dental technology, the Implants4All office in Vero Beach, FL works diligently to keep up. This exemplary office now uses intraoral scanners to get fast digital impressions.. Read more