• Innocent Lives Foundation hires Shane McCombs as COO and adds Robin Dreeke, former head of FBI Behavioral Analysis Program, to Board of Directors

    ORLANDO, Fla. - Jan. 16, 2019 - -- The Innocent Lives Foundation is pleased to announce its recent hire of Shane McCombs, who will join ILF as Chief Operating Officer, and recent addition of Robin Dreeke, who will join ILF's Board of Directors.. Read more

  • 10150949

    The Whiteboard Challenge Game Show is Now Casting Software Engineering Contestants

    LOS ANGELES - Nov. 27, 2018 - -- Zennect announced today it is currently sponsoring an open casting call for the pilot episode of its new technology game show, The Whiteboard Challenge.. Read more

  • Tell Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg About A Simple Hack That Could Destroy The Internet

    There is a flaw in a Google proxy crawler that hackers could use to block websites from being viewed.. Read more

  • Cyber Security Hub To Host Webinar Examining How Cyber-Criminals Target Their Victims

    Leading IT Security Company Expert To Discuss Cyber Security, Privileged Accounts And More. Read more

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    The Bad Bot Exterminator Blocks Hackers DDOS Attacks And Protects WordPress Websites

    Bad Bot Exterminator is an easy to install PHP software firewall that protects WordPress websites from hackers, bad bots and nuisance web crawlers. There is a Free version and a Pro version.. Read more

  • 10120681

    Difficulties In Blocking Hackers Without IP Address And Responsive Design With Superglobal Variables

    Using IP names instead of IP addresses to identify website visitors makes it difficult to defend against hackers. Furthermore there is a simple way to use PHP superglobals to simplify responsive website design for multiple devices.. Read more

  • Uplift, Inc. is hosting OUT- THINK A HACKER workshop

    Every day, the news media highlights a new data breach, such as the 880,000 credit cards at Orbitz.. Read more

  • The "Cybersecurity Marketing Scam" contributes to Cyber-attacks warns Simon Smith, eVestigator

    "Self-proclaimed instant 'Cyber Experts' are the new 'Cyber-scammers'. They bypass 20 years of multiple expert fields," Cybersecurity expert Simon Smith warns the world.. Read more

  • Crime Scene Books Announces the Release of "CAPTCHA Thief" by Rosie Claverton

    "CAPTCHA Thief" by Rosie Claverton is now available nationwide. Read more

  • Next Thing Co. Admits To Lying About $9 Computer

    OAKLAND, Calif. - Nov. 25, 2015 - -- After raising over 2 million dollars in a successful Kickstarter campaign this past May, Next Thing Co. promised that when pre-orders opened for C.H.I.P., the world's first 9 dollar computer, the price would.... Read more

  • Intrusion Detection with NetScope

    The office that didn't believe there was any serious problems with their network.. Read more