• Bonkers Toys Joins Forces With YouTube Gaming And Entertainment Sensation, FGTeeV, To Develop New Toy Line

    The line will premiere by invitation only at Toy Fair New York. Read more

  • Gridopolis Games launches new innovation in board gaming

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Jan. 18, 2019 - -- To jump start the New Year, Gridopolis Games is thrilled to announce the release of our first-ever 'limited edition' innovative gaming product. The launch of Gridopolis signals a revolution in board gaming as.... Read more

  • Top Technology Companies Gather in Las Vegas for CES 2019

    POMONA, Calif. - Dec. 20, 2018 - -- The biggest technology trade show gathers the most innovative consumer-technology companies in the world to Las Vegas for CES 2019. January 8th - 11th 2019, each company, including Innex, will be introducing new and.... Read more

  • 10151185

    New Entertainment Partnership Between Folktellers And Ahmet Zappa Formed To Expand New Fantasy Series

    Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook Series Continues Growth as an InnovativeTransmedia Entertainment Property. Read more

  • 10151055

    World of Ether Launches on Ethereum Mainnet; Becomes Top Ranked Crypto Game

    NEW YORK - Nov. 28, 2018 - -- After 11 months in development, World of Ether (http://bit.ly/2zuBkbn) launched on the Ethereum main network, creating havoc as so many people tried to play at once.. Read more

  • GAME OVER: Bean Bag Collection Designed Just For Gamers

    LOFT 25 released products for gamers who require an epic gaming station and a bean bag that has all-in-one features.. Read more

  • 10149156

    Facebook iFrames App Developer Atayen Launches 'When Moon' SaTT ICO Game

    SINGAPORE - Nov. 6, 2018 - -- Atayen, creator of the ERC-20 SaTT token which facilitates advertising transactions with a smart contract, is pleased to announce the launch of their new ICO crypto game, "When Moon?". Read more

  • 10145922

    Anticipated Cryptocurrency Video Game, World of Ether, Sells Power Ups; Clogs Blockchain

    World of Ether selling tradable crystals, giving special powers to monsters in its game.. Read more

  • Retro-Bit® Announces Handheld Console Featuring Officially Licensed Games Tetris®, Mega Man®, & More

    The GoRetro! Portable boasts 260+ built-in games from the Tetris Company, Capcom, Data East and others. Read more

  • Plus Infinity Studios to Make History with Release of Waterloo 3D

    Fight the Historic Battle of Waterloo from Your PC with Never Before Seen Technology. Read more

  • Book of Fae Launches Website and Kickstarter Event

    Fairy and Fantasy lovers rejoice! This fantasy book and online series is so unique.. Read more