• Announcing "Signal to Noise," A Stoner Bromance Romance Set to Shoot this Summer in Santa Cruz, California

    It's about a dude who can peek into other people's dreams and the experiment that he runs with his best friend to test the limits of this unusual ability.. Read more

  • 10163075

    Philadelphia Publicist Receives Donation From Academy Award Winner Viola Davis To Fight For Inclusion At Cannes Film Festival

    From Philly to France: Local Publicist Launches Fundraising Campaign To Expand Diversity Programming at World's Most Prestigious Film Industry Event. Read more

  • Documentary Film Examines the Horrific Vietnam Veteran Homecoming

    Award-winning filmmaker and Post 9/11 veteran Wes O'Donnell examines how and why the Vietnam Veterans became the face of an unpopular war.. Read more

  • 10162706

    Elmer J. Howard Wins Award in Best Shorts Film Competition

    Elmer J. Howard wins his first award for his based-on-real-events short film 'Loving Martin' in U.S. film competition.. Read more

  • 10162376

    First Ever Film About "The Father of Space Art" Screens April 2nd at the Smithsonian

    Famed astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said "I didn't know what other worlds looked like until I saw Bonestell's paintings of the solar system." On April 2nd, the winner of two "Best Documentary" awards, "Chesley Bonestell: A Brush with the F. Read more

  • Film Raises Support For Abused

    Award-winning director J. Pinder teams up writer Joe Rechtman and producer Michael G. Gray to tell the story of a young girl who must discover the mystery behind her seizures in order to save her brother from a child abuser.. Read more

  • Emmy award-winning Cinematographer Petr Cikhart signs with management firm V2M

    World-renowned Cinematographer Petr Cikhart has chosen the talent management firm V2M to represent him in multiple areas.. Read more

  • Writers of "Tales from Fat City" Launch their Film Campaign

    There's no shortage of fat shaming movies and television shows recently. However, there hasn't been a story told like "Tales from Fat City" with such determination and honesty.. Read more

  • 10161277

    Filmstart von Iron Sky - The Coming Race

    Finnisches SciFi-Abenteuer mit Adolf Hitlers Dinosaurierarmee kommt in die Schweizer Kinos. Read more

  • THE COPELAND KIDS Selected for LA Live Film Festival and Winner Best Feature Screenplay Pinnacle Film Awards

    LOS ANGELES - March 14, 2019 - -- THE COPELAND KIDS Selected for LA Live Film Festival and Winner Best Feature Screenplay Pinnacle Film Awards.. Read more

  • Studio27 Talent to host annual Spotlight Showcase of student performances

    Studio27 Talent in Tyrone, Georgia is hosting its annual Spotlight Showcase featuring 24 select acting students of the studio, who will be performing curated material for a VIP panel at Studio27.. Read more