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  • Trap Boot Camp Launches "The Trap Exchange" In Long Beach!

    Trap Boot Camp created a concept for networking around Long Beach to celebrate the announcement of the support people in need .. Read more

  • 'There' – Watch and Groove with Excellent Lyricism by Rising Artist Caleab Chrome

    Caleab Chromes passion for music is fully expressed in the new composition There. This music video in youtube has already received good appreciation as well as response from the worldwide audiences. One will love the instrumental blends in this single.... Read more

  • DemonsBGone is an Incredible Musician whom You will Like to Hear

    DemonsBGone is a multi-talented music star who has come with her innovative style of music. Her style of music is new and fresh. The great kind of stamina and powerhouse music will nourish your mind. The incredible way of making music is her passion and... Read more

  • 'Roadtrip 2018' Is A Perfect Compilation Of Music By The Superb Singer The Rev

    Deep house has come from the genre house and was formed in 1980. The funky and jazzy style of music is really wow. The super entertaining musician The Rev has come with his eccentric RoadTrip 2018. Earlier he has made other road trip compilation which.... Read more

  • Touch Of Blarney Music Prepares a Soothing Aura for Listeners in 'In Troubled Times'

    Touch Of Blarney Music has something fresh to entertain the audiences. The exciting and uplifting beats are all engraved into the tracks of the album In Troubled Times arranged by this great singer. This artist has started his journey with a unique.... Read more

  • Enjoy the Music Magic in Coq Freisenberger's Album '10 Recent'

    Music plays a vital role in the life of the listeners. Coq Freisenberger has become one of the renounced artists in the music industry. His new album 10 Recent has instrumental tracks with a retro, industrial set up, and varies immensely throughout from... Read more

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    Def Leppard Frontman, Joe Elliott Debuts SAVE THE WORLD "BLEED" Sat August 18th at 6PM On Planet Rock

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Aug. 17, 2018 - -- Joe Elliott, Epic frontman for Def Leppard and host of Planet Rock, will feature the breakout single from Save The World's debut album "One". Save The World's, "BLEED" finds its way onto, Joe Elliott's Playlist, not... Read more

  • Rising Star N8 is Dropping Beautiful Hip Hop Songs for Fans

    N8 has expressed his emotions throughout the new single that he has delivered to his worldwide fans and followers. This aspiring singer has made a little difference with all the new releases in his soundcloud profile. His additional hip hop and rap.... Read more

  • Canada Born Singer CholitoLopez is Making People Go Crazy with his Grand Music

    Any music form has a fast-paced kind of element and hip hop or trap has that. There are many new stars who are gaining huge recognition for their extraordinary musical composition. Many audiences also love hearing that music. The talented CholitoLopez.... Read more

  • LiVEFROMTHEEAST's New Presentation 'Tit Tat' is Setting the Mood for the Audiences

    LiVEFROMTHEEAST takes on a smooth yet dark freestyle hip hop beat in the new track Tit Tat. This excellent musical performance is flawlessly captured and produced by the Royale ent. Moreover, the artist has incorporated unique and unmatchable musicality... Read more

  • EA Is Creating a Buzz in the Music World with His New Song 'Produced By Beatmaker'

    Hip-hop music has stylized rhythmic music which highly includes rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech. The hip-hop music is simultaneously used with the rap music. The instruments that are used in hip-hop music are rapping, turntables, DJ mixer; drum.... Read more

  • Concert Pianist Jade Simmons Performs Rare Home Town Concert in Houston

    The sought-after concert artist and powerhouse speaker brings her riveting concert adventure called The Jade Simmons Experience to Houston.. Read more

  • 'Young Dumb' Is An Awesome Melodic Composition By Jackson Torozzo

    Jackson Trozzos approach towards music is one fascinating one. He has experimented with his music Young Dumb and Broke. Throughout the music, there are nice progression and wow elements. The high pick up pace in the music is quite lyrical and marvellous... Read more

  • Dress Your Best with New Collection of Street Mode – Twenty2

    Street Mode Twenty2, a fashion designing firm, has touched the sky of success with their best effort and excellent creative ideas. Recently, this company has dropped a video in youtube that consist of their exclusive collections of dress. This firm has.... Read more

  • 'Foreign' Is a Sensational Music Which Is Made By Slim Billions

    Foreign is one creative music which is made by the reluctant Slim Billions. His music is extraordinary and perfect for all music enthusiast of now. The essential musical equipment he has used will make you feel outstanding. If you want to hear his.... Read more

  • 'IVIBE' By Jordvn Is The Classic Pop Album You've Been Waiting For

    With the increasing calibre of independent artists and bands, there are some that stays with you for a long time. One such artist is Jordvn with his ultimate pop album IVIBE available on Soundcloud. The album has seven songs that offer easy access to.... Read more

  • 'Daddy's Little Girl' by Newbie SoundCloud Artist 1200 Banksy Is an Amazing Track

    Hip hop and music arena is witnessing its peak time in terms of success and popularity across the globe. New and experimental artist are stepping into the zone with best of compositions presented in a unique manner. One new artist amongst the new breed.... Read more

  • Theofficialwhitebronco Makes Astonishing Kind Of Music Which You Will Like

    Music is all time sensation for people who love it and also for those who hear it sometimes. Many music stars have made music and the famous TheOfficialWhiteBronco. The easy go lucky musician knows how to attract more fans and that is really superb. If.... Read more

  • Heather Russell unleashes her new album, My Metropolis on August 10th

    Torontos rising R&B sweetheart, Heather Russell returns with the debut of her first album presented by Gladiator Records, "My Metropolis". Premiering Friday, August 10TH, the highly anticipated album is available via all major streaming services.... Read more

  • Discover Treasure X within the game of geocaching

    Thousands of Treasure X game pieces are traveling from geocache to geocache around the globe. Read more

  • Discover Treasure X within the game of geocaching

    Thousands of Treasure X game pieces are traveling from geocache to geocache around the globe. Read more