• Service One Offers Tips to Help Keep Your HVAC System Running Smoothly with Pets in the Home

    The professionals at Service One, one of Orlando's leading AC and plumbing companies, wants homeowners to know that having a pet in the house increases maintenance responsibilities related to your HVAC system.. Read more

  • Listen to latest Smart Grid Today podcast: Itron VP Marina Donovan

    ROCKVILLE, Md. - Dec. 21, 2018 - -- Marina Donovan is VP of global marketing and public affairs at Itron, one of the leading technology firms in the smart grid business, even more so for having acquired Silver Spring Networks at the very beginning of.... Read more

  • CAS DataLoggers Helps a NY Race Track Cut Energy Costs

    CLEVELAND - Dec. 20, 2018 - -- HVAC Consultant Uses Electrocorder To Report Usage. Read more

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    Ainstein Announces Full Stack PX4 Support For UAV Standard Radar Altimeter - US-D1

    LAWRENCE, Kan. - Dec. 20, 2018 - -- The world's lightest, smallest UAV radar altimeter is getting a lot of attention! Ainstein has just announced full PX4 flight stack support with its UAV radar altimeter - US-D1.. Read more

  • Solar added to Wendell Falls Model Home

    WENDELL, N.C. - Dec. 18, 2018 - -- Southern Energy Management has partnered with Homes by Dickerson to install solar on their model home at 416 Vintage Point Lane in Wendell Falls as part of the Zero Energy Blueprint program.. Read more

  • Process piping fabrication requires meeting exact specifications

    GREEN BAY, Wis. - Dec. 18, 2018 - -- Badger Sheet Metal Works delivers custom and standard process piping. Read more

  • Conti Solar, National EPC Services Firm, Closes 2018 With 650 MW of Solar Projects

    Conti Solar, a full service EPC contractor, has decades of industry expertise and the financial resources necessary for building large-scale solar projects nationally.. Read more

  • TransGard Names Five Worst Animal-Caused Substation Outages of 2018

    YORK, Pa. - Dec. 17, 2018 - -- Each year, TransGard tracks hundreds of substation outages caused by climbing animals — squirrels, snakes, raccoons and others — to compile our list of the Five Worst.. Read more

  • Why do you need 0-10V Dimmers for Commercial Lighting?

    LOS ANGELES - Dec. 13, 2018 - -- If you are using commercial LED lights in lower ceilings, how often do you really need full output? You get high lumen fixtures just in case, but it would be nice if you can cut down the brightness once in a while.... Read more

  • Eddie Turner Jr and 140 Simple Messages To Guide Emerging Leaders has been selected as a Premier Author and Book in The C-Suite Book Club

    NEW YORK & HOUSTON - Dec. 13, 2018 - -- EDDIE TURNER, JR announced 140 SIMPLE MESSAGES TO GUIDE EMERGING LEADERS has been selected into the C-Suite Book Club, the premier source for the world's leading business books for c-suite leaders, business.... Read more

  • ACES' Generation Operations Go Live

    CARMEL, Ind. - Dec. 6, 2018 - -- ACES began generation operations (GOP) services for Buckeye Power, Inc. (Buckeye Power) on December 4, 2018. ACES built state-of-the-art GOP facilities capable of serving Buckeye Power's needs around the clock, and will.... Read more