• 10209091

    230V in the vehicle made easy and powerful with an all-in-one inverter system

    Efficient power in commercial vehicles made easy with an LPS 2500W all-in-one inverter system for using 230V and 12V current. The new compact LPS 2500W by Clayton Power includes a built-in 1 kWh lithium battery.. Read more

  • COVID-19: Chroma ATE's Commitment to Our Customers

    IRVINE, Calif. - -- Chroma ATE, Inc. Statement Regarding COVID-19:. Read more

  • 10208598

    Helping to Build Ventilators in the Coronavirus Pandemic

    ANAHEIM, Calif. - -- On a spring morning in March, Scott Rowden wakes up early and looks through the window. Thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic come into his mind. Scott reflects on how this situation has evolved from a distant virus in Wuhan.... Read more

  • 10208060

    Auxiliary power in commercial vehicles made easy with an LPS 2500W

    A traditional auxiliary power system in a commercial vehicle includes heavy lead batteries, inverter, charger and several relays. A new all-in-one power system from Clayton Power are powerful and has a built-in 1 kWh lithium battery. The new LPS auxiliary. Read more

  • AE Techron Introduces Switch-mode Amplifier Line with a DC-to-50 kHz Bandwidth, up to 100 kVA Output

    8500 Series Amplifiers Excel when Operating into Reactive Loads. Read more

  • 10207749

    Bling Financial partners with PlayDay Studios for launch of Bitcoin Solitaire

    Allows users to earn and redeem Bitcoin rewards by playing mobile games. Read more

  • Peerless-AV® Offers COVID-19 Emergency Pop-Up Locations Innovative Solutions

    Peerless-AV® provides timely and innovative bundled digital signage solution for pop-up testing and treatment stations nationwide. Read more

  • 10206629

    AKCP to help in COVID-19 Crisis

    The Novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 is sweeping the globe, overloading health care systems and disrupting global trade. AKCP bring 30+ years of experience in the monitoring business to the table to assist in managing this crisis.. Read more

  • Apex Dynamics Bogus Products Warning

    -- APEX Dynamics, a leading supplier of high-precision gearboxes to the food, packaging and automation sectors, is urging customers to be on their guard against a wave of counterfeit products that have infiltrated the UK market in the last 12 months.. Read more

  • 10206140

    Senseeker Announces Availability of State-of-the-Art Digital Pixel Readout IC

    The Magnesium™ MIL RP0092 DPROIC is available now for U.S. Government approved use. Read more

  • Maxeler Technologies develops real time FPGA-based processing for European XFEL

    HAMMERSMITH, U.K. - -- The European XFEL is a research facility of superlatives: It generates ultrashort X-ray flashes — 27 000 times per second and with a brilliance that is a billion times higher than that of the best conventional X-ray radiation.... Read more