• Game-Changing Tungsten Super Shot: Made in USA, hits IWA

    Tungsten Parts Wyoming to release American-made "Super Shot" promises speed, accuracy & eco-friendliness and gives the first details of it's proprietary Tungsten Copper line.. Read more

  • 10408003

    Space Force Guardians to Receive Generative AI-Enhanced ChatOps Tool From Velocity Explorations and Mattermost

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - -- Velocity Explorations, Inc. announces it has been selected by AFWERX for a SBIR Direct to Phase II in the amount of $1,230,000 focused on designing and delivering an LLM-enabled Mattermost environment to address the most.... Read more

  • Best Buy Metals Donates Roof to American Legion Post

    Best Buy Metals, a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of metal roofing and metal siding products, recently donated metal roofing to a local Cleveland, TN American Legion post.. Read more

  • Transforming Intelligence & Defending the Digital Battlefield

    WASHINGTON - -- The convergence of Big Data and Cyber Security Resilience takes center stage at the upcoming DoD Big Data & Cyber Resilience event, taking place this March 18-19, 2024, in Washington, D.C. and features Dr. William W. Streilein, Chief... Read more

  • Uncover the Future of Modern Warfare with NSA Project Director Peter De Luca

    Exclusively at the 2nd Emerging & Disruptive Technology for Defense. Read more

  • 10405395

    Let's Talk Series: The White Power Movement: Its History, Threat and What You Can Do About It

    Speaker: Julie Farnam, National Security & Intelligence Expert, Author of "Domestic Darkness". Read more

  • MILSATCOM USA 2024: Pioneering Excellence in Military Satellite Communications

    MILSATCOM USA emerges as the foremost event for professionals within the US MILSATCOM Enterprise on June 10-12 2024. This conference serves as a distinguished platform where industry connections are cultivated.... Read more

  • 10404080

    Council's Q3 2023 Impact Report Shows Strong Year Over Year Gains in Technology Jobs, But a Five-Year Low in Current Job Postings

    The Strongest Technology Job Markets in Arizona Include Computing, Semiconductor, Software and Defense. Read more

  • Unlock the Power of Data at ACI's 2024 Conference on DoD Big Data & Cyber Resilience

    WASHINGTON - -- ACI is proud to announce the DoD Big Data & Cyber Resilience event, taking place this March 18-19, 2024, in Washington, DC – chaired by Lieutenant General Mary O'Brien. As the US DoD released the Data, Analytics, and Artificial.... Read more

  • 10403828

    CCHR Calls for Ceasing Psychedelic Drug Trials on Military and Veterans

    Mental health industry watchdog calls for an end to federal funding for psychedelic drug research on active-duty service members and veterans, likening it to the risky covert hallucinogenic experiments of 70 years ago.. Read more

  • 10402942

    REM Electronics Supply, Inc. Obtains JCP & ISO 9001:2015 Certs, Opening Doors to Federal Government Contracting and Reinforcing Commitment to Quality

    WARREN, Ohio - -- REM Electronics Supply, Inc., a leading provider of electronic components and contract manufacturing solutions, is proud to announce its recent achievements of the Joint Certification Program (JPC) certification from the Defense.... Read more

  • The New Triple Threat: Art, Policy, and Space

    NEW YORK - -- A world facing challenging times while grappling with the prospect of a more dangerous space domain needs a new type of expert practitioner. Felicia S. C. Gooden, Founder and Chief Strategist of The Cultured Scholar Strategic.... Read more

  • Unique United States Navy Decals

    NORFOLK, Va. - -- Opsec Designs LLC, a leading provider of military-themed merchandise, is thrilled to announce the launch of its eBay store featuring an exclusive collection of unique United States Navy decals. Renowned for its commitment to quality.... Read more

  • NovoQuad Group Offers Next-Gen Anti-Drone Systems for Safer Skies

    Drones are emerging as a major threat in recent times and affect the security of government building, authorized organizations, and other critical infrastructures.. Read more

  • Get Highly Reliable Handheld Drone Jammers from NovoQuad Group

    As unauthorized drones pose a major threat to the security of nations, the need for high-tech drone detection and jamming technologies is paramount.. Read more

  • Safeguarding Critical Infrastructures from Drone Threats

    Securing country's crucial places and critical infrastructures is a must for many reasons. Nowadays, drones are all over the sky.. Read more

  • NovoQuad Group's Advanced Drone Defense Innovations

    In today's world of advancing technology, the demand for strong defenses against drones is higher than ever.. Read more

  • Snowbird Technologies Named a Finalist for the 2024 MilAM Awards

    The SAMM Tech Platform is in the Running for Expeditionary and Tactical 3D Printing Excellence. Read more

  • Snowbird Technologies Joins America Makes, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - -- Snowbird Technologies today announced that it has joined America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute. America Makes is the nation's leading public-private partnership for additive manufacturing (AM.... Read more

  • 10400579

    L2 Aviation and Software Development Alternatives announce D-Link repair solution

    L2 Aviation and Software Development Alternatives team up to provide solution to Spectralux D-Link operators. Read more

  • 10400509

    David Boland, Inc. Awarded $19.7M Construction Contract With U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington

    Titusville, FL: David Boland, Inc. has been awarded a firm-fixed contract for the Landslide Mitigation Slope Stabilization, Philpott Dam Project in Henry County, Virginia. Read more