• Michael Foy of J.D. Power Explores How the Wealth Management Sector Can Integrate Human and Technological Touch Points to Maximize Customer Experience

    "Technology is not an end unto itself and it shouldn't develop in isolation. It has to be woven into the overall customer experience. Someone at the senior level has to have oversight into the entire customer experience, including, but not limited to digi. Read more

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    CustomersFirst Now Wins Aragon Research 2018 Innovation Award for Customer Journey Mapping

    DENVER - Dec. 7, 2018 - -- CustomersFirst Now (CFN), a leading provider of Journey Mapping software and Customer Experience consulting services, has been named the winner of the 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Customer Journey Mapping.. Read more

  • Craig Martin of J.D. Power Discusses How Customer-Centric Digital Transformation is Key to the Future of Wealth Management

    "Mobile is a major opportunity to offer customers a convenient way to access wealth management services. People want to take action whether they are on a train, on their way to work, or someplace else. However, J.D. Power studies this year found that whil. Read more

  • Unisys' Eric Hutto Describes the Strategic Gap Between Digital Transformation and Digital Optimization Affecting Most Organizations

    "If an organization is not generating new revenue that is based on new technologies and digital processes that it has put in place, then the organization is not on a path to true transformation" -- Eric Hutto, Unisys. Read more

  • Windstream and Vitria Executives Discuss the Future of Network Service Providers in Serving the Connected Lives of Consumers at Home and at Work

    Network services provider (NSP) Windstream is working with analytics platform provider Vitria to leverage innovative technologies to drive change, generate value and support emerging consumer demands in a secure and cost-effective manner.. Read more

  • Customer Experience - Know Your Customer – Continued Relationships

    Get on board and scale your capabilities to get proactive and attentive approach rewarding you with exceptionally satisfied customers like never before.. Read more

  • Customer Experience Management Meet, 29 November 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Get on board and scale your capabilities to get proactive and attentive approach rewarding you with exceptionally satisfied customers like never before.. Read more

  • ServiceGuru Recommended by a Leading Directory for its Easy to Use Customer Service Rating Kiosk

    ServiceGuru was recently recognized by FinancesOnline for its easy to use customer service rating platform.. Read more

  • Altudo named as Platinum Implementation Partner by Sitecore

    NEW YORK - Oct. 10, 2018 - -- Altudo (http://www.altudo.co/) (formerly known as edynamic) has announced that it is now a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, in India. This signifies a recognition for their extensive Sitecore expertise &.... Read more

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    J.D. Power's Jim Miller Describes the Critical Role of Digital Customer Experience Transformation in Retail Banking Environments

    "When compared to customers who still transact heavily through physical channels, the digital banking customers have higher expectations for the communication and the product information they receive from their banks." -- Jim Miller, J.D. Power. Read more

  • Businesses Nationwide Granted Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Awards

    Pulse of the City News announces its most recent recipients of the Pulse Award for Customer Satisfaction, and all the businesses are repeat winners.. Read more