• 10176168

    Why Cryptocurrency Needs Derivatives?

    Derivatives offer this solution as they provide the ability to hedge in volatile markets. PLOUTOZ believes every crypto asset can be hedged and every blockchain community has derivative market.. Read more

  • SentryCom creates IBC Foundation and invites new partners to join

    IBC Foundation will promote and administer Identity-Bound Cryptocurrency (IBCoin) on the Internet, enabling, Financial Crime - Free, Society and Economy.. Read more

  • 10172879

    Refereum announces partnership with Xangle

    Xangle's due diligence process confirms Refereum as one of the top legitimate gaming blockchain projects. Read more

  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Monetary Policy

    Creative Investment Research announces the publication of our latest paper on cryptocurrency and monetary policy.. Read more

  • Refereum's $RFR token is now listed on the Bitsonic Exchange

    The gaming company's newest listing offers another option to Koreans looking to buy or sell $RFR tokens. Read more

  • Fast-Growing BiKi.com Secures Investments from Genesis and FBG Capital

    Fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange BiKi.com has recently attracted yet another slew of investments, this time from influential blockchain investment institutions Genesis Capital and FBG Capital.. Read more

  • 10172218

    Bitcoin and BTC.com in China Continue to Top the Second Edition of CryptoSuper500 List

    Inspired by the TOP500 list, biannual list of the most powerful cryptocurrency mining pools tracks compute power and economic value. Read more

  • 10171566

    Refereum announces partnership with Microsoft's Undead Labs

    State of Decay 2's new DLC, Heartland, gives exclusive rewards to players using Refereum. Read more

  • 10169151

    Afero Introduces ABLEā„¢ Technology, Low-Cost Secure BLE-to-Internet Connectivity for Point-of-Sale Devices

    Patented Technology Enables Unattended Retail Devices to Securely Accept Payment Without Dedicated Internet Connectivity. Read more

  • Crypto Enthusiasts Launch New Podcast "crypto Campfire"

    The Crypto Campfire podcast launched this month with a focus on uniting members of the crypto community in a relaxed, laid-back "campfire" setting. Hosted by "Mitch and The Perfesser". Read more

  • 10167663

    Gaming-inspired Crypto Exchange, Lupex Launches Battles With Crypto Rewards; Closest Prediction Wins

    LUPEX launches a new way to interact with cryptocurrencies; Players can earn crypto by predicting the market in daily and weekly competitions. The player with the closet prediction to the actual market price wins!. Read more