• 10178930

    Refereum rewards Dauntless players over USD $3,000 in prizes

    New partnership between Refereum and Phoenix Labs kicks off with rewards program for Dauntless' 12+ million players. Read more

  • 10176424

    Refereum's & PUBG Corporation's new partnership drives mainstream blockchain adoption

    Refereum's cryptocurrency-based rewards campaign introduces PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' users to blockchain technology. Read more

  • CryptoFish Launches Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange service with 140+ coins

    Now anyone can easily and safely exchange between Cryptocurrencies instantly!. Read more

  • Ankorus (ANK) to Burn 40 Percent of Tokens

    Token to Play Key Role in Zaner Digital Brokerage Referral Program. Read more

  • 10172879

    Refereum announces partnership with Xangle

    Xangle's due diligence process confirms Refereum as one of the top legitimate gaming blockchain projects. Read more

  • Refereum's $RFR token is now listed on the Bitsonic Exchange

    The gaming company's newest listing offers another option to Koreans looking to buy or sell $RFR tokens. Read more

  • 10171531

    Powerful True Story Production Norma's Sun, Seeks Executive & Equity Partnership/Distribution

    Ability Films, llc. Offers a Powerful True Story Opportunity for Associate/Executive Producer & Equity Credit for Award Winning Production of Norma's Sun. Imposing Consequences, Dramatic Character Arc's and Global (Oscar/Emmy) Recognized Talent and Crew! . Read more