• 10215569

    Glass Mosaic Artist Allison Eden Studios Pivots Into Fashion With Face Mask Line

    World renowned Brooklyn based interior design glass artist repurposes vivid mosaic patterns for use in high fashion face mask line.. Read more

  • 10215348

    Dove Bennett Teams up With Local West Covina Residents to Provide Hot Meals During Quarantine

    The residents of Los Angeles county have not been forgotten during the coronavirus pandemic. Dove Bennett has paved the way making sure they have hot meals, even hand-delivering them herself.. Read more

  • Kent events firm rapidly adapts to provide COVID-19 safety screens to UK businesses

    Undercover Events has rapidly adapted their operations to manufacture COVID-19 safety screens to support the re-opening of businesses across the UK.. Read more

  • Local Wilsonville Brewery Offering Free Soup

    Vanguard Brewing Company is giving free soup meals for those in-need during COVID-19. Read more

  • AI-Powered Fever Detection Camera Offers Solution to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

    IN-DEPTH's advanced thermal imaging system allows for quick and accurate detection of elevated body temperature. Read more

  • Southern Ocean County Hometown Security Webinar focuses on Covid19 Scams & Disinformation

    Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce announces June 3 collaboration with the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell, New Jersey State Police, US Department of Homeland Security, and the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office. Read more

  • 10214605

    Saidcard LLC Provides Lee & Associates Atlanta Antibody Testing for Staff Coming Back to Work

    ATLANTA - -- Saidcard LLC is pleased to announce, that in conjunction with Integra Pharma Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly-traded Trxade Group, Inc., stock symbol: MEDS, it is providing Lee & Associates Atlanta, a leading Real Estate... Read more

  • Rochester SMB Makes Sizable Contributions to COVID-19 Efforts

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. - -- While big businesses and major corporations have received attention for COVID-19 efforts and the economic impacts of the pandemic, small/medium businesses (SMBs) are quietly proving to be integral behind the scenes. One local SMB, L... Read more

  • Altavoz offers 50% discount coupon for distribution services

    WASHINGTON - -- Altavoz, an independent B2B music distributor selling physical and digital products through Amazon and major retailers announced today it is offering a fifty percent (50%) discount to its label and musician customers... Read more

  • 10213288

    Vikki Jones Started a Company Amidst 2008 Economic Crisis, Advises Some COVID19 Employment Victims To Do The Same

    "COVID19's impact on employment reminds me a time in my life where circumstances were beyond my control. I had to tap into areas of myself, in order to survive. The job market was too uncertain; I needed stability. So, I took a chance on me.". Read more

  • Life on the Road During a Pandemic and Beyond

    SAINT PAUL, Minn. - -- As U.S. states begin to lift their stay-at-home orders, results of a new survey by RVillage.com reveal what's next for a nomadic group of people, many who live permanently on the road in RVs. Memberships increased by 11,000 on.... Read more