• 10241607

    SiliconExpert Teams with AMSYS LCM to Deliver Secure, Real-Time, Accurate Component Information Solutions

    SiliconExpert, a leader in electronic component databases and parts information, and AMSYS, a life cycle management (LCM) solution provider, are teaming to help bring secure, real-time information updates to the bills of materials for manufacturers and op. Read more

  • 10241309

    Thanksgiving Done Grandma's Way

    MANITOWOC, Wis. - -- Let a Vintage NESCO Roaster Oven Take Center Stage This Holiday There's nothing quite like Thanksgiving at Grandma's house. The food, the family, the laughter - how does she do it, year after year? Her secret is a vintage NESCO.... Read more

  • THINKWARE Announces Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special Promotions

    Many of THINKWARE's most popular dash cams are on sale for the holidays.. Read more

  • 10240335

    Robocall Expert Debunks Misinformation: No Election Interference Caused by Misleading Political Robocalls

    In Spite of Receiving Over 9.4 Million Political Robocalls, Americans Were Driven to "Stay Home, Stay Safe" for the 2020 Election. Read more

  • 10238126

    New Enhanced Standard Product Warranty

    With all the product improvements over the past two years, RaceAmerica passes the support cost savings on to our customers. Read more

  • 10237894

    Wooask S01 - World's Most Powerful AI Voice Recorder

    134 languages voice to text transcribe and translation, 32G built-in storage, 500 hours cloud storage, save as WORD, PDF. An ideal intelligent device designed to make our work life easier.. Read more

  • 10236305

    Autonomous Announces First Ever Standing Desk with User-Adjustable Anti-Collision Feature

    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - -- Autonomous, Inc (https://www.autonomous.ai/) has just announced a first-in-its-class anti-collision safety feature in its upcoming SmartDesk 4, set for release in early November. The SmartDesk 4 is Autonomous' latest.... Read more

  • 10236048

    BeBop Sensors' Forte Data Glove Adds Haptic Interaction Support for Oculus 2 and Unreal Engine

    BeBop Sensors' industry-leading haptic controller, the Forte Data Glove, natively supports the newly released Oculus Quest 2 and enables developers to create new simulation & training or gaming titles built with Epic Games' Unreal Engine via the latest Fo. Read more

  • BitRouter Announces Dihedral Software Release for its ATSC3pro Receiver at NAB Show New York

    Updates include enhancements to user interface and channel visualization. Read more

  • Save Money With Refurb Laptops

    Do your research, compare prices and you can get a great laptop at a bargain price.. Read more

  • 10235814

    Perk Up Your Morning Brew with a NESCO Coffee Roaster

    MANITOWOC, Wis. - -- Five Reasons to Roast Your Own Coffee at Home Roasting your own coffee beans might seem like a daunting task, but tools like the NESCO Coffee Roaster make the process so easy your morning coffee ritual may never taste the same again... Read more

  • 10234085

    SmartDesk 4: a Revolutionary New Ergonomic Innovation from Autonomous, Inc

    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - -- Autonomous, Inc has announced its latest ergonomic innovation, the SmartDesk 4, set for release in early November. SmartDesk 4 is a premium smart tool for home offices and corporate offices alike. The desk is built with the.... Read more

  • 10233078

    Ignite Red, Ignite Blue light a fire under fans of dual screen fun

    DE PERE, Wis. - -- 8 Line Supply recommends pairing these games with a dual screen cabinet Ignite Red and Ignite Blue, a pair of VGA multi games from Zydexo, are catching the eyes of entertainment system players by virtue of the wide range of game.... Read more

  • Massive Releases New SUMMOXL 6.5 & 8 Inch Subwoofers

    Massive Audio, of SoCal USA, a leader in the 12 Volt Audio industry for 21 years, is happy to announce the release of the new SUMMO64XL and SUMMO84XL Subwoofers for 2020.. Read more

  • 10229026

    Proudfoot & Savigent Introduce Operational Resiliency Excellence

    Accelerating Digital Transformation and Achieving Manufacturing-to-Consumer Lifecycle Excellence. Read more

  • 10228636

    SiliconExpert and Zuken Deliver Critical Component Data for Small and Enterprise-Level Businesses

    SiliconExpert, leader in electronic component databases and parts information, and Zuken, a global CAD solution provider, have combined forces to deliver small business and enterprise-level design engineers access to critical component supply chain data a. Read more

  • COSMO'S Kids Smartwatch Boasts New Safety Features

    SAN DIEGO - -- The newly released 4G COSMO Smartwatch now comes standard with voice calling and GPS tracking, features that replace the need for internet-equipped smartphones and may protect young children from predators and bullies. Children are being.... Read more

  • XR BAZAAR -AR/VR Marketplace & Virtual Consulting

    MUMBAI, India - -- The Global Virtual Reality Industry has got a massive push due to COVID. India like any other nation has been impacted terribly by COVID-19, but exponential technologies such as AR/VR could play a major role in reversing the social.... Read more

  • 3D HoloGroup Partners With Epson America To Sell MOVERIO Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

    3D HoloGroup is pleased to announce it has partnered with Epson America, Inc., a division of Seiko Epson Corporation of Japan, and manufacturers of MOVERIO Augmented Reality Smart Glasses. Read more