• Axiomtek Launches Quad-View 3.5" Embedded Board with AMD Ryzen™ Processors - CAPA13R

    CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. - -- Axiomtek, a leading design/manufacturing company of high performance computer products, is proud to introduce the CAPA13R, a powerful 3.5" embedded motherboard powered by the onboard AMD RYZEN™ Embedded V1807B/V1605B.... Read more

  • 10216004

    The new Hosthink Dedicated Server locations announced: Reykjavik, Johannesburg and Taipei

    BESIKTAS, Turkey - -- New Dedicated Server Locations Hosthink newly announced its new server locations from Asia, Africa and Europe; expanded its network to 50 different locations. Hosthink founder and CTO Mr. Seref CANKAYA mentioned that; "Currently we... Read more

  • 10215960

    Pirate Chain Creates Worlds First Z to Z-only Mobile Wallet

    Skull Island, the first z-z mobile wallet by Pirate Chain, now on Android. Read more

  • 10215803

    Lantek launches version 2020 with focus on remote working and process efficiency

    New collision prevention function prevents over 80% of production downtime. Read more

  • 10215672

    Capgemini UK Plc Over 4 Years Late Paying their Bills

    Research by Majury Change Management Ltd has shown that Capgemini UK Plc are over 4 years late in paying what they legally owe at least some of their creditors. "A firm like Capgemini SE with a turnover of €1.43 billion in 2019, should be ashamed of thems. Read more

  • Chicago-Area IT Training Company Guarantees One Person Per Classroom

    CHICAGO - -- Individuals and organizations are searching for high quality IT training as they attempt to deal with the new business reality. ONLC Training Centers provides public IT training that can be taken virtually from home, like many of its.... Read more

  • 10215590

    Capgemini UK Plc Breaches GDPR Regulations

    Capgemini is alleged to have breached the GDPR Regulations in 2019, and if the ICO agrees that GDPR has infringed the regulations, would be liable to pay a fine of up to 4% of annual global turnover of the parent company Capgemini SE.. Read more

  • Home Smarty - Smart Home Automation Equipment, Guides, Comparisons and Reviews

    HomeSmarty has just opened an e-commerce website that curates the best smart home equipment from around the web. Find out how to build a smarter home with our helpful guides and make the future a reality today with smart home automation.. Read more

  • 10215306

    Now Launch your Private Branded TeleMedicine Solution with OnDemand Visit, Inc

    Now Launch your Private Branded TeleMedicine Solution with OnDemand Visit, Inc. all-in-one direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that enables the highest level of quality and cost-effective healthcare for patients, regardless of where they are located.. Read more

  • 10215112

    Onlive Server Launched Japan VPS Hosting with Cloud Computing Control Panel

    Get 35 plus locations based cheap VPS Hosting plans from Onlive Server. Here you will get multiple hosting solutions at very affordable price and also a 24x7 customer care support service.. Read more

  • 10215050

    Coherent Logix Joins the Edge AI and Vision Alliance

    AUSTIN, Texas & WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - -- Coherent Logix is excited to join the Edge AI and Vision Alliance to support the organization's efforts in the computer vision and AI markets. Coherent Logix has a silicon-proven software platform that enables.... Read more