• EpiGentek SeroFlash SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test Undergoes IRB/IBC-Approved Fingertip Validation Study

    FARMINGDALE, N.Y. - -- EpiGentek, renowned for its high-quality antibody-based products for epigenetic and genetic research, has joined the global fight against SARS-CoV-2 with several COVID-19 assay kits, antibodies, and proteins. The first one of.... Read more

  • Mona Clayton, RN, CEO of The Nurses Pub Launches Successful "Stay Covid Safe" Outreach

    Newly published Brochure and PPE provides safety for Jordan Downs Housing Community. Read more

  • Canadian-based Doctor Discusses Neuroplasticity & Regulating Emotions During COVID-19

    Dr. Courtney Dookie provides practical and transformational strategies to his clientele throughout North America. Read more

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    A Risk of Genocide in the Age of Black Lives Matter

    LUI cites the lack of conspicuous, intense, widespread public outcry and political pressure on behalf of people incarcerated in America as an indicator that the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to genocide. Today, the grassroots civil, constitutional, and human. Read more

  • Battling Covid-19 with Glutathione May Reduce Symptom Severity

    IV Nutritional Therapy is the best way to address Glutathione deficiency. Read more

  • Free parenting program: Victorian parents urged to boost family resilience

    -- A free parenting program is helping Victorian parents to protect their children's long-term wellbeing, as families across the state adapt to tighter COVID-19 restrictions. Clinical psychologist and youth mental health researcher Dr Vanessa Cobham.... Read more

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    HRBoost Shares How Managers and Employees Gain HR Support During COVID-19

    Covid-19 has changed how employers work with their employees to be productive in the workplace. There has been an increase in stress balancing the home life and maintaining an income for the household. There are resources available and additional training. Read more

  • PYNKTALKS Panel Discussion: The Future of Retail Businesses & Education in the Aftermath of COVID-19

    NEW YORK - -- Find Your ID NYC organized its first virtual panel discussion with female business owners and professors for a special two-hour PYNKTALKS episode. The #PYNKPANEL included six different female panelists, all of whom are in the NY area. FYID... Read more

  • The Nurses Pub Hosts Covid Awareness Event in Los Angeles for Underserved Families

    The non-profit organization is partnering with Boy's and Girl's Club of Metro Los Angeles, and El Nido Family Centers to provide educational materials, Masks, sanitizers and food to at-risk families. Read more

  • EclecticIQ and ThreatFabric investigation reveals evidence of malicious Android packages posing as legitimate Covid-19 contact tracing apps

    Threat actors exploit consumer trust in legitimate government apps to plant malicious packages. Read more

  • Braeden Lichti - The Rise of Connected Devices in the Healthcare Industry

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia - -- As computer processor and wireless communications technology continues to improve, the Internet of Things will continue to transform healthcare. The Internet of Medical Things, or IoMT for short, has enabled more.... Read more