• 10348969

    Concordium enters partnership with Next-Gen launching the world's first EduVerse!

    Next-Gen is announcing a partnership with Concordium to deliver world-class IT service and reshape education for students, educators, institutions and businesses.. Read more

  • 10348968

    Next-Gen set to change how students get qualified and enter the world of work

    Next-Gen reveal their innovative and humanity-changing smart learning and career development platform that aims to address the problems in today's educational system and give every child the right to education. Students can learn and get a job anywhere in. Read more

  • AesirX DMA - Digital Marketing Automation delivers enterprise-level backend as a service with up to 100 free delivered posts to Social Media per day

    AesirX introduces AesirX DMA - 20 million javascript developers can now deploy free digital marketing automation solutions.. Read more

  • 10339703

    The Data Economics Company and Syzygy Publishing's Chris Ryall announces content partnership

    LOS ANGELES - -- The Data Economics Company (DECO) and Chris Ryall, Founding Partner of comics publisher Syzygy Publishing, are pleased to announce their new partnership to build games and entertainment experiences on the Lydion® Engine. Ryall, who.... Read more

  • 10339190

    Killer Cat Bengal Club drops NFT Mint price & rewards holders

    The NFT project that battles bear market.. with their bengal claws out.. Read more

  • 10339057

    Witness the NFT Revolution with Freeverse's Alun Evans, Fraser Gordon of Quantum Works, and more at NFT Expoverse LA 2022

    Natalia Sokolova, TKYOLABS Head of Investor Relations, along with Hello Enhance CEO Chase Coleman and more in the NFT space will speak at the upcoming NFT Expoverse Los Angeles 2022. Read more

  • 10337134

    Etho Protocol and Kucoin work together to overcome hack and release new, improved, & secure ETHO cryptocurrency

    Earlier this year, the open-source hosting project Etho Protocol fell victim to an apparent inside bad actor who counterfeited the cryptocurrency. Normally the result of such an attack is project collapse. However, in an extraordinary community effort and. Read more