• 10329909

    Killer Cat Bengal Club launches public sale, turning nose at FUD

    MIAMI - -- Killer Cat Bengal Club has now confidently launched the public sale of their long-awaited project and turned their noses at downtrends in the NFT market and saying "No" to fear, uncertainty & doubt (FUD), instead they increased the crypto... Read more

  • 10329707

    Real Estate Blockchain Pioneer Closes the Loop On Enabling End-to-End Home Sales Online with Integrate Title & Escrow

    Propy's new title and escrow services expand offer-to-close transactions on one secure platform, removing complexity, hassle and time. Read more

  • The world's most anticipated blockchain game "Rise of Elves", is going to launch its Closed Beta in May!

    MAKATI, Philippines - -- The blockchain game "Rise of Elves" developed by "Mooneen" will launch its closed beta in May 2022. Just one week after the announcement, more than 10,000 players have been waiting to participate. A number of the players stated.... Read more

  • 10329380

    Blockchain Startup Aimed at Financial Inclusion Secures 25 Million Dollar Capital Commitment

    Finance Blocks will focus on emerging markets and the unbanked.. Read more

  • 10328452

    Asia's First Decentralized NFT-Fi Platform SOLARR Raises $2M to Bring NFT Use Cases Mainstream

    SOLARR aims to accelerate utility NFT adoption, accessibility, and simplify NFT-commerce for businesses.. Read more

  • Castle NFT Launches First Educational NFT Marketplace to Revolutionize the Future of E-commerce

    www.CastleNFT.app is a tech startup offering the largest complete secondary NFT marketplace to provide accessibility for everyone.. Read more

  • 10326581

    Braincat launches Indiegogo Campaign that includes NFTs as perks

    Phil Ranta joins company as NFT advisor. Perks Packed with Value.. Read more

  • 10326096

    Inspired by Seinfeld Episode, "The Contest," Commit Club Launches on Ethereum - Creators Hope for a Big Release

    Commit Club lets you commit to challenges by staking Ether and getting Ether when others fail. Read more

  • 10325387

    Mecha Infinity: The Most Anticipated Blockchain Game In The Second Half Of 2022

    MAKATI, Philippines - -- Mecha Infinity is an open digital universe for Mechas. While focusing on improving playability, the core team also considers the game experience of various types of players. In Mecha Infinity, earnings from daily adventures and.... Read more

  • 10325261

    A Failing Grade in Green: Blockchain Considerations for a Sustainable Planet

    Running a fully deployed ┼╗etonium node consumes less energy than a 60W light bulb, and executing one transaction produces less carbon than sending a single email.. Read more

  • 10325135

    Today! The Official Release Of Mecha Infinity Whitepaper

    Please visit our official website for more information about whitepaper. Read more

  • 10324853

    The Data Economics Company and Three Donkeys announce partnership to build games on Lydion Engine-based Game Development Platform

    LOS ANGELES - -- The Data Economics Company (DECO) and Three Donkeys, a gaming company led by fabled game designers Richard Garfield and Skaff Elias, announced today that they have formed a partnership to design a series of games for the Lydion-based.... Read more

  • 10324753

    CrowdHero: Football Battle NFT game Pre-Sale happening now

    Get early on the boat and get your team up and running with the Pre-sale affordable price before it skyrockets!. Read more

  • 10324226

    AISLAND Store: The First Marketplace Accepting Crypto Payments Is Born

    With over 250,000 curated products available for sale, ranging from luxury clothing to household appliances, AISLAND Store provides you with all your necessities via an eco-friendly blockchain.. Read more

  • 10324220

    Metaverse Gaming and Streaming Platform OGLife Establishes Partnership with Tech Company Pluto Digital to Reach 3 billion Gamers

    Original Gamer Life or OGLife partners with Pluto Digital ahead of its upcoming IDO launch and $OGL token public sale. Read more

  • 10322374

    The Data Economics Company announces Notice of Allowance for a U.S. Patent Application on Transactional Proof of Work and Workchains

    Patent issuance strengthens IP position with regards to novel and environmentally friendly methods of developing blockchain-backed digital assets and applications. Read more

  • Leading Digital Asset Attorneys Join PAG Law to Create World Class Crypto Practice

    MIAMI - -- PAG Law is pleased to announce that three respected experts in digital assets and crypto securities, Kendrick Nguyen, Sami Ahmed and Claudia DiGirolamo have joined the firm. Kendrick Nguyen joins PAG as a "Special Advisor" based in Miami.... Read more

  • 10321090

    Tech Company StrongNode.io and Multiverse Gaming Platform OGLife to Grow their Ecosystem in Partnership with Down Under Capital

    StrongNode.io and Original Gamer Life name Down Under Capital as their new partner in line with $SNE post-IDO developments and the upcoming $OGL IDO launch. Read more

  • Attarius Network Launches Ecosystem for Game Creators to Boost Digital Asset Earnings Through Gamification

    ABU DHABI, UAE - -- Attarius Network launches the first ecosystem for gamers and game studios. Having a clear vision of how to make it easier for gaming industry to hit the blockchain and crypto market with enhanced economic opportunities to gamers.... Read more

  • 10319164

    New NFT Social Club Coming to Solana Blockchain

    Psychoidz Social Club (PSC) is a group of NFT enthusiasts and crypto traders focused on art and utility.. Read more

  • 10318972

    Findora Launches $3M Liquidity Program for FairySwap

    The program will support FairySwap's efforts towards building a privacy-preserving and front-running resistant DEX. Read more