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    Refereum rewards Dauntless players over USD $3,000 in prizes

    New partnership between Refereum and Phoenix Labs kicks off with rewards program for Dauntless' 12+ million players. Read more

  • Uply Media, Inc Adds Neil Woolever and Tina Restivo To Pioneer Level

    The Woolever Restivo Team holds 50% percent ownership in Tequilas.zil, Ibitcoincash.zil, and Lagunabeachca.zil new Blockchain Domains coming soon.. Read more

  • Uply Media Inc Announces Blockchain Domains Investing Network

    Dive into a $28.24 billion dollar marketplace developing Blockchain Domains in disruptive hot industries by replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable top keywords.. Read more

  • Uply Media, Inc Introduces JohnsCreek.Zil New NFTs Gold Bar Levels

    A Blockchain Domain ecosystem of 6 born crypto-asset tokens limited collection connects to Johns Creek, Georgia where an Ore deposit dates back over 500 million years.. Read more

  • Swap, Pay, Red Packets, staking your cryptocurrency, this App has them all

    Imagine you can have an all-in-one App, combines Swap, Pay, Red Packets, & staking your cryptocurrencies, that meets all you needs with crypto, SWFT Blockchain is definitely a must-have.. Read more

  • Litecoin & Stellar to Add $7.5+ Billion in Market Value to the Monarch Ecosystem

    Monarch Wallet combines single login and KYC, credit card purchase of cryptocurrency and earning interest on crypto through Celsius Network. Read more

  • 2500 Free cryptocurrency airdrops already listed!

    Airdrop Alert the #1 platform for free crypto and a basic entry-level into blockchain. Read more

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    Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. Confirms US-based Wired and Wireless Networking Technology Distributor, WAV Inc. as Corporate Client

    MIAMI - -- Delaware, USA. Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce WAV Inc. as new corporate client. WAV Inc. is a value-added distributor of world-class wireless networking technology and provider of best-in-class support and services.... Read more

  • Gaming Startup Pocketful of Quarters First to Receive No-Action Letter from US SEC for ERC-20 Token

    WASHINGTON - -- DLx Law announced today that its client Pocketful of Quarters (PoQ), a gaming startup, received a no-action letter from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The letter, issued by the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance on... Read more

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    Refereum's & PUBG Corporation's new partnership drives mainstream blockchain adoption

    Refereum's cryptocurrency-based rewards campaign introduces PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' users to blockchain technology. Read more

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    Why Cryptocurrency Needs Derivatives?

    Derivatives offer this solution as they provide the ability to hedge in volatile markets. PLOUTOZ believes every crypto asset can be hedged and every blockchain community has derivative market.. Read more