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Crypto collectibles are the new biggest craze in blockchain, and the most anticipated of these games is World of Ether.
SYDNEY, Australia - Feb. 16, 2018 - -- Gaze Coin, a currency that provides AR/VR advertisers and creators trackable ROI by rewarding audiences for gaze-triggering content today announced its listing on leading Asian cryptocurrency exchange, QRYPTOS (a...
The new partnership increases awareness for Toshi while giving mobile functionality to World of Ether.
World of Ether rewards affiliates with $100 for every egg sold in its presale up to the end of Q1 2018.
ORCHARD ROAD, Singapore - Jan. 31, 2018 - -- Blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform Jetcoin Institute has tied up with Lagardère Sports Group to market its brand during 13 English Premier League matches.
The world's leading cryptocurrency expected to account for a record amount of Super Bowl bets.
ORCHARD ROAD, Singapore - Jan. 25, 2018 - -- The blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform, Jetcoin Institute, became a member of the prestigious Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a non-profit alliance of some of the biggest global businesses...
DWARKA, India - Jan. 22, 2018 - -- A cutting-edge website, where you will get a comprehensive list of ICOs, token sale, ICO calendar and events related to Blockchain and Bitcoin.
World of Ether brings Pokémon style gameplay to the Ethereum blockchain; presale validates proof of need.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Jan. 14, 2018 - -- Lanseringen vil bli finansiert med historiens største ICO (Initial Coin Offering), med kommende private pre-salg på $500 millioner, og emisjon på $700 millioner; totalt $1.2 milliarder USD.
Dynast Coin is the Self Evolving Cryptocurrency officially backed by a Sovereign Nation
DANIA BEACH, Fla. - Dec. 21, 2017 - -- Denison Yachting has announced that it will accept Bitcoin as payment for new yachts, following the completion of its first ever sale of a yacht involving Bitcoin.
Substantial US investment in Akche establishes a true Turkish competitor to Bitcoin
VantagePoint Software using patented Artificial Intelligence technology to predict stock market trends and trend changes made the official announcement today that traders can now use the software to forecast Cryptocurrencies.
A new artificial intelligence startup "A for AI" analyzed stock prices around the world and found that the most expensive nanoseconds on Earth are located in US equities markets.
Cryptoconomy Summit is bringing all of the biggest names and leaders in the world of the cryptoconomy together to share their knowledge and experience. The inaugural event will take place on March 28th – 29th, 2018 at the Tampa Convention Center.
GNEISS coin moves application from Alpha to Beta with added features and functionality; promises for a full-platform launch in the new year.
Bookies are racing to accommodate the industry's billions of dollars spent in Bitcoin.
10096758, a top Rolex watch retailer, Now Accepts Bitcoin payments for its Rolex Watches Via Coinbase, Bitfinex, & Stripe
10096758, a top Rolex watch retailer, Now Accepts Bitcoin payments for its Rolex Watches Via Coinbase, Bitfinex, & Stripe