• Generative AI To Spur Growth of Quantum Computing

    Developers Worldwide Say Security Is the Obstacle That Will Fall. Read more

  • 10392157

    Actionstep Acquires North American Legal Accounting Platform Soluno

    Combined companies to create a unified practice management and accounting software platform for midsize law firms in the U.S. and Canada. Read more

  • 10392152

    Calvetta Phair, Founder of new recruitment application – ReferAll, Announce Acceptance into Google for Startups, Black Founder Exchange Program

    DURHAM, N.C. - -- Calvetta Phair is proud to announce that ReferAll has been accepted into the 2023 Google for Startups Black Founders Exchange program at the American Underground in Durham North Carolina! ReferAll is a new referral AI recruitment.... Read more

  • 10391996

    Heartland Soccer Association and VidSport Launch Groundbreaking Live Streaming Service at Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex

    OLATHE, Kan. - -- Heartland Soccer Association is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative live streaming service for all league matches and tournaments held at the world-class Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex. Equipped with state-of-the-art cameras.... Read more

  • 10391587

    Customer Agility Framework™ soft launch

    The Customer Agility Framework™ from Insight to Outcome, through the Customer (user), Business and Technical North Star's. It contains two missing links in organizational lifecycle firstly what work should be done and secondly how can work be qualified as. Read more

  • 10391431

    Sparkling Logic Launching Generative AI-Powered Tool for Decision Management

    New interactive, generative AI-powered tool assists users in accomplishing decision management tasks. Read more

  • 10391337

    Erica Collins Legendary Pioneer Plus Model Presents Inaugural AI Plus Size Curvy Full Figured Fall Fashion Show

    The future of fashion and inclusivity in the new era of artificial intelligence and automation.. Read more

  • AI-Generated Film "Missing Parts" Wins Best Experimental at Canadian Film Festival

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia - -- Artificial Intelligence achieved yet another significant milestone after "Missing Parts", a film entirely created using artificial intelligence (AI), was awarded the Best Experimental category at The Western Canadian.... Read more

  • Is The Film "Creator" Based On A Future That Will Soon Be Upon Us: Starring- John David Washington

    Innovation can make life easier for most, and technology welcomes the opportunity, but will it be the worst mistake ever. Read more

  • Uafab Technologies Announces Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality Team Members

    Virtual Reality AI At The Office Is Real At Uafab Technologies. Read more

  • 10390864

    Digital Watchdog Launches Blackjack Ai Appliances

    These new products from DW combine machine learning and advanced computer vision algorithms to recognize objects and people in all connected video streams.. Read more

  • Aitrium AI wins Corporate Livewire Best AI Startup Award at Innovation and Excellence Awards 2023

    SOUTHAMPTON, U.K. - -- Aitrium AI, a new artificial intelligence company based in Southampton, UK, is thrilled to announce that it has been named the winner of the Corporate Livewire Best AI Startup Award at the Innovation and Excellence Awards.... Read more

  • 10389980

    InStore.ai Launching Voice Analytics for Convenience Stores with Cashier Engagement and Generative AI

    Conversations between cashiers and customers are the new fuel for C-Store growth.. Read more

  • World Premiere: "Silent Manipulators: Unveiling the Dark Corners of Human-AI Companionship"

    NEW YORK - -- Today marks the launch of a groundbreaking article that dives deep into the unexplored realm of Human-Artificial Intelligence relationships. Titled "Silent Manipulators: Unveiling the Dark Corners of Human-AI Companionship," this.... Read more

  • 10389380

    Zion AI: The First African American led AI project

    LOS ANGELES - -- The launch of Zion AI, the first African American-led AI project, is a moment of significant consequence. It is a testament to the progress we've made, but also a reminder of the road that still lies ahead. Here's why Zion matters.... Read more

  • Explore the New Age of Artificial Intelligence in Emotional Support

    NEW YORK - -- Coexilia is thrilled to announce the release of a must-read article titled "The Rise of AI Companionship: A New Age of Emotional Support." This timely piece delves deep into the intersection of technology and emotional well-being.... Read more

  • Bringing GPT and better search to Slack

    SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - -- Introducing Haly: Your Ultimate Slack Chatbot Companion Santa Barbara CA, Aug 27th 2023 - UpMortem, the innovative technology company, is proud to announce the launch of Haly, a revolutionary Slack chatbot designed to.... Read more

  • Philippe Borremans Launches "Wag The Dog" Newsletter and Podcast: A Fresh Perspective on Risk and Crisis Communication

    Philippe Borremans, a renowned expert in the field of Public Relations and Corporate Communication, has announced the launch of "Wag The Dog," a newsletter and accompanying podcast focused on risk communication, crisis communication, and the transformativ. Read more

  • KinderLab Robotics Debuts AI Curriculum for Young Learners

    Featuring five lessons, the new curriculum is designed to help students in grades 1–3 understand how artificial intelligence works and what its limitations are.. Read more

  • 10388132

    Cohi Capital, LLC Launches Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Operations and Announces Plans to Raise LP Round

    New Hedge Fund Targets Cryptocurrency Niche for Outsized Returns. Read more

  • Iquall Networks is participating in TM Forum DTW 2023 in Copenhagen

    MIAMI - -- Iquall Networks is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2023 (DTW) event, taking place from September 19th to 21st in Copenhagen. This event marks a significant convergence of the.... Read more