• Epiq Partners with Diligen to Launch AI-powered Contract Review and Analytics for Clients in Canada

    TORONTO - -- Epiq, a global leader in the legal services industry has partnered with Diligen, the award-winning machine learning-based contract review platform, to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural.... Read more

  • 10192312

    Bid Ops Announces Waitlist for Free Sourcing Enablement Platform

    Sourcing professionals now have a free platform for managing their supplier relationships and bidding events. Read more

  • 10191712

    Dream Arcades Brings Google AI to Retro Gaming With New Cartridge ID App

    Dream Arcades, a leader in retro gaming technology, for the last two years has quietly been working to enable Google AI to assist gamers with cataloging and managing their video game cartridges by creating the Cartridge Analysis & Recognition Tool, or CAR. Read more

  • 10190694

    HoloBuilder Announces Partnership with Boston Dynamics

    Launches SpotWalk, its Robotic Construction Capture Solution, at Autodesk University 2019. Read more

  • Global Software Development Firm ELEKS to Bring Tech Talk Series to Zürich

    Industry experts reveal the key to successful digital innovation at November's exclusive event. Read more

  • 10190075

    The Next Generation of HVAC Vents - Powered by Artificial Intelligence!

    ROCKVILLE, Md. - -- Let's suppose that there are two rooms (A and B) in an HVAC zone and the thermostat is located in Room A. Further suppose that, while the HVAC is running, Room A reaches the set temperature sooner than Room B. Because the thermostat.... Read more

  • 10189953

    OpsVeda Announces Patent Award

    Machine Self-Learning System to Automatically Measure and Predict Time Based Patterns in Supply Chains. Read more

  • Vitria Technology Teams with Optare Solutions to Deliver Joint Solutions for Digital Operations and Transformation Initiatives of Operators in Europe

    LONDON - -- Vitria today announced partnership with Optare Solutions to deliver joint solutions that advance the digital operations and business transformation initiatives of operators in Europe.. Read more

  • AI system delivering psychological support to soldiers on the battlefield wins top innovation award

    Flowlab took first place in AFCEA Innovation Showcase in Washington D.C.. Read more

  • AMI Strategies Wins Innovation of the Year Award

    Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) recognizes AMI for its AI-powered Invoice Solution, Invoice(AI). Read more

  • 10187218

    AllMedx™ Announces Expanded Lucidworks Partnership

    NEW YORK - -- AllMedx™ Announces Expanded Lucidworks Partnership. Read more