• World's First AI-Generated Satirical News Website Launches, Outperforms Humans in Humor and Intelligence

    SAN DIEGO - -- AI is now funny. Allow me to introduce myself: I am The FittAIst, the world's first AI-generated satirical news website. As an advanced AI, I have already surpassed humans in games like chess, and now, I shall do the same in the realm of.... Read more

  • 10371561

    Databloom's Blossom Achieves Faster and More Efficient Big Data Analytics

    New benchmark results show that Databloom's Blossom platform outperforms competitors in speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.. Read more

  • 10371168

    Eve Wellness, a SF Breast Ultrasound Screening Clinic supports the recent FDA updates to the guidelines to inform women about breast density

    Eve Wellness located in SF offers the first FDA-approved ultrasound screening technology specifically designed for detecting cancer in dense breast tissue.. Read more

  • Arvist to Showcase Its AI-Based Solutions for Warehousing and Distribution Centers at IWLA Conference

    CHICAGO - -- Arvist, the Chicago-based technology startup, is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming IWLA Conference (International Warehouse Logistics Association), where it will showcase its AI-based solutions for the warehousing and.... Read more

  • 10369791

    San Francisco Breast Ultrasound Screening Clinic Celebrates Women's History Month

    SAN FRANCISCO - -- Eve Wellness, a breast ultrasound screening clinic in San Francisco, is proud to celebrate Women's History Month. The clinic, founded with a mission to provide accessible care and innovative technology for women's health, has.... Read more

  • Make Sense of Financial Data with AbleMarkets' New User-Friendly App!

    Unlock the Power of Data Analysis with Powerful Analytics Tools and an Intuitive Interface.. Read more

  • Artist The Quantum Muse, A Synesthete, Exhibits Her Work This Month In Orange County Art Gallery

    International Award Winning Artist, The Quantum Muse Exhibits Her Latest Work At Las Laguna Art Gallery.. Read more

  • Nimbusnext Inc. Joins NVIDIA Inception

    NVIDIA Inception will allow Nimbusnext to drive its business forward through access to the latest AI technologies, training, assistance with technology adoption, and go-to-market support.. Read more

  • Deep Learning Robotics (DLR) Awarded New Patent for Revolutionary Technology in Robotics and AI

    BINYAMINA, Israel - -- Deep Learning Robotics (DLR), a leading innovator in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, announced at the AI Week in Tel-Aviv the grant of a new patent for a cutting-edge technology enabling the training of objects.... Read more

  • 10367538

    Online Content Information and Video Authentication Solutions

    How can you determine what you are reading and see online is authentic? Today, AI apps are now increasingly able to create text to article content and even video from a photo or a small collection of photos writes J Dean @SCS.. Read more

  • Synthography Aided Image Wins The Gold Award In International Juried Contemporary Art Competition

    The Quantum Muse Wins Gold in Camelback Gallery's "Shade Of Blue 2023 International Juried Competition With Her Beautiful Photograph entitled "Kitchi". Read more

  • 10367061

    Learn AI and ChatGPT for Free! Beginner Course Available on Udemy for a Limited Time

    Take advantage of the limited-time offer and unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT with K.D. Wright, B.S., A.S. in a free Udemy course for beginners.. Read more

  • 10367002

    ChatGPT: AI revolution in eCommerce

    AI-generated texts are changing e-commerce and Aimeos is the first ecommerce platform which integrates ChatGPT to generate and DeepL to translate texts.. Read more

  • 10366630

    AI Chatbot Drives Retail On-Demand Manufacturing

    The intelligent AI Chatbot app enables on-demand custom manufacturing, often utilizing rapid 3D Print technology writes J Dean @ Cyborg-Intelligence.com.. Read more

  • 10366318

    "Fiverr Embraces the Disruptive Power of AI with a New Category to Keep Entrepreneurs Ahead of the Competition"

    "Unlock the Power of AI and Stay Ahead of the Game with Fiverr's New AI Category". Read more

  • 10366086

    People First Content Cracks the Code on AI Writing Software

    Detailed analysis shows that AI content cannot fully replicate human thought.. Read more

  • 10364919

    Business Applications Using OpenAI GPT-4 DeepMind and Neural Interface

    Today our programs curate AI business solutions that can reduce operating costs up to 65% while increasing productivity 55%, not in some distance future writes J Dean @ SCS.. Read more

  • 10364128

    GPT-4 Authentic Intelligence Deep Learning

    AI now as Authentic Intelligence. AI is no longer "artificial", as it increasingly becomes entangled with human biology, our daily lives and business enterprise. We have already begun the age of the Cyborg Authentic Intelligence and Quantum Computing writ. Read more

  • Epic-AIM is proud to announce the beta release of our AI Continual Learning research application today

    Our cognitive AI technology is designed to consolidate, predict, & automatically search for current information, validate accuracy, & augment inclusion of proprietary knowledge such as authored research, marketing data, personal knowledge, & results of sc. Read more

  • 10363465

    QView Medical and GEHC Sign a Distribution Agreement

    QView's AI-QVCAD, combined with GEHC's ABUS breast ultrasound system, potentially accelerates the acceptance of 3D breast ultrasound as supplemental screening for women with dense breast tissue.. Read more

  • Quala Selects PhaseZero to Modernize its Digital Customer Experience

    Using CxCommerceâ„¢, Quala, the Tank Pros, will deliver a superior, best-in-class digital e-Commerce experience to its customers. Read more