• Reunify Announces Launch of Their Reunify Fitness Cloud Platform

    Reunify can now provide tools that allow businesses to automate member engagement and has added features that can provide even deeper insights in member attrition and at-risk members.. Read more

  • 10165763

    Sage IT Wins Automation Anywhere's IQ Bot Competition

    FRISCO, Texas - April 24, 2019 - -- As an Automation Anywhere Certified COE Partner, Sage IT is dedicated to promoting the advancement of Automation technology and applying it to bring business value to our customers. Reflecting this commitment and.... Read more

  • Faircourt Partners and Dream Forward announce partnership to bring AI to $500 million in retirement plan assets

    NEWARK, N.J. - April 23, 2019 - -- Dream Forward is proud to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership to bring their proprietary retirement-focused artificial intelligence (AI) technology to Chicago-based Faircourt Partners' $500M worth of retirement.... Read more

  • 10163834

    Afero Launches New Service for Emerging Data Supply Chain

    Afero Data Explorer reduces cost and complexity, accelerates data transformation with AI-ready structured data and easy-to-use data query. Read more

  • 10163435

    Canadian author Tanya Reimer creates a future where AI is both essential and a threat

    Two groups of people dependent on AI for their survival, one group knowingly and the other unknowingly, struggle to stay alive while that very AI is seeking artificial life for itself.. Read more

  • The Relevancy Group releases new Research Report covering AI

    Finding include 87% of marketers reallocate time saved by using AI to drive growth. Read more

  • 10161962

    iControl ESI Announces ENVIZE Compatibility with RelativityOne

    Powerfully Simple Predictive Analytics in Any Relativity Instance. Read more

  • The First Annual "Loop Q PRIZE" University Competition Launched

    Loop AI Labs, a Silicon Valley company ranked as the leading provider of unsupervised Cognitive Computing technologies for Intelligent Automation solutions, today has launched its first annual university competition, the Loop Q PRIZE.. Read more

  • Findability Sciences extends its AI reach with an investment in work heuristics platform WorkDone

    WorkDone Inc is a California based AI startup. Both firms have also entered into a strategic partnership to co-develop solutions and markets.. Read more

  • Futurist Author and Keynote Speaker Mike Walsh Launches New Book

    CALGARY, Alberta - March 14, 2019 - -- Acclaimed futurist and speaker Mike Walsh launched his new book THE ALGORITHMIC LEADER this month with rave reviews coming in from around the world on its potential impact for industry and global leaders.. Read more