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Yatango – New Online News Site dancing with the best

SYDNEY, Australia - Oct. 18, 2017 - Amzeal -- The newly found website that was designed, developed and launched in early July 2017 has been turning heads. Yatango's main website is responsible for posting various titbits of information on all various kinds of topics, ranging from fashion to vehicles.

The news site is a welcome one among users, some users dubbing the information "Fast, reliable and really, really useful". The Yatango site has been online for a little over 3 months and has reached almost 3,000 daily users. This is a consistent gain of around 20 unique views per day.

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The Yatango founder & creator, Jeff Manaham says "It is really great to be able to bring such a fun, informative news site to the Australian public". Jeff continues "We are glad that everyone loves the articles and we are keen to see where we can go in the future with this site".

Yatango is play on words, created by founder "Jeff Manaham".

You can visit Yatango just by simply Googling it or you can visit the free news site by heading to http://yatango.net

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