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With a $1,000,000 Reward Pool, The Shaking Up the Bridge Campaign Incentivizes Testing of Findora's Rialto Bridge

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Discreet Labs (building Findora)
Those who migrate assets from the BSC Testnet to the Findora Testnet will be eligible for rewards.

PALO ALTO, Calif. - Amzeal -- The Rialto bridge on the Findora Testnet is ready for community testing. The first stage of the giveaway campaign will distribute $100,000 of the total $1,000,000 reward pool, with the rest being distributed as new features need to be tested.

The mainnet bridge will go live a few weeks after Rialto has been extensively tested by the community. Learn more on how to enter and qualify for rewards here.

What is the Rialto bridge?

In general, blockchain bridges link different ecosystems more efficiently and securely than exchanges would. They allow not only for the flow of tokens between two completely different blockchain silos but can also allow those silos to communicate data back and forth, including smart contracts.

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The Rialto bridge specifically is a bi-directional Testnet bridge that is a fork of Chainsafe's ChainBridge. It is customized to support the Findora Network, enabling users to transfer tokens from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet to the Findora Testnet – and vice versa. Etherum support will follow shortly after.

Named after the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice, Rialto will allow for the migration of liquidity to Findora's privacy-focused Dapps including FairySwap and Venice Finance.

"We are thrilled to finally start exporting Findora's privacy functionality to the broader cryptocurrency world," a leading developer of Rialto noted. "We are excited to work with Findora to empower users with control over their data and true privacy protection. The Shaking Up the Bridge campaign is a great initiative, and we are grateful for their contribution to the community."

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About Findora

Findora is a privacy blockchain, built with zero-knowledge proofs, which aims to establish "PriFi" or Privacy Finance. Using state-of-the-art technology like bulletproofs and PLONKs, Findora creates a publicly verifiable ledger that doesn't expose any individual or transaction data. Built to provide privacy and auditability, it is the next step in blockchain technology.

To learn more, visit https://findora.org/


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Source: Findora Foundation

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