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Why You Should Care About Facade Inspection and Liability

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ATLANTA - Amzeal -- How important is routine façade inspection?

During hurricane, tornado, and severe thunderstorm season across the United States, we're reminded how important it is to anticipate façade failures before they happen.

During Hurricane Irma in 2018, façade failures caused street closures in Atlanta despite the storm being downgraded to a tropical depression. Even though wind speeds were relatively low for a tropical storm (40mph or lower) and building facades are required by local ordinances to be designed for a minimum wind speed of 90mph, many buildings still suffered damage.

The façade inspection begins with a kick-off meeting that includes the building user and maintenance personnel to obtain historical building information regarding the building envelope including re-roofing, previous repairs, additions and known deficient conditions.

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Based on availability, existing documents will be collected and reviewed – plans, elevations, wall sections, specifications, and shop drawings for the original construction as well as any additions or modifications affecting the building envelope and previous inspection reports.

Plans and elevations are reproduced to aid in the inspection and reporting process. When previous façade inspection reports exist, study of them can identify areas where damage, both visible and concealed, may be likely as well assist in prioritizing inspection areas.

Read the full article here: https://www.ieiusa.com/facade-inspection-importance/

About Innovative Engineering: IEI's state-of-the-art techniques provide a very thorough condition assessment and facade inspection. The time to know the true extent of any deficiencies is now, not after closure of downtown streets or worse, personal injury, death, and/or property damage occurs. Contact us today!

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