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What is really in your drink? How much mercury have you been exposed to?

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Lumex Instruments present new solutions for traditional tasks

PITTSBURGH - March 13, 2019 - Amzeal -- Lumex Instruments will be running live demos at Pittcon 2019 on March 19-21 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

At Booth 1230, we will demonstrate a wide range of our instruments: mercury analyzer RA-915M with the pyrolizer Pyro-915+, capillary electrophoresis (CE) system Capel-205, atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer MGA-1000, PCR analyzer AriaDNA and fluorescence analyzer Fluorat-02. With our product line we cover a diverse selection of methods and applications so you can find solutions to all your laboratory challenges. In addition, each product presents an innovation in its class.

The attendees will be able to take part in our live demonstration of applications developed by Lumex Instruments:

Determination of mercury in hair using mercury analyzer RA-915M with Pyro-915+. Wonder how much mercury you have been exposed to? We can answer just by testing your hair. The instrument provides direct mercury determination at ppb level without pretreatment other than homogenization, and the analysis can be done under 2 minutes without waiting period between the measurements.

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Determination of caffeine, ascorbic acid, and preservatives in beverages using capillary electrophoresis system Capel-205. Bring your own beverage to sample, like juice, wine, water, or coffee to determine the mass concentration of caffeine, ascorbic acid, and its salts, and preservatives (benzoic acid, sorbic acid, and their salts) in beverages. All this will be done in one run. The analysis time is just 10 minutes.

Demonstration of a high-speed real-time microchip-based PCR analysis.
Drop by to check how 45 cycles can be completed in just 20 minutes. The high-speed real-time PCR on a microchip AriaDNA opens a new era for tests in industries where PCR was not a common method before due to its complexity and high investment requirements, which we show is not true anymore.

We will analyze at least two samples during each demonstration.

Save the schedule to join us during the live demo at our booth 1230:

Tuesday, March 19:

11:30 am - Real-time qPCR demonstration;

2:30 pm - Determination of caffeine, ascorbic acid, and preservatives in beverages.

Wednesday, March 20:

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11:30 am - Determination of caffeine, ascorbic acid, and preservatives in beverages;

2:30 pm - Determination of mercury in hair.

Thursday, March 21:

11:00 am - Determination of caffeine, ascorbic acid, and preservatives in beverages
at booth 3242 (DemoZone 1);

2:30 pm - Determination of mercury in hair.

About Lumex Instruments

For almost 30 years Lumex Instruments has been developing and manufacturing laboratory and industrial analytical equipment, instruments, and procedures. We offer both traditional and new ingenious solutions, unique technologies and classical equipment, well-established reliable applications, and innovative methods. Our products include Capillary Electrophoresis systems, PCR analyzers, Atomic Absorption spectrometers (including mercury analyzers and monitors), FTIR and FRNIR Spectrometers, Fluorimeters, and more.

For more information, please visit: https://www.lumexinstruments.com/news/198.php

Source: Lumex Instruments
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