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Welcome to Australia In the Raw -- Kangaroos, Wild Dogs and Killers

SYDNEY, Australia - May 16, 2017 - Amzeal -- A Sense of Place Publishing is proud to announce the impending arrival of Sorry Time, a new Australian thriller by Anthony Maguire. With action from start to finish, Sorry Time shows a side of Australia that you don't see in tourist promotions.

Jonathan Chaseling -- 26, bearded, hipsterish-looking -- is driving along a lonely outback road when suddenly a kangaroo leaps out in front of him. His car is wrecked and the injured kangaroo has to be despatched with a tyre lever. Then he finds himself under attack from wild dogs. Having survived that, he crosses bloody paths with a pair of violent criminals who have killed two people on a remote Aboriginal community.

Unforgettable settings and a vein of dark humor

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As well as transporting you to the stark, unforgiving outback, Sorry Time takes you to the night hubs of Sydney and the climax takes place in the Indiana Jones-esque city of Antakya in Turkey, where Chaseling travels in pursuit of a particularly nasty villain called Ali Fazir, an ice addict and would-be jihadist with a penchant for beheading.

Sorry Time offers rich moments of dark humor such as a scene where an excruciatingly bad karaoke singer literally dies on stage at the end of a performance in Sydney's Chinatown.

If you would like a paperback copy for review please contact us. For more information:

A Sense of Place Publishing

Commissioning Editor John Stapleton

Website: http://www.asenseofplacepublishing.com/

John Stapleton

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