VICKAR KAHN UNICEF Eradicating Global Child for Next Generation Technology

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Los Angeles,  Apr 12, 2018 (Issuewire)  - Global activist, billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist and former United Nations Global Ambassador for UNICEF, Vickar Kahn has taken on the fight to combat and curtail child poverty and illiteracy to the poorest nations in the world.

Geneva(UN) - Vickar Kahn has created a platform in partnership with the United Nations UNICEF initiative, that entails providing children, schools and orphanages from around the globe with free internet access using the power of led light through his multinational tech company LUXORR by connecting using Visible Light Communication (VLC) / Light Fidelity (LiFi) technology, while partnering up with the worlds leading computer manufacturers from around the globe to supply children with the tools to eradicate illiteracy.

In his efforts, Vickar Kahn has already committed and donated more than $50 million dollars (USD) of his own money for the global project and has received commitments from other leading companies from around the world with a match of another $50 million (USD) all in his efforts to bring children and citizens from around the globe; hope, opportunities and prosperity through the means of education for a much brighter future. This means children will be given computers, tablets and educational and learning software with internet resources to drive learning.

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Connecting Every Child to a Sea of Knowledge:

Today, more than 31% of the worlds youth - 378 million people are between the ages of 10 to 24 have no access to the internet. To be disconnected to the digital world is to be deprived of opportunities to learn, communicate and develop skills needed to properly function and flourish in the 21st century. Without access and skills available more equally, connectivity only deeps inequality, reinforcing deprivation from one generation to the next and with it - building a greater divide and hopelessness for any sense of living in a bright future.

But there is a reason for a sense of optimism. By connecting children, school, homes, and students to technology, a new initiative can bridge a divide, starting with those who are in dire need of tools required to educate.

Vickar Kahn is the former United Nations Special Envoy and UN Ambassador for UNICEF. He is leading an effort with UNICEF and leading educators from around the world through their efforts, to bring a revolution of connectivity to educate children when gaining internet access through a programme called Connect Every Child. Under the new KAHN Project children will use educational games, apps videos, Art to draw, create, learn and gain access and insight into the world, beyond their own community. Mr. Kahn is spearheading an educational program with his alma mater Harvard University and UNICEF to connect children from impoverished countries with children in developing countries via the internet using VLC technology to explore, build relationships, interact and educate each other with insights about their daily life and routines from other students from around the world through their respective countries by using development resources of a video/writing/sharing portholes in order to spark curiosity and insight in order to encourage children to constantly learn. The KAHN Project effort will later lead for his establishment of a global educational standardized learning and sponsorship program to develop into an exchange program sponsored by UNICEF and with schools and universities from around the world and reduce the inequality and advance learning.

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