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Vax-Immune's Patent for Prevention & Treatment of Ureaplasma Human, Animal & Cell Culture Infection

New patent paves the way for Vax-Immune to create a new standard of care in preventing and diagnosing infections.

HOUSTON - May 2, 2017 - Amzeal -- Vax-Immune, LLC formally announced the U.S. Patent Office has approved one of its recent submissions, paving the way for the company to create a new standard of care in preventing and diagnosing infections.

    The approval of its first patent, U.S. Patent # US 9,241,983 B2," Ureaplasma Vaccine and Antibody for Prevention and Treatment of Human, Animal and Cell Culture Infection", covers the company's focus to rapidly diagnose, treat and prevent infections.

    According to Leonard Weisman, President, and Chief Technology Officer for Vax-Immune, the company is in the process of developing its platform device, LabReady® and its pipeline of products.  With this patent in place, we are well positioned to be the leader in the area of Ureaplasma, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  Dr. Weisman stated, "Vax-Immune has also filed applications in key foreign markets."

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    Vax-Immune, LLC was founded in 2011 in Houston, Texas. With initial research and researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, Vax-Immune began conducting proof of concept on its Ureaplasma discoveries.


    Vax-Immune, based in Houston, Texas is led by a team of physicians, research scientists, business and financial leaders, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs, experienced in medical product development and commercialization. Vax-Immune has patents, and patents pending for their innovative solutions to rapidly diagnose, treat, and prevent infection.

    Vax-Immune's mission is to diagnose and treat infections anywhere, anytime, and in the process save lives and reduce costs.

    For further information, you can contact Dr. Weisman at 713.662.0077, or at  Learn more about Vax-Immune at

Leonard E. Weisman, President & CTO

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