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Use Moon Dust To Fight Climate Change, Or

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Keep Our Skies and Oceans Clear, and Slightly Enlarge Earth's Orbit

WASHINGTON - Amzeal -- Use Moon Dust To Fight Climate Change, Or . .
Keep Our Skies and Oceans Clear, and Slightly Enlarge Earth's Orbit

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 13, 2023) -  MIT scientists have proposed using space bubbles, NASA and the European Union suggest employing space sunshades, a firm named "Make Sunsets" has launched test balloons dispersing sun-reflecting sulfur dioxide particles into the stratosphere, and now some theoretical physicists at the University of Utah think we should shoot millions of metric tons of moon dust to the L1 Lagrange point in space every year to partially block out the Sun's rays - all to reduce global warming without drastic changes in our lifestyles.

But there's another alternative - one which doesn't involve polluting our oceans or obscuring our skies - which should at least be considered now that it has been shown to be possible and practical, says professor John Banzhaf of the George Washington University, a theoretical physicist, and even (to some extent) astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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All this adds plausibility to the suggestion of a space systems engineering expert, and also by an MIT-trained engineer with two U.S. patents, that deflecting asteroids might help to increase Earth's orbit enough - a scant 0.3% - to counteract global warming, especially after recent calculations in a new paper by a physicist showed more precisely how such a plan could operate.

Professor Banzhaf has shown how increasing Earth's orbit by a mere 0.3% might balance the current global warming crisis caused by the release of greenhouse gasses. He also suggested several techniques which might be used - especially if controllable energy generation from nuclear fusion proves to be feasible - to achieve this tiny but very significant change in Earth's orbit, including the well-known and previously utilized "slingshot" technique utilizing deflected asteroids.

Now a new scientific paper by a physicist explains how this orbital change could be accomplished. Entitled "Gravity-Assist as a Solution to Save Earth from Global Warming,"

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Professor Banzhaf's original proposal to at least consider using astronomical engineering [cosmic nudging] to fight global warming; a concept now being discussed, can be found at:
USING COSMIC NUDGING [Changing the Orbits of Asteroids] TO FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING (http://banzhaf.net/CosmicNudging.html)
Fusion Power Achieved – Now, Can it Nudge Earth into a New Orbit? (https://vermontdailychronicle.com/banzhaf-fusion-power-achieved-now-can-it-nudge-earth-into-a-new-orbit/)

http://banzhaf.net/ jbanzhaf3ATgmail.com @profbanzhaf


Source: Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf
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