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University Ranking - Quantum Tech founders by alma mater

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Inaugural global ranking of universities by Quantum Tech founders.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Amzeal -- The inaugural, global university ranking of universities by quantum founders has been published by Interference Advisors, LLC on its QIS Data Portal.

Interference Advisors reviewed 636 Quantum Tech ventures with a total of 782 Founders and CEOs to analyze where they went to school. The result is the first ever ranking of global universities and the Quantum Tech founders and entrepreneurs they produce.

While a snapshot in time and at an early stage of maturity for Quantum Tech, this ranking clearly shows a distinct group of global leaders when it comes to producing Quantum Tech talent.

As importantly, the "close follower" group of universities that inspire Quantum Tech entrepreneurs is very large, geographically diverse and not limited to the global Ivy League of universities.

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"This is a strong testament to not only the strength of the usual suspects when it comes to computer science and new technologies. But to the educational depth of this emerging field across institutions and countries." says André M. König, CEO of Interference Advisors.

The global Top 10 of universities in Quantum Tech for founders are:
#1 University of Oxford
#2 Harvard University
#3 University of Toronto
#4 University of Cambridge
#5 Stanford University
#6 University of California at Berkeley
#7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
#8 University of Waterloo
#9 University of Bristol
#10 TU Delft

"We are committed to producing this ranking going forward" adds Andre Konig "and we look forward to seeing who will continue to emerge as a leader in educating and motivating quantum visionaries.".

The subsequent ranks were awarded to:

Tied for 11th
• Ecole normale supérieure
• University of Chicago

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• University of Colorado Boulder
• University of Tokyo

Tied for 15th
• Max Planck Institute
• University of Amsterdam

Tied for 17th
• DTU - Technical University of Denmark
• Caltech
• China University of Science and Technology
• ETH Zurich
• Helsinki University of Technology (TKK)
• Imperial College London
• Indian Institute
• Princeton University
• Technical University of Munich
• Tel Aviv University
• University of California, Los Angeles
• University College London
• University of Michigan
• University of Science and Technology of China
• Weizmann Institute of Science

Details are available at https://www.qisdata.com


Source: Interference Advisors, LLC
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