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Triton Anchor Wins Innovation of the Year

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Triton Anchor Named 2023 Innovation of the Year by Oceantic Network

BOSTON - Amzeal -- Oceantic Network hosted its third annual Ventus Gala, recognizing leaders in innovation, engineering, supply chain advancement, and more. Triton Anchor won Innovation of the Year. The honor is given to a "singular innovation that will contribute to the acceleration of offshore wind."

Triton Anchor's modular anchor design allows for implementation on all floating offshore wind turbines. The design's flexible layout allows for customization and scalability. Triton's helical anchoring solution allows for any mooring configuration in all soils. Triton Anchor's system has an ecologically mindful design. The solution also reduces noise pollution, compared to traditional anchoring systems. Triton Anchor leaves a minimal mooring footprint, and its efficient design means lower cost per KW.

Triton Anchor is a leading developer of subsea technology mostly related to mooring and anchoring of floating offshore wind and marine renewable energy generating platforms. Triton Anchor's mission is to responsibly unlock the energy of the ocean by providing cost-effective and ecologically mindful anchoring solutions for floating offshore wind technologies.

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Triton Anchor's CTO Zach Miller states "This award is a reflection of the team we have at Triton Anchor and the almost 10 years of innovation we have been working on to get to this point." "Further development of the floating offshore wind industry requires new designs and innovations that will shape the market for decades to come," said Liz Burdock, CEO of Oceantic Network. "Triton Anchors's innovative helical anchoring system solves many problems associated with traditional anchoring methods, reducing impact on the environment and providing for more offshore wind power generation capacity per pound of steel."

The current floating wind sector is contending with antiquated mooring and anchoring options that are mature, but not realistic for large scale commercial wind farms. Triton Anchor offers a more efficient, scalable alternative.

For more information, visit: www.tritonanchor.com.

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